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By Jason Bruno

Earlier this summer the folks at Lamkin shipped over a healthy dose of

their latest additions to the SONAR line - SONAR WRAP (top) and SONAR

TOUR (Grey-bottom).








Lamkin's original SONAR was so popular with consumers, the company

decided to introduce two new models that offer distinctive options

featuring Lamkin's micro-texture Fingerprint Technology. Traditional

golfers who prefer "Wrap style" grips will appreciate the intricate patterns

designed to offer unmatched traction and all-weather performance. To

enhance the wrap feel, Lamkin included an ergonomic "Progressive

Skive" with fluctuating spiral dimensions based on grip size. SONAR WRAP

is available in both Standard+ and Mid Size+ variations.



Sonar Tour designed in collaboration with Lamkin Tour Ambassador Justin

Rose, features what the company calls their omni-directional grip traction

pattern. A firmer compound provides superior torsion control for high swing

speed players. SONAR TOUR features a traditional taper and logo down design

(preferred by better players and those competing on professional tours around

the world). SONAR TOUR available in Standard size only.








The SONAR lineup : TOUR, WRAP and ORIGINAL are made from Lamkin's

patent-pending GENESIS material - a slightly softer feel than rubber with

unmatched durability. Lamkin CEO Bob Lamkin knows his company is onto

something with SONAR, "The combination of GENESIS material and Fingerprint

Technology in the SONAR grip delivers an ideal feel for such a wide audience of

players. The two additions to the line add variations for golfers who have specific

preferences in their grip style. I'm very excited about the success of the SONAR

line and look forward to sharing the incredible feel of the new grips with golfers






Right off the bat, SONAR's fingerprint texture had me sold. First I installed the

original SONAR last summer on my wedges and was hooked. This summer, SONAR

Wrap on the irons for comfort, control and a bit of cushion on downward strikes off

the turf.


SONAR Tour on the driver and woods has been the perfect combo. As an

aggressive swinger with the driver, the omni-directional pattern and firmer feel was

spot on. It's an eclectic set-up, but it's just right. If you play in humid weather like

I often do, SONAR is superb. Pick a style, or all 3 and swing away . . .







Lamkin also launched a new line of putter grips called SINK FIT. Designed to

help you make more putts by delivering exceptional feel. SINK FIT is offered

in three shapes and two distinctively different materials. Featuring a unique

profile contour to promote proper wrist and hand positioning, SINK FIT comes

in Traditional Pistol, Skinny Pistol or Straight in their new GENESIS material.

Pistol and Straight shapes are also available in an ultra-lightweight polyurethane

(pictured top - oversize blue, red).





SINK FIT: Skinny Pistol (70g) - Black/Gray, Blue/Green

SINK FIT: Pistol (120g) – Black/Blue

SINK FIT: Straight (114g) – Black/Red

SINK FIT Polyurethane: Pistol (63g) – Black/Blue

SINK FIT Polyurethane: Straight (60g) – Black/Red






With 3 different styles and sizes, deciding on your preference might be the

toughest part. I tried all of them and usually lean towards a traditional

rubber pistol in a standard color, size and weight, but the 114 gram SINK

FIT (straight model) surprised me and won me over with a superb combo

of shape and feel. If you prefer bright colors, oversized, lightweight, straight

or pistol, the choices are available. Just like putter models, putter grips are

very personal to each individual, chose wisely.


For more info visit Lamkin: