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Devereux Golf Apparel - 2015 Collection PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Bruno

Devereux refers to their Aristotle shirt as the most unique in the the new collection.

Featuring a waved cut and sewn on piece that was inspired by the waves of the




In 2013 Devereux Apparel was born, a brand so timeless and classic in style . . .

you'd swear Hogan or Palmer wore the apparel fifty and sixty years ago. Simple

and classy is the theme, and it's no wonder the slogan for such a clothing company

is "Proper Threads".


We first reviewed Devereux in early in 2014 after being impressed at the PGA Show

in Orlando. In 2015 the style remains classic, but evolves with the "Christina O"


Our threads for this review - the "EOS" polo in White/Sage features a double

chest stripe and the Brunner (also in sage) which features a unique left chest

pocket and buttoned collar.

The Brunner (color: Pebble) is named after the creative minds behind the brand,

Robert and Will Brunner. Proper Threads come in a Pima Cotton/Poly blend . . .

Classic looks, and feel, combined with performance fabric.

Although the style is elegant and classy, perhaps its greatest asset is the versatility

of the apparel . . . wear it on the links, out to dinner or anywhere else at the

resort . . . only a handful of golf apparel companies can truly claim this as a

strength (Ashworth, Dunning, Bobby Jones, Maide and Kartel are the ones that

immediately come to mind). A loud neon stretchy shirt with obnoxious patterns is

certainly not what Devereux is all about.

The trademark slogan is displayed on all Devereux packaging, the logo adorns

the back collar.

We field tested the new shirts, and the comfort level (while playing golf) is

outstanding in humid Florida this time of year. Another unique trait of wearing

Devereux is it's fit, not nearly as baggy as some, and certainly not skin tight like

others. Their sizes run a hair on the smaller side, in the case of an in-between

size (like me) . . . go up to the larger one. The entire feel and fit is unique to

Devereux. You've heard it before: If you look good, and feel good, you'll likely play

good. It's no wonder the Brunner Brothers refer to their products as "Proper


For more info on Devereux Apparel:









CorkTree Putter Grips PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Bruno

In the category of putter grips, there are many choices in regard to size and

style, but when it comes to putter grip materials, rubber and synthetics have

ruled the scene. If you're in search of something a little different from the

ordinary look and feel . . . Cork Tree putter grips might be worth a look.


All four Cork Tree putter models carry the stitched logo along the front of

each grip. Made from Cork Tree bark - otherwise known as Cork Tree leather,

these grips come in various styles and sizes:

The Gimme model (57 grams)- measures 33mm in diameter at the top and 41mm

diameter at the bottom, the Gimme features a slight taper shape.

The Bandit Grip (52 grams)-has a reverse taper shape, the wider position

on the lower hand helps diminish unwanted hand action (Measuring 33mm

diameter top and 41mm diameter at the base).

Slim Jim (80 grams)-is the sleekest model featuring a Tour Taper grip shape

(Measuring 24mm diameter-top and 19.6mm diameter-base).

Stumpy (83 grams)-is largest Cork Putter Grip with reverse taper grip shape

(Measuring 39mm diameter-top and 41mm diameter-base).



Certainly there is a style, size, shape and color to suit each individual.

Cork Tree Putter Grips retail for 29.95

We tested the Bandit model, which is very similar in size and shape to the

popular Superstroke 2.0 model. The look and feel of the Cork grip is something

very unique. The texture is smooth, and overall has a much softer feel compared

to the oversized rubber/synthetic grips that are so popular today. If your in the

market for a new feel with your flatstick, check out Cork Tree Putter Grips.

For more info:

Rife Switchback Putter PDF Print E-mail


by Jason Bruno

As most golfers know, putters are the most personal club in the bag. Some

golfers don't change for decades and others have a different flatstick everytime

you see them. They are precision instruments for sure, but unlike the other 13

clubs, the sole purpose of the putter is to roll the ball (as efficiently as possible).

Of course nothing is ever that simple. There are choices galore, and the latest

from Rife (the Switchback) might be worth considering.

Rife's new Switchback putter features changeable weights in the bumpers instead

of the sole (like many other premium putters). Weights range from Blue-5 grams,

Red-10 grams, Charcoal-15 grams, Silver-20 grams (putter weight range 350-380).

Blue & Silver weights are included, Red and Charcoal are sold seperately.




Rolled groove technology is a Rife staple. All Switchback models come stock

with 71 degree lie angle (which is the unofficial industry standard), however,

at 2 degrees of loft, those that employ the forward press method - be aware

of less loft than usual (4 degrees is the norm).





The Switchback is very simple and clean looking at address, take note of the small

notch in the center of the topline. This miniscule detail assists the player to set up

the blade with the proper lie angle. If the putter sits too upright (toe off the

ground), the notch will appear inside the aim line . . . too flat (heel up), the notch

will appear slightly towards the toe side of the aim line.





Switchback models come equipped with Winn's Pro Pistol grip




The Rife Sb headcover incorporates a side zipper pocket to house the changeable







The Rife Switchback XL has a deeper cavity than the standard Sb and features a

direct shaft (no hosel) and is adjustable from 375 grams to 415 grams.



Summary: If your a blade guy (or girl), the Switchback gives you a bit of

everything. Classic looks, clean lines and some present day technology with

changeable weights. I personally liked the color coded bumpers, they give you

instant indentifier to the weight configuration. For example: on faster greens

many good players prefer the lighter weight for feel and touch (Blue weights),

the opposite being true for slow grainy greens that require a heavier "hit" (silver


Rife putters certainly do have their own feel at impact, it's not marshmallow like

that of a synthetic insert like Odyssey's white hot, nor is it the similar to milled

Scotty Cameron. Rife's roll grooved technology gives a little harder feel at the

strike, but it also starts the ball rolling with minimal skid, so be prepared for putts

that roll true and hot right off the blade. For those players who play a premium

urethane ball or a low compression sphere like the Wilson Duo, the Rife Switchback

will likely feel just right. At well under $300, Rife has packed value along with new

technology into it's new line.


For more info on Switchback and other Rife Products:











Mission Belts - No More Holes PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Bruno

A belt is a belt, right? Wrong! Mission Belt Company, makers of the ingenious no-holes

belts, has radically transformed a product that we all use everyday, and have since we

first put on a pair of pants. I know what you're thinking, what can be so different about

a belt?

First of all, like a stated earlier - no holes. The days of the needing to punch an extra

hole into your old stretched out strap is over. This badboy adjusts to your waist size at

1/4" intervals via a gear lined into the back of every Mission Belt and locks into your

perfect size and releases instantly by depressing the lever at the bottom of the buckle.

It'so simple, you'll wonder what took so long for something like this to be created.

Why is the product called Mission Belt? Well, it's not all about buckles and straps at

Mission Belt, there is a humanitarian side to the company...

The founders of Mission Belt - Nate Holapfel, Jeff Jensen and Zac Holzapfel came up with a two pronged Mission:

1 - create a unique worldclass product

2- aggressively fight global hunger.

The company gives $1 from every belt sold to the Kiva Lender Fund which Provides

micro-loans to entrepreneurs around the world, (mostly in developing countries), as

part of its efforts to eliminate poverty and create more economic opportunity. You can

learn more about the "Mission" at:

Now you can show off your favorite team. Mission Belts is an official provider of NBA

NHL and NCAA licensed products.

The mechanism that drives the Mission Belt . . . easy as pie.

There are other features and benefits to the Mission Belt, since the belt adjusts at such

exact lengths it will always fit you right no matter your weight (and as we all know weight

does fluctuate). You can easily interchange buckles and straps to create the look you desire,

and with easy and quick removal, you'll be prepared for moments like going through airport

security. Since the belt is never being pulled or tugged on, it'll last eons longer than your

traditional strap with holes, virtually forever . . . ok maybe not forever, but you get the


Available in virtually any color, the buckles also can be customized with your logo

or design.Having worn my own Mission Belt for several weeks now, I'm trying to decide

which color and style to go with next . . . maybe I'll even get a custom. One thing's for

sure, "No more holes, I've joined the Mission."

For more info visit:








New Drivers From Nike, Cobra & TaylorMade PDF Print E-mail



With the latest in technology, the game's leading club manufacturers are

making the best drivers ever introduced . . . with adjustability now the

standard, nearly every major brand has a model that fits for your game.

We recently tested three of the hottest new drivers from TaylorMade, Nike

and Cobra.


Each of these delivers a different technology, so it's important to decide

exactly what your looking for in a new driver.


TaylorMade's R15 continues the forward CG/low spin theme of the SLDR, so

lofting up is still recommended. The R15 boasts two sliding weights (instead

of SLDR's one) and a loft sleeve of 2 degrees (instead of the previous 1.5).



TaylorMade R15

TaylorMade unveiled their latest technology this year - R15, which really is an updated

SLDR. One difference this year with TMAG is the new model comes in both 430 & 460

versions right off the bat (no more waiting to see which updated version gets released

in 90 days). Also, you can get the 460 version in either black or white.


Our test model came in 10.5 loft

with a stiff flex Fujikura Speeder 57

shaft. TaylorMade's R15 continues

the forward CG/low spin theme of

the SLDR, so lofting up is still





The R15 boasts two sliding weights (instead of SLDR's one) and a loft sleeve

of 2 degrees (instead of the previous 1.5).




Although TMAG is once

again pushing white

(above) as the color of

choice (it's easily noticed

by consumers when tour

players game it on TV).

I actually prefer it in



We weren't sure the R15

could possibly match the

feel and performance of

the highly acclaimed

SLDR . . .


During testing, the performance numbers were nearly identical to those of the highly

acclaimed SLDR, which is no letdown . . . the dual 12.5 gram weights and 2 degree

loft sleeve give another level of adjustability. Is slightly more adjustability worth the

purchase? That's for you to decide.

For more info:







Nike Vapor (Speed)

Nike's new Vapor line is an upgrade of the Covert cavity technology of the

last two years. The swoosh folks created a stronger clubhead featuring Fly

Beam supports - according to Nike, the stiffer cavity creates a more stable

clubhead and hotter face at impact.




The Vapor is

perhaps the driver with

the biggest buzz of all

the new big sticks, and

was certainly one of the

models I was most

interested in testing.


The Compression

Channel makes it's

return along with Flex

Loft technology for

15 different launch




Our test model came in the Speed version equipped with a 50 gram Mitsubishi

Fubuki shaft in stiff flex.



The Vapor Speed was by far the easiest driver to launch that we tested, but is

definitely geared towards those who need more spin to keep the ball in the air

longer. The carry #'s were superb (averaging 252 yds) and feel at impact was

completely sublime, but for me the spin #'s were too high (averaging around

3100 rpm) . . . nothing a shaft change couldn't fix to optimize the performance

of the Vapor Speed driver.


For more info:







Cobra Fly Z+

The Cobra Fly Z+ features FLIPZONE technology. Move the 15 gram weight

forward and you get a piercing ball flight, move it back and it becomes a high

launcher. SmartPad sole gives a square face angle regardless of the loft setting

you choose. The stock shaft offering is the Matrix VLCT.


Cobra's Fly Z+ utilizes multi-material construction with a 6-4 titanium body

and carbon fiber crown and sole pieces. The innovative FLIPZONE enables

you to switch trajectories in an instant by flipping the 15 gram weight to the

front or back of the clubhead.


Cobra's Speed Channel is an engineered trench that increases ball speeds across

the face, an exclusive Cobra innovation. Their Forged E9 Zone Face for increases

performance on mis-hits.




The testing of the Fly Z+ was unique because of the front/back nature of the

weighting system. The ability to change launch angle without changing shafts

or adjusting a tip sleeve is really unheard of . . . until now. I was able to change

my launch angle by over 2 degrees and spin rates by nearly 500 rpms just by

flipping the weight . . .  that's significant.


The composite parts give the Fly Z+ a distinct feel and sound that is very different

to your run of mill titanium driver head. If you've ever hit a driver with carbon fiber

head you know the sensation.


Engineer Tom Olsavsky of Cobra (formerly of TaylorMade) called the Fly Z+

"the best driver he's ever made" - those are big words considering what he's created

over the years. There is no question, the technology in this stick is groundbreaking.



For more info:











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