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By Jason Bruno

In the market for a new laser rangefinder? Assuming you require all the

latest technology, GolfBuddy's flagship model - the aim L10 is a compact

lightweight device that's big on features and modest on cost.







The aim L10 is an ergonomic sporty super easy to use rangefinder that

features 3 modes: Standard, Scan, and Pin mode with vibration. At just

under 6 oz, this is a sleek high-performance target seeking machine.












  • New ergonomic & sporty design
  • Pin finder with vibration mode
  • 3 Targeting modes: Standard, Scan, Pin
  • 6x Magnification
  • Slope on/off exterior switch
  • Wider LCD for better visibility
  • USGA / R&A Compliant





Easy to use target/mode buttons - accuracy matters w/measurement

tolerances to within +1/-1 yd.







Fits in the palm of your hand perfectly . . .










The aim L10 comes

equipped with a slope

on/off switch that

provides simple

slope adjusted distances

for any level of elevation

for more accuracy on

every shot.

Green = on, Red = off

aim L10 conforms and

is competition legal for

any event governed by

USGA/R&A rules of golf.












The GolfBuddy aim L10

carrying case is a sharp

and classy cover that

protects and conceals

your rangefinder, not only

from the elements, but

also from others that

might be looking to

make off with your new

high-tech device.


I attach mine with a

locking clip (right)

that makes grabbing

the case from the bag

a tougher chore.

Since these small tech

gadgets tend to disappear,

you can also protect your

purchase if your golf bag

has a specific pocket for

your rangefinder (many

new bags do). If so, we

highly recommend keeping

the device there before

and after play or practice.






It's been over two months now since we began testing the aim L10.

Full disclosure, our longtime gamer unit hasn't made it's way back

in the bag since. Accuracy and ease of use is as good as any we've

ever used on the course. The vibration feature in Pin mode locks in on

the flagstick, eliminating the false reading of a distant tree or similar

object in the background. Also, I've pretty much left the slope mode in

the "ON" position.



The aim L10 is not inexpensive at $299, but in its class it's a bargain.

GolfBuddy is aware that they have the opportunity here to chomp off

a large portion of Bushnell's market share (as the industry leader) by

"offering a Ferrari at the price of a Corvette".



Quite simply, if you're in the market for a top of the line laser rangefinder

and want to save some cash - the aim L10 is worthy of your attention.



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