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By Jason Bruno


Bryson DeChambeau, he might have just turned professional here at the RBC Heritage last week,

(he finished tied for 4th in his debut) but he's already considered to be one of the most interesting

players on the Tour. Last Tuesday afternoon at Harbour Town, immediately after his Cobra/Puma

press conference, I had a chance to spend a few minutes with the 22 year old phenom that everyone

wants to know more about.

LinksNation: Congrats on turning professional and signing with Cobra/Puma, but before we

talk golf, I wanted to start by asking you how your Dad is doing? (Bryson's Dad is suffering

from Kidney failure and regularly has dialysis treatments)

Bryson DeChambeau: Thank You it's an exciting time for me as a golfer. My Dad is hanging

in there. Keeping my fingers crossed, it looks like we have a kidney donor for him.

LN: I understand the donor is Mike Watney (Nick Watney's uncle).

BD: Yes, that's right. We are very thankful, and thank you for your thoughts on my Dad.

LN: Last week You shot 72 on Sunday at Augusta and finished tied for 21st, your thoughts?

BD: It was an amazing experience, making that final putt on the 18th hole was the final

stroke of my amateur career. What a way to end it and begin a new chapter. I wasn't

disappointed when I looked at what Tiger shot in his first Masters - 72-72-77-72 (tied for


LN: What did you learn from the veterans that you played with earlier in the week?

BD: I learned from Phil Mickelson to get the proper rest, basically not to over do it before

Thursday . . . and yet I still over did it.

LN: Was that from the excitement of playing in your first Masters or was it over-preparing?

BD: Definitely from over-preparing.

LN: You were even par after 36 holes and still in the hunt, what were the expectations

at that point?

BD: To be honest, after Friday I was really tired. I had expended too much energy.

LN: Here at Harbour Town the course is so much different than last week at Augusta,

will anything in your set change for a week on a much shorter and tighter golf course?

BD: The only thing in my bag that might change is the hybrid and 5 wood. I'll decide

that before Thursday's round. The rest of my bag won't change at all.

A gift from DeChambeau to the media who were on hand for his "Hello World" moment.

LN: I watched you hit balls on the range earlier today, and as opposed to most of the

guys who have a definite shot shape they favor, your shots don't tend to curve at all.

Everything looked to be dead straight, can you elaborate?

BD: Yes. Straight is my ball flight of choice. What you saw really wasn't a typical

ball striking session for me. I was working on a few things, but it's true I prefer to

not see the ball curve much.

LN: You appear to be the perfect match for a company like Cobra/Puma, your thoughts. . .

BD: Yeah, it was a natural fit for me. My goal was to partner with a company that

would allow me to be me. Cobra/Puma complements my style and my desire to be

innovative. I'm an outside the box thinker, so this was the right company for me.

LN: Is it more of a challenge to get your set dialed in with the same length shaft

configuration? Is there a specific MOI that your looking for in your set?

BD: Absolutely. It is not an easy task to get a new set exactly matched up with

my specs. We are still working it out. I'll be playing these (DeChambeau proceeds

to show me each iron in his set and where exactly the weight is placed for his

optimum feel and performance) until we get my new set dialed in. I have tried

some Cobra blades, but we need to work some more on gettin them just right.

As for MOI, there is a specific number, my club guy has all of those specs.

LN: What does the remainder of 2016 look like for you schedule wise?

BD: I have 9 events.  7 exemptions and 2 invitationals that will take me into the

summer. Valero, Colonial, Byron Nelson, Memorial, Quicken Loans and Travelers -

those are some of the events. I'm really looking forward to starting my professional

career this week here at Harbour Town.