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Thursday, 05 August 2010 20:44
Round 1
Pete tees off number 1 at 12:40, in usual style he wants to get to the course by like 10 am. I know we lead in practice balls hit this week, but Pete actually has an interview to do with a local reporter at 11 am. We meet the reporter at the chipping green,thats the spot where Allan Doyle was hitting those cool little bunker shots . Pete does his interview about how an airline pilot , who quit the game for 20 years , came back and qualified for this tourney. Pete played golf in college and was a hell of a junior player. His wife, Kerri, walked with us the entire 2 rounds. She told us how the gallery commented on Petes nice swing. Its beautiful. He looks awesome on the range. So pete does the interview and we head to the range for our 1 full bucket warmup, 1 bucket at least..
Over dinner last night , I tryed to get Pete to just play golf. He hovers in a state of angst with his swing. If he hits a poor shot, he blames his swing.
Alot of our time between shots this week were filled with Pete , club in hand, checking his top of swing position, doing drills,making practice swings. I warned him against this, You have to conserve energy out there.
I think thats why alot of the PGA guys work out. Those guys swing hard, it may not look it, but they get their moneys worth .
So we get to the first tee a few minutes before our time. We probably had 20 people in the grandstand watching us tee off. Pete is paired with two professionals, Rick Lewellen from N.Carolina and Rich Parker from New Hampshire. The first hole is a claustrophobic par 4 , 3 wood to iron off the tee. Pete choose a 3wood.. On the tee, I'm JACKED UP MAN .. I can only imagine how Pete feels. He makes a good move but just overhooks it and catches a tree and drops down. We got 200 yards to a hole that we should have 150. Pete hits a 4 iron short and we make 5 .. The next hole #2 is a beautiful par 5 ,, couples made 8 on in the final round.. Pete pulls his 3rd into the front left bunker and holes his shot for a birdie 4 .. the crowd of like 50 people go wild..
We take a few more bogeys and get to the 6th hole which is the driving distance hole .. Pete hits the drive of his life. 325 up the left center. we then dump 8 iron in the front right bunker and gouge out a 5 .On a side note , our playing partner Rich Parker is striping it.. He hits the coolest hybrid off the tee. He tees up the ball and comes right down on it , his divots start like 2 inches in front of the ball, on the tee.. this guy puts pressure on a golf ball , there no lifting at all. Parker is like a surgeon weaving his ball thru those trees.
Pete was like 5 over for his first nine, Parker even.We post 82 day one , Lewellen 81, Parker 72
Day 2
Our tee time is early , 7:40 on 10. The fog is rolling in and there is an inevitable delay. That first tee shot is epic. The fog hanging in and amongst those beautiful trees is something I will always remember. We get off to a nervous start. bogey, double,double, I believe. Thank God for a 3 hour fog delay . . . we head to where else,, the range.. Pete is a maniacal practicer. He loves to work on his swing and pursue perfection in a game where perfection is an illusion.
A cool thing was meeting Russ Cochran and chatting with him a little. There was a handicapped kid with a walker and Russ calls him over and talks with him like 30 minutes. It was good to see that. I know a good friend of Russ and we talked a little. The thing was, Russ never hit a ball on the range that we saw. He was there like an hour and half just talking. Pete is wearing out his 6 iron . Russ shoots 69, We shoot 85 and miss the cut. Our man Parker squeaks in with a 77 and makes the weekend. Lewellen finishes on a dead run birding 3 out of the last 4, he lips out a birdie putt on our last hole the ninth.
The last two holes we play are ridiculous, The galleries are getting massive in anticipation of the big boys coming thru. Hole 8 is a double tough par 4. Pete hits a 3 wood and leaves a six iron short of the green. The grandstand is packed , there are people surrounding the green. Every putt is hit with the OOOOOOOOO,OH oh oh .. sound that u hear on television..
Our last hole at this event is what I envisioned it would be like. Packed grandstand behind the green, tee box packed, people walking and waiting down the sides. You truly feel like u are in a fishbowl, under a microscope. Your golf game exposed for everyone to see. I could only imagine what ol' Williams was going thru. Hole 9 is a great par 3 over water playing just over 200 yds . . .  club selection is 4 or 5 iron. There are data people on every par 3 doing the professional handsignal to find out what club the player is hitting.. Williams makes a good pass at a 4 iron and bunkers it short.. I tell ya brother, I challenge anyone in the PBCGA to hit that tee shot with those galleries under that pressure. I could see a few chinese laterals out of most of em. Pete blasts out to 12 feet. damn good bunker shot, this thing came out high landed soft and looked very professional. I read most of Petes putts for him, but this was his moment,, He went thru his routine, made a good stroke and all be damned it went in . happy ending.
Let me say a few words bout what I learned this week. Professional golfers have the nerves of asassins. These guys believe in themselves and their games to a dying end. My man Pete is prone to getting down on himself a little. When a bad shot happens , he looks for a drill to fix it. The other guys in our group just looked more focused, more into playing golf, we looked like we were trying to work on our golfswing. Thats a lesson I will always adhere to when I play going forward. Attack the course with your mind,, not your golfswing.
The main thing is that Pete Williams is a true gentleman. Jason, in all the time I've known Pete , I never heard him use profanity,not once . . . on or off the course. Pete is a Modest, Humble, Kind man with a wicked golfswing. I can not think of anyone that I would enjoy doing this with more . I am forever thankful that he chose me to do this.
(As I read his description about Pete, I knew exactly what he meant . . . even though I have never personally met the man. Reminded me very much of the Byron Nelson model, very few around still like that. (Cursing is actually a personal vise . . . along with Chocolate.)
Did I mention how hot Gene Jones' caddy is?? Whoa !
I think you did mention that a few times my friend,Thanks again Jeff for sharing the ride.
Looping in Seattle PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   
Thursday, 05 August 2010 17:59

