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Powerbilt's latest version of the Air Force One line is the DFX Tour, featuring a deep face profile,

a re-positioned Nitrogen cartridge and a premium shaft (in the case of our test club, it was a

Fujikura Speeder Pro). The black on black look never gets old.




A close up of Powerbilt's N7 cartridge. The clubface of the DFX Tour is fortified with compressed

Nitrogen, this alleviates the need to add weight.




A glimpse down shows how square the DFX Tour sits at address, and the matte black crown

reduces glare. (Above right) The 9 gram Nitrogen valve port in the DFX Tour has been moved

forward towards the face, moving the CG forward for lower spin. Make no mistake this is a players



I was excited to test out the DFX Tour, the first impression at address was of solid and clean lines

with a totally neutral looking clubface. If a club claiming to be a a Tour head or players club looks

shut at address, it's an instant red flag to me that screams - imposter . . . nothing of the sort here.

The Fuji Pro shaft just validates that this is the real deal.


The DFX Tour's deepface produces a crisp sound at impact, and a ball flight that better players

prefer - a slight fade bias and a much flatter trajectory than the standard AFO DFX. If you struggle

to square the face and your normal ball flight is a hard cut or even the occasional slice, this probably

isn't your stick. There is no adjustable hosel, so pick the correct loft (we went with the 10.5 degree).

The performance #'s came back as good as any driver I've tested in 2015: 104 SS - 12.9 launch -

2491 spin rate - 249 yd carry - 270 yards total Distance with very little dispersion. The Fujikura Pro

63 gram is a keeper, providing the perfect combination of distance and feel.





The Fujikura Speeder Pro powered our DFX Tour, but you can choose from your choice

of Aldila, Oban, Mitsubishi, Fujikura and Graphite design shafts.





The DFX Tour is not an adjustable driver, but comes in a choice of 3 lofts 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 gegrees



• Forged Titanium Body
• Titanium Cup Face Technology
• Available in High MOI and Tour Series
• Aerodynamic Head Shape
• Deep Face Profile
• Nitrogen Pressurized & Powered Technology



Priced at $299, Powerbilt's AFO DFX Tour offers value in a tour driver that is definitely worthy

of a serious look.


For more info on Powerbilt products: http://powerbilt.com/