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By Jason Bruno



Celebrating the 35th year as one of the leaders in the Golf Apparel industry, Antigua unveiled

its Performane 72 Collection. The Spring 2015 line will introduce eleven new shirt models that

feature bold styling, vivid color choices, and performance technology with a golf specific fit.


Performance-72 golf shirts are 100% polyester (with interlock knit fabric, flat knit collars,

open sleeve cuff and 3 button placket).





Style: Illusion      Color: Mango                 Style: Advance    Color: White/Aquarius/Smoke





Antigua's Performance 72 apparel exclusively features Desert Dry and Desert Dry Xtra-Lite

- moisture wicking fabrics developed to perform and keep you comfortable even under the

toughest playing conditions.


“We’re very excited about our Spring 2015 Men’s Golf Collection,” says Ron McPherson,

President and CEO of Antigua. “Response to the bright colors, fantastic new styling, and

the advanced moisture-wicking technology has been outstanding. This promises to be our

best-selling men’s collection to date.”






Lead model shown (Platinum/Light Apple)

The attention to detail is an Antigua staple, note the lime accent along the back seam.





Illusion (far right) features the appeal of a solid with the subtlety of a stripe by blending

engineered yarns that reflect or absorb light with opposing results giving the ‘illusion’ of an

engineered stripe pattern. Available in seven colors.



The elimination of the sleeve cap allows the arms to move freely throughout the swing.


A few tweaks were made with the new line from a color perspective. According to Antigua:

This season’s newly developed color palette also contributes to the collections fashion

appeal. After seasons of color building to a crescendo which piqued with the cleanest

of bright shades, this season’s inspired palette has transcended to a softer range with

less flare and vibrancy. The shades are not muted, though they lack the intensity of

seasons past. The color names similarly reflect their inspired depth of saturation. In

addition to maintaining optic white as the base around which this Spring ’15 collection’s

colors revolve, colors Papaya, Pistachio, Purple Haze, Chambray and Electric are a new

balance of scaled-back brights that retain the sportswear appeal while being cleverly

fashion friendly.



The new Performance-72 Collection gives the golfer a complete choice of styles without

sacrificing performance and comfort . . . puts you in the mood to hit the links.



To find out more on Antigua Performance Apparel:










TaylorMade's SLDR MiniDriver PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

TaylorMade realized there was an equipment gap between the 3 wood and Driver amongst

tour players and better amateurs. Many tour pros and competitive amateurs use their 3 wood

as a go to club from the tee, even though the technology is designed for launching the ball

off the deck. Their studies found that many of these stronger players are using hybrids and

higher lofted fairway metals to fly and land approaches softly on fast and firm green surfaces.

With so many specialty clubs being introduced these days, the Mini Driver was born.






TMAG doesn't introduce any product in a modest way, with the Mini Driver it was no different:

"Kiss Your 3 Wood Goodbye" & "The 3 wood as you know it no longer exists" were the slogans.

Is it a fairway wood on steroids or is it truly an alternate driver used for control? The guys at

TM sent us the 14 degree model, the silver crown and black face frame the ball for a clean look at

address. Many fairway woods set up closed, but as mentioned previously- the Mini Driver was

designed for better players . . . it sets up square.






Although there is no sliding weight in the Mini, it features a low-forward CG and TaylorMade's

Speed Pocket technology for faster ball speeds.





The typical size of your 3 wood is 160cc, the SLDR Mini Driver is a 260cc clubhead. Which

allows you to tee it up a little higher for added carry & control off the tee box.






The Mini Driver, is a glue in club . . . nothing adjustable here. At 43.5" inches the Mini is two inches

shorter than today's stock 45.5" drivers. That kind of control means straighter tee shots. SLDR Mini

Driver comes in 12, 14, & 16 degree models. Stock models come with the Fujikura Speeder 57, the

TP model comes with the Fujikura Motore Speeder Tour Spec 7.3.


The larger head/deepface of the Mini definitely boosts confidence from the tee, and that can't

be underestimated. In fact, I found it 15 yards longer than my trusty fairway metal (off the tee).

