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By Jason Bruno


Arnold Daniel Palmer passed away late Sunday afternoon at the age of 87. A fan favorite

to many generations of golf fans, Palmer won 62 PGA Tour titles and 7 major championships.

To those in the golf world, we knew this day was coming and yet we're still not quite prepared

for it. Arnie will always be known as "The King". A cultural American icon, Arnold was born and

grew up in the Western Pennsylvania town of Latrobe, Pennsylvania. The son of Deacon and Doris

Palmer. Deacon was both the greenskeeper and club professional at Latrobe Country Club. In 1971,

Arnold Palmer would go on to make the club his own, and although he spent half the year at his

other home club of Bayhill in Orlando (where his PGA Tour event is played each March) Latrobe

was where he called home throughout his life.


The aura of Arnold Palmer's charm and generosity is legendary. Truly a one of a kind gentleman

for the ages. Today's younger generation may only know Arnold Palmer as an Iced Tea/Lemonade

drink, but to adult golf fans around the world who know that Arnold Palmer's name stands for class

and integrity - We lost a great man, and are all the better for sharing his ride. RIP to The KING . . .