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By Jason Bruno


I know what you're thinking . . . not another product feature on the latest golf tee

and how it will help you gain 2.4 yards of carry. No fear, this isn't a feature on a tee . . .



Tee Claw co-founders

John Black and John Candias

invented a product to create

a better experience when

hitting golf shots off range

mats and synthetic turf


My first thought when I used

the Tee Claw on a mats

night at the range was: Why

didn't I think of this.




One of my biggest pet peeves about hitting off of mats is with fairway woods and drivers.

Nearly always, the rubber tee is inserted into a fixed cut out on the range mat, this causes

everyone who hits to stand in the same place on the mat, eventually the mats get sunken

in wear spots from the weight of each golfer. Also, usually the rubber tee placement is

towards the center top of the mat, where a wide stance with the driver often has your rear

foot almost off the mat. Perhaps the most maddening thing about hitting off mats is when

you switch from driver to Fairway wood or vice versa, the rubber tee is either too high or

too low . . . maddening. Some of the newer setups that have a heavy duty base where the

tee gets inserted and adjusts, never quite go low enough for a fairway wood.


With Tee Claw, you choose the position and height, it twists right into the synthetic fibers

of the range mat. No more rubber tube tees that are too low or too high. Simply insert a

wood or plastic tee (those unwanted broken tees work perfectly for use with fairway woods,

hybrids and even teed up iron shots). As the photo above illustrates, Tee Claw solves all of

those issues.




The elastic lanyard attaches

underneath the base of the

Tee Claw and anchors

underneath the range mat,

this not only insures that

you can find the Tee Claw

after it gets dislodged post

impact, but also serves as an

alignment aide at address.


The Tee Claw and lanyard can

also be used as an aide when

practice putting (less messy

than a chalk line, and just

a fraction of the cost of a

laser alignment device).








The diagram above left shows the Tee Claw's serrated prongs that grab hold when

twisted 180 degrees into the synthetic turf. The Tee Claw disc platform is constructed

with PVC and rubber and is about 1" by 1/2" tall - available in different colors and can

be personalized and with your company name.


Practicing on mats doesn't have to be a bad experience, ask your driving range manager

to get Tee Claw, or bring your own to the range.


For more info: http://teeclaw.com/