One of our testers, mini-tour player Michael Kartrude was consistently hitting bombs off the tee

or the turf - consistently carrying it over 270 yards.

Off the deck the deeper face can be intimidating, most tour players likely will prefer the 12 or 14

degree model. The Amateur should probably lean towards the 14 or 16 model if intending to use it

to replace their 3 wood.

Is the SLDR Mini Driver a niche club? Absolutely, but it might be the niche that just might fill

the void in your golf bag, or solve a control and consistency issue off the tee box. The SLDR

Mini Driver retails for $279, Tour Preferred model $379.

For more info:










Tom Watson - New Advanced Lessons of a Lifetime II PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

Last year we reviewed Tom Watson's lessons of a lifetime. In 2014, Watson

added a new DVD of over 20 new gems to cover the nuances of the game.

From Mental keys like dealing with pressure and nervousness, using Sam

Snead's swing as a vision of rythm, and advice Jack Nicklaus gave to Greg

Norman the night before one of his Open Championship victories . . . these

are just a few the many useful tips "Tom Terrific" doles out.

Tom's Secret #2 makes reference to the lower body and it's role in the

swing. Rarely if ever can you get instruction from a legend of this magnitude

. . . Watson gives insight into why amateurs struggle with the 40 yard wedge

shot, and perhaps my favorite tips are from the late Bruce Edwards and Earl

Woods on making short putts.


The beautiful setting at the Greenbrier is the perfect backdrop not only for

the aesthetics of the videos, but it also provides a legitimate forum for the

8-time major champion to illustrate how to hit certain golf shots.

The great thing about owning the DVD set is you can refer back to them

whenever your game needs a quick re-fresher course in a certain area -

any of the nearly 70 lessons (of the full 3 DVD set) are right there for you

to instantly access.


Of course the new advanced lessons can be purchased separately or as

an add on to the original two disc set. To purchase or for more info visit:


Final thoughts: In our opinion, along with Butch Harmon's "Aboout Golf"

DVD set, Watson's Lessons of a Lifetime are the best on the market.









Crocs Golf Shoes PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Bruno


Crocs Drayden

Crocs new Drayden golf shoe features a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cooler on the

course . . .  new styling keeps you cooler than your buddies.


A few years back Crocs entered the world of golf shoes, and although some purists scoffed at

the idea, Crocs has created a niche in the casual spikeless market. As I've said in many shoe

reviews . . . in order to win over the masses, comfort for the walking golfer and built in performance

features are a must. Throw in some catchy styling and great color combos and you got a winner.


The original line of Brayden/Drayden were very simple styling, similar to the classic Vans skateboard

and BMX shoes . . . which seemed like a smart way to go as the new kid on the block hoping to

appeal to the forward thinking linkster. As a matter of fact I still wear mine nearly everyday (in fact

I'm wearing them as I write this review). They're so comfortable that once the nubs got somewhat

worn (from wearing them off the course), I turned them into street shoes.



The new line branches out with style and performance. Still superlight, the new Drayden looks so

good as a casual shoe you'll want to wear it off the course too.



Available in Gray/Blue, White/Red, and Black/Lime. The Drayden is available in half sizes (new to

the Crocs Golf line). While the upper gets the attention, it's the new outsole that's the biggest

upgrade. The center section is softer which means even more comfort, and the cleats on the

perimeter of the sole keep you feet attached to the "terra firma" even during the hardest swings.

The Drayden retails for $99.


Men’s Drayden 2.0 Golf Shoe details:

  • Breathable mesh uppers
  • Dual-comfort Croslite material footbed w/ ultimate heel cushion & forefoot liner to help w/ moisture management
  • Croslite™ material midsole delivers high-energy return and minimal weight for all-day comfort
  • 4-piece TPU stability system around the outsole maximizes flexibility and traction
  • Outrigger tab reduces forefoot movement for maximum stability
  • One of the lightest golf shoes in its class



All Cast Duck

The All Cast Duck is designed to battle inclement weather, (from the cleated sole all the

way to the mid-upper, the Duck is a seamless waterproof shoe) and although it was

introduced in 2013, it is still a relatively new concept for the golf industry.




