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Although winter is fast approaching in Chicago, an Autumn round at the Glen Club is a day to

remember.Recently we visited Chicago and took a spin around the upscale public course.


The property where the club sits, was formerly the Glenview Naval Air Station. Tom Fazio

took a blank slate and created an amazing layout that opened in 2001, and the Glen Club

has garnered nothing but accolades from the golf world ever since.

In 2008 the Glen Club earned the distinction of Best Public Course in Illinois, and Top 100 course

You Can Play (#72 by Golf Magazine), but how was the course when we played it recently?I

expected to be impressed, and why not . . . when you put together a Fazio Signature design

with a club managed by Kemper Sports, it's a win/win combination.


The Clubhouse





1st hole


With the addition of 4,000 trees and 2.4 million cubic yards of earth, you would never know this

place wasn't a parkland utopia waiting to be a golf course.Fazio eases you into the round as he

often does with a casual par 5 on the first.You get a sense early on that the terrain rolls here, on

the opening par 5 (shown above) you'll hit your second shot downhill, and your third uphill.



2nd hole


The second is a sweeping right to lefter that you can play off the cambering fairway, catch the

right side of the fairway and it will kick down, but if you stray too far right the sprawling Juniper

that resembles Gorse will inhale your ball.The deep bunker on the left guards the aggressive play

over the corner.



4th hole


It has been said that the Glen Club has the best par 3's in Illinios, I don't doubt it.The

magnificent fourth at only 156 yards from the tips is a prime example.




5th hole


The fifth is a brute of a par 5 at 599 yards, three good ones here will give you a shot at pay dirt.




6th tee


The 445 yard par 4 - sixth is a perfect example of Fazio's ability to blend foliage into his designs

to enhance the playing experience, few if any match Fazio in this regard.




7th hole


The handicap 1 hole at the Glen Club is the 475 yard seventh, nothing but your finest here to

make par.




8th hole


No signs that a flat Naval base ever existed here, native grasses and green vistas are the norm

throughout.On the eighth, Fazio will give you a wedge in if you challenge the water and sand that

bottleneck the landing area.




Par 4 - 10th


The short tenth is your chance to right the wrongs of the outward nine, at only 302 yards from

the blue tees . . . you can smell feathers.




11th hole


The 218 yard par 3 - eleventh is all you want, a stout one shotter for sure.If you're "Yella", Fazio

gives you a bail out short right . . . par can still be had from there.





Approach into the 12th






14th hole


When I walked onto the fourteenth tee, it was the wow moment for me (along with the fourth -

all great courses should have a few), just a gorgeous setting framing a great tee shot.The aggressive

play is over the corner, and if executed successfully, reaching in two is very possible.





15th hole





16th hole





17th hole


The last par 3 at the Glen Club is by far the most intimidating of the lot.At 204 yards from the tips,

over water and into the wind, this one shotter will make or brake your round.






Par 5 - 18th


The home hole is a bookend par 5 to the first hole, at 561 yards from the blue tees, only the longest

of hitters have a chance to reach.The clubhouse backdrop is a welcome invitation to wind down after

the round.


The Glen Club lived up to the accolades and exceeded expectations, another Fazio gem.At 7,149 from

the gold tees, it will test the best players . . . but at the same time, make for a very enjoy experience.

The greens at the Glen Club are smooth and quick, with plenty of movement, but certainly not over the

top - work on your lag putting, as many of the greens are large in size.


After YOUR round, do yourself a favor and enjoy a delicious meal & great service at The Grill. Inside the

halls of the club, the walls are lined with plaques honoring the influential people who made Chicago Golf

what it is today.What a great way to pay homage to the history of the game and people like Eerie Ball,

Tommy Armour, Bob Goalby, Johnny Revolta and Steve Lesnik.





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