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By Jason Bruno


It's just an accessory, but one that is catching on with Linksters everywhere.

Simply a ball marker, but not any ball marker. Mike Blake had the brilliant idea

to put Las Vegas club logos on poker chips - soon after Bali Hai, Bear's Best

and Wolf Creek signed on to carry the product . . . the rest is history.




Blake's Logo Golf Chips are the original in a world of imitators. Found at many of

the world's finest courses and resorts - Logo Golf chips are light in weight and are

bright enough to be seen on any putting surface (coins can be tough to see



We're partial to the official LinksNation Logo Golf Chip



Even if you're a purist and insist on the traditional coin as your ball

marker, the logo chip is a great souvenir to take home from a memorable

golf course . . . certainly better and easier to display than a bunch of

logo balls. Mike's latest brainstorm puts a creative spin on the traditional

business card, a logo chip with your business logo and phone number -

hand them out to prospective clients on the course, he/she is sure to be



To find out more about Logo Golf Chips: http://www.logogolfchips.com/