Certainly, the styling is funky . . . but I find it appealing - it's definitely something different.

This shoe is not only the perfect golf companion for soggy summers in South Florida (no

more rain please!), but also when taking a journey to Bandon Dunes or across the pond -

these should be mandatory equipment. Of the nearly two dozen golf shoes I own (yes, I need

an intervention), I get asked more about these shoes than any other. I tell everyone that asks,

if keeping your dawgs dry, and extreme comfort are what you seek - these are your shoe.

Available in Light Gray/Charcoal and Black/Yellow. The All Cast Duck retalis for $119


For more info on Crocs Golf Shoes:,default,sc.html?intid=mm_m_golf_140326











Powerbilt Air Force One N7 DFX PDF Print E-mail





In the world of high end premium drivers, marketing plays a huge role. If potential

customers don't see your stick on TV (being played on tour by the best in the world)

how can it be any good? That's the perception. While we won't dispute that the clubs

we DO see on tour (like TaylorMade's SLDR, Cobra's Bio Cell and Nike's Covert 2.0 - all

drivers that we've recently tested) are all great high performance clubs, there is a niche

in the marketplace for companies like Powerbilt that have been around for decades,

and produce high quality products with innovation & high performance.


Powerbilt's latest edition of their Nitrogen charged driver is the Air Force One N7 DFX

(Deep Face Extreme).


Powerbilt looks to earn it's product credibility through performance. The AFO N7

comes in choices of 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and if lofting up is your thing, a 12.5 model

is available. 8.5 & 9.5 models are available in right hand only. Choose your model

wisely, the AFO N7 is a glue in club, no adjustability available.


The feature that is unique to Powerbilt drivers is their "Nitrogen Charged" technology,

known as N7 in the 2014 AFO. 80 PSI of compressed Nitrogen is used to reinforce the

clubface, and enhance ball speeds through maximum C.O.R (AFO N7 conforms to the USGA

and R&A rules of golf).




The all black clubhead looks the part of a serious players club, matte black crown,

and bold graphics are an upgrade from anything we've seen previously from Powerbilt.

Let's face it, the first thing we all do when we're shopping for or testing out new drivers

(or any other club for that matter) is, set the club down and see if it's pleasing to the eye

. . . not only from a color scheme and paint finish perspective, but also what it looks like

at address behind a teed up golf ball. The Air Force One N7 sets up square, not shut like

so many other drivers on the market. The classic shape, with no obtrusive graphics, deep

face and long hosel neck give it a first generation Titanium look.





Our test model came in 10.5 loft





We tested the AFO with Fujikura's Motore F3. Fujikura Fuel, Aldila NVS & RIP Beta are

options available as well as the Graphite Design G-Series. Custom shafts from Oban and

Mitsubishi are optional with an upcharge.




Performance Pros/Cons:

The ball jumps off the face, launch & ball speeds were consistent with the best drivers we've

tested in '14. The faster swingers in our testing, tended to launch the ball on the high side,

the Fujikura Motore F3 is a high carry launcher. For those seeking lower spin rates, the Oban

Kyoshi or Diamana Whiteboard might be a preferred choice. Sound and feel in a Nitrogen

filled driver has to be terrible right? Not at all, in fact, it was better than most premium drivers

on the market today. Impact was a crisp solid thwack . . . not crazy loud or clunky. The

clubface definitely has a lively springy pop, which can only exude confidence.


Deep face drivers are normally quite unforgiving, the AFO is just the opposite . . . swing away -

dispersion was a narrow section with the AFO.


My only beef with the new AFO-N7 would be the glue in head - It's 2014, we need adjustability.

However, as long as you get properly fit for the right shaft and loft, there's no issue (whether

retail shops have fitting carts or demos of the different loft and shaft choices is unkown).





To be honest, I was expecting gimmicky . . . and nothing could be further from the truth.

Powerbilt really put their time in with this product.


Bottom Line: The AFO N7 Deepface Extreme is a classic looking driver that packs a ton

of technology (and value), producing distance and accuracy that compares with the best

premium drivers available.




For more info:












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