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By Jason Bruno


Every golf enthusiast has heard of the virtues of getting fit for the proper golf

equipment, but not all club fittings are equal. At True Spec Golf you'll experience

an elite level fitting by their certified experts using Trackman (the industry standard

in ball flight and data measurements). Using an array of 30,000 possible clubhead

and shaft combinations, True Spec offers a brand neutral perspective on what's the

right stick or set for your game. With 15 True Spec locations open around the globe,

there's no longer an excuse to play anything but the best golf clubs for your game.




True Spec studios aren't indoor simulators where you hit shots and only see the

results via launch monitor. At True Spec, your shots fly to outdoor targets -

allowing you to gain confidence that the Trackman #'s match up with the ball

flight and impact you're experiencing.



The True Spec experience is unlike any other, mine began with a late afternoon

arrival at Trump National Golf Club where True Spec Jupiter's fitting studio is

situated alongside the practice range. Expert fitter Matt Morin took me through

the process of their Woods Fitting that takes just about 2 hrs. First, he had me

warm up with my driver ('17 TaylorMade M1 equipped with an Aldila Rogue MS110

stiff flex- 76 grams). After recording the Trackman data, he had a baseline to see

if we could get me into something that might help me gain distance and accuracy.

He had me hit various other brands and models including Callaway's Epic Sub Zero,

Ping G400 and TaylorMade's M2 - all with various shaft profiles. After several dozen

swings and combinations of clubheads and shafts (we tested the Tour AD, Aldila

Rogue Orange and Mitsubishi Thump just to name a few), it was determined that

what I was playing was ideal. Ditto with my '16 M1 3 wood.

Driver stats (average of all swings with my driver)

SS: 101mph

Ball Speed: 152

Spin: 2400

Attack Angle: 2.6

Carry: 252

Total: 279

Smash: 1.52

Launch: 13

Land. Angle: 34.0

Swing Direction: 0.8




The big chance to improve my equipment was the 15 year old TP Rescue 16

that I just haven't been able to get out of my bag. Dependable and solid, I was

interested to see what Matt Morin could do to improve on an old trusty that

has outlived any new technology I've tested in recent years. We put the latest

hybrids from Titleist, Ping and Callaway thru the process. Matt determined that

I needed a hybrid that not only optimized distance and accuracy, but one that

gave me enough backspin to hold greens on par 5's and long par 3's. Something

I actually never really considered. When I hit the Ping G400 19 degree equipped

with the KBS Tour Prototype 85 stiff, Matt new that was the stick that I needed.




TM Rescue TP 16 degree vs Ping G400 19 degree


SS: 90.4 mph                          92.3 mph

Ball Speed: 137 mph                141 mph

Attack: -0.8                             0.3

Spin: 2730                              3182

Carry: 221.9 yds                      225.6 yds

Total: 244.6 yds                       244.6 yds

Smash: 1.52                            1.52

Launch: 13.8                            12.8

Land. angle: 36                         39

Swing Direction: -4.3                -2.5



Performance Comparison:

Items to note: Ping G400 ball speed +1.9 swing speed, +4 mph ball speed,

attack angle 1.1 degrees more shallow, backspin +452 (quicker stopping power

on greens), carry +3.7 yds, Slighty lower launch but steeper landing angle also

aids in green holding capabilities, swing direction on a more neutral path helps








Less than a week after the fitting, my new stick arrived at the office, opening

this box was about as exciting as it gets when it comes to golf equipment. Time

to hit the links  . . .









Old gamer out, new launcher in the bag. Boom.









Nowhere will you find such an extensive collection of shafts to fit your game.







The process is lengthy and will set you back a few bucks, but for the golfer who

wants to stop the roulette guessing game of buying equipment and hoping it's

the proper fit, True Spec answers the questions. After taking our new hybrid on

the course, it literally has changed my approach to shots in 215-240 yard range.


Full Bag Fitting takes 3 Hours - $350.00

Woods Fitting Takes 2 Hours - $200.00

Irons/wedge Fitting 2 Hours - $200.00

Iron Fitting 1 Hour - $150.00

Driver Fitting 1 Hour - $150.00

Wedge Fitting 1 Hour - $150.00





True Spec Locations:

Bahamas          Tokyo

Chicago            Turnberry Scotland

Columbus         Sotogrande

Miami               Geneva




New York City


San Diego


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