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We are Proud to announce today (April 6, 2017), that from here on forward we'll be

joining forces with Len Ziehm in a partnership of golf websites. His site - Len Ziehm

On Golf was created in the spring of 2009. (photo above: Len & I at this year's AP


Len was the Golf Writer at the Chicago Sun Times for 41 years, where he covered the

PGA Tour and 54 Major Championships starting in 1969. Lens final event for the Sun

Times was the 2010 U.S Open at Pebble Beach. Quite a resume, quite a run. . .




These days Len keeps churning out stories about his passion - Golf and Travel. Now

Ziehm has relocated to South Florida in Port St.Lucie in the shadow of PGA Village.

As well as writing golf and travel for his website, Len also contributes to Chicago's

Daily Herald Golf scene (he returns to Chi-Town each spring/summer to cover the

starting season)

We are proud to be a contributor as Ziehm's Florida golf scene and travel connection

as well as offering up the latest product/apparel reviews. Check back regularly as

we will inform you of Len's latest works.

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