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By Jason Bruno

2019 was a banner year for Cobra Golf. The main reason for that was the

titanic wild card success story of their Speedback F9 driver. It impressed

so many in the industry, that it was affectionately dubbed by many fitters

product testers and gear enthusiasts as the "Beast". The big four OEM's

had nothing on Tommy O, Yags and the R&D team at Cobra, and the golf

world took notice.

So what's the encore? In 2020, Cobra upped the ante on innovation with

their SPEEDZONE line which comes in two different models - standard and





SPEEDZONE features Cobra's latest milled face innovation - Infinity.



Tom Olsavsky, Cobra's VP of Research and Development explained the

thought process behind the new SPEEDZONE driver: "We approached

the design of SPEEDZONE the same way you would in designing the

world's fastest cars. We incorporated six zones of performance in the

new SPEEDZONE driver - it's the fastest driver we've ever produced."


The standard SZ model has a slightly smaller footprint and movable

weighting, while the Xtreme boasts more forgivness and a slightly larger

profile - inspiring confidence at address for many recreational players.




Six distinct tech innovations are unique to SPEEDZONE:

1. POWER ZONE – CNC Infinity Milled Face - the face is the engine of

the driver and is crucial for generating speed.  Using the only CNC Milled

Face in a driver, COBRA has expanded the milled area of the face by 95%

enabling them to control face & leading-edge thickness. Face and perimeter

curvature can be up to 5 times more precise than traditional face polishing.

In addition, every face is 100% inspected to ensure a larger SPEEDZONE

across the face for maximum ball speed.








2. STRENGTH ZONE - COBRA’s SPEEDZONE drivers feature a new Titanium

T-Bar Speed Chassis.  COBRA engineers removed unnecessary titanium to

create more discretionary weight while maintaining a strong structure designed

to withstand high speed collisions. The discretionary weight is utilized to create

low CG and high inertia resulting in fast, forgiving performance.





3. LIGHT ZONEThe new SPEEDZONE chassis allows for more carbon fiber

than ever before.  A 360 Carbon Wrap Crown design makes up 50% of the

driver body, providing ample stiffness and support to the chassis while saving

25 grams of discretionary weight. That weight has been repositioned low and

back and around the perimeter where it is needed most.








4. LOW CG ZONE Low CG is essential for driver performance, delivering

maximum ball speed, higher launch & low spin. In the KING SPEEDZONE

driver, COBRA continues to deliver a low CG for optimal performance, similar

to the 2019 SPEEDBACK driver. In the SPEEDZONE driver, 69 grams of mass

(vs. 40 in SPEEDBACK) has been strategically positioned low in the driver for

optimal launch conditions.









5. AERO ZONEcombining aerodynamics with a low center of gravity

continues to be a strength that COBRA delivers with its drivers. The new

SPEEDZONE shaping harnesses airflow for maximum drag reduction and

increased clubhead speed.









6. STABILITY ZONE High speed stability is both important in racing

and in driver performance. SPEEDZONE’s High MOI Design positions

weight away from the center of the head to maximize stability on off-center

hits for longer, straighter drives.





COBRA SPEEDZONE standard is available in 9 & 10.5 degree lofts, while Xtreme

comes in 9, 10.5 & 12 degree options. Stock shafts include the models above,

with over 20 different shafts available - msrp $449.




Look for our full review of the entire COBRA SPEEDZONE LINE coming

soon. AVAILABLE Jan.17, 2020  -