The Site of the 2010 U.S Senior Open, Sahalee in Sammamish,Wash

Veteran Looper and Edwin Watts staffer Jeff Edmonson got the rare experience to caddy at a major championship last week, the Senior U.S Open at Sahalee near Seattle. Jeff has caddied at Augusta National, and also at the site of this years PGA Championship at Whistling Straits. LinksNation was lucky enough to get some of his candid thoughts about the experience and also his observations on why the best players in world, ARE exactly that . . . the best players in the world. Airline pilot Pete Williams is good enough to play amongst those at the pro level, and he knew Jeff was his guy to tote the wrenches around this tree lined layout.

Here are a few priceless exerpts from Jeff regarding his week with Pete Williams in Seattle:

Day 1 Wed practice round.

My first thoughts of this course were its sheer beauty, every tee shot comes thru a chute. Pete's a good driver . . . He hits a lots of fairways and greens. This course made him look a little wild. We played our practice round with David Frost and Denis Watson and another amatuer Kevin Klier. David Frost takes out this Mizuno blade 2iron that has a graphite shaft and stripes it all day like 240-250,  and high with a little draw. Denis Watson hits it pure. The way to describe the difference in pro and amatuer is contact. The pro covers the ball, theres no hanging back with irons. They just trap the hell out of the ball. I watched Peter Jacobsen on the range, He covers/traps the ball soo good.
When Pete settles in and gets fluid he hits the ball out there with Frost/Watson. Distance is not a promblem, Consistency is.So we play our round and head to the range. I know Pete had to lead the field in range balls hit. The balls are brand new Pro-v1's, they ask you what ball u want Pro-v1 or Callaway. Freddie has his own personal stash of Bridgestones, The range attendant showed me.
Gene Jones has his daughter on the bag, who is dropdead gorgeous. She came into the caddy tent to get her bib. Chien Soon Lu was in there with his caddy talkin chinese a mile a minute. As soon as she walks in, they speak perfect English, " How are you" How u doo"..... classic
Some guys out there are big. Dan Forseman looks like Frankenstein, gotta be 6' 6" easy. Peter Jacobson is a beast.
Edurado Romero is good size as well.
Allen Doyle is a big man too. Great story bout Doyle, Me and Pete watched him hit bunker shots for like ten minutes. He was hitting this shot from like 15 yards to a downhill slope . Every shot was coming out exactly, I mean EXACTLY the same way. 2 hops and a check. The entire bunker complex stopped and watched
I talked with Russ Cochran on the range, he's super cool. Olin Browne is awesome. I met him and his wife while we were out.
Lot of guys out there smoke ciggarettes. Fuzzy, & Tommy Armour always got one going. Ta3 attacks the ball. What a golf swing , power  draw.
Did I mention how hot Gene Jones 's caddy is, a definte highlight.
The best fairways I have ever seen, they were immaculate. I've been to Augusta, these were better. They were so tight.
Pete was useless trying to hit a full lob wedge. He just filet(ed) it everytime..
The go to shot for most of the seniors is a baby hook. They just compress the shit out of it...
Part 2  tomorrow:
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