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Golf Buddy aim L10 Rangefinder PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

In the market for a new laser rangefinder? Assuming you require all the

latest technology, GolfBuddy's flagship model - the aim L10 is a compact

lightweight device that's big on features and modest on cost.







The aim L10 is an ergonomic sporty super easy to use rangefinder that

features 3 modes: Standard, Scan, and Pin mode with vibration. At just

under 6 oz, this is a sleek high-performance target seeking machine.












  • New ergonomic & sporty design
  • Pin finder with vibration mode
  • 3 Targeting modes: Standard, Scan, Pin
  • 6x Magnification
  • Slope on/off exterior switch
  • Wider LCD for better visibility
  • USGA / R&A Compliant





Easy to use target/mode buttons - accuracy matters w/measurement

tolerances to within +1/-1 yd.







Fits in the palm of your hand perfectly . . .










The aim L10 comes

equipped with a slope

on/off switch that

provides simple

slope adjusted distances

for any level of elevation

for more accuracy on

every shot.

Green = on, Red = off

aim L10 conforms and

is competition legal for

any event governed by

USGA/R&A rules of golf.












The GolfBuddy aim L10

carrying case is a sharp

and classy cover that

protects and conceals

your rangefinder, not only

from the elements, but

also from others that

might be looking to

make off with your new

high-tech device.


I attach mine with a

locking clip (right)

that makes grabbing

the case from the bag

a tougher chore.

Since these small tech

gadgets tend to disappear,

you can also protect your

purchase if your golf bag

has a specific pocket for

your rangefinder (many

new bags do). If so, we

highly recommend keeping

the device there before

and after play or practice.






It's been over two months now since we began testing the aim L10.

Full disclosure, our longtime gamer unit hasn't made it's way back

in the bag since. Accuracy and ease of use is as good as any we've

ever used on the course. The vibration feature in Pin mode locks in on

the flagstick, eliminating the false reading of a distant tree or similar

object in the background. Also, I've pretty much left the slope mode in

the "ON" position.



The aim L10 is not inexpensive at $299, but in its class it's a bargain.

GolfBuddy is aware that they have the opportunity here to chomp off

a large portion of Bushnell's market share (as the industry leader) by

"offering a Ferrari at the price of a Corvette".



Quite simply, if you're in the market for a top of the line laser rangefinder

and want to save some cash - the aim L10 is worthy of your attention.



For more info:

















Scoring Gear: Cleveland RTX4 Wedges / Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls PDF Print E-mail


Cleveland wedges and Srixon Z-Star golf balls. It's a pairing that just fits

like Bacon & eggs, peanut butter & jelly and of course wedges & spin. Very

few brands in the industry are in this rarified air. Cleveland wedges have

been a staple of the best players in the world for decades, and the new

RTX 4 has only bolstered Cleveland's shortgame presence on worldwide

tours. Paired with the latest Srixon Z-Star tour ball makes for a serious rival

to the industry leading Titleist Pro V1 and Vokey (SM7) wedges.








Two things stood out to us when we met with the Cleveland/Srixon team

in January at the PGA Show - first, these shortgame sticks looked so damn

good in all of the 3 different finishes (Tour Satin, Black Satin, and Tour Raw),

I wanted a set right immediately. Secondly, the choices of grinds and bounce

options means there is a wedge for every type of player and turf condition.

Specifically, four distinct sole grinds that allow you to customize your set,









Secondly, the choices of grinds and bounce options means there is a wedge

for every type of player and turf condition. Specifically, four distinct sole

grinds that allow you to customize your set, brilliant.







4th generation Rotex Face provides sharper Tour Zip grooves for max spin

in every condition for precise accuracy and distance control. A more durable

laser milling pushed right to the conforming edge is inline with most players

strike pattern - increasing spin stopping action on all types of shortgame shots.








Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV, hard to believe that 2019 marks the sixth

generation of the brand's premium tour ball line. Both Z-Star and Z-Star XV

feature 4th generation Spin Skin (w/SeRM) and a new FastLayer core. Z-Star

offers a mid compression 3-piece construction providing performance validated

on professional tours around the world. 338 dimple urethane cover with a 90

compression. Z-Star XV offers the same tour proven performance in a 4-piece

ball at 102 compression also featuring a 338 dimple urethane cover. Both balls

come in choice of Pure White or Tour Yellow.







The great thing about Cleveland/Srixon's line is the plethora of different

choices for what best fits you and your game. After testing both tour

golf balls my choice was the softer feeling Z-Star. I'll sacrifice a yard

or two for a softer feel with the wedges and putter. During on course

testing I noticed almost no difference in distance of the tee, and no

more than two to three yards of carry distance off the irons. Around

the greens is where I place the highest priority. Z-Star gives a quieter

less clicky sound than the XV. If you're a faster swinger who likes the

feel of a higher compression ball and wants to squeeze out every yard -

the XV might be your choice. Bomber Cameron Champ who leads the PGA

Tour in driving distance, plays Z-Star XV.


We tested the RTX 4 Wedge in the 56 degree mid bounce (satin finish), a

great model for normal everyday conditions. The grind provided versatility

for nearly every recovery situation. The stock True Temper Dynamic Gold

Tour Issue shaft is superb for controlling trajectory on full and partial

approach shots. Impressive on all chips, pitch, lob and greenside sand

shots - just what you'd expect from a Cleveland wedge. The latest edition

of Rotex Tour Zip grooves gave superb stopping power even on firm and

fast putting surfaces.




It's often difficult to compare brands of tour level golf balls and wedges

in an effort to differentiate which brand is best for your game, clearly

the choice is somewhat subjective when choosing a new ball and set of

wedges. After spending several rounds and shortgame sessions testing

the latest from Cleveland/Srixon, the only question is which RTX4 and

Z-Star ball will you choose? Both the Cleveland RTX 4 line and Srixon

Z-Star golf balls can be considered on the value side of premium tour

gear when you consider the price point of other brands is now around

$179 per wedge and $50+ per dozen.


Cleveland RTX 4 Wedges MSRP $139

Srixon Z-Star (XV) Golf Balls MSRP $39.99


For more info:

Cleveland Golf:

Srixon Golf:















Cobra F9 Speedback Driver PDF Print E-mail


Cobra's F9 Speedback driver, its aesthetics are bold, its sole design is

unconventional (and loaded with technology), but does it measure up

and perform like the Euro sports car it resembles? If it's validation you

need, the F9 is played on tours around the globe by Rickie, Bryson and

Lexi Thompson.







According to Cobra, there's a quandry with most modern drivers, those

possessing aerodynamic crown enhancements often end up with a higher

CG. The image above, shows the F9 Speedback's design - a low and deep

structure that's comprised of tungsten and titanium (optimizing energy to

the ball, all while giving off a streamlined appearance).







Cobra's CNC milled face was first introduced in last year's F8 driver,

and the company claims the process is up to 5 times more precise

than the competitors hand-polished driver faces. Not to mention, the

milled face exudes quality craftmanship.






Cobra's E9 technology features variable thickness in the form of an elliptical

shape that expands the "sweet spot" along 9 specific points. Dual Roll and

Perfected Bulge technologies are built in to the design to enhance consistency.





The technology in the F9 includes Top Roll Curvature - the top half of

the driver face has more curvature, promoting higher launch with

reduced spin on shots hit higher on the face. Bottom Roll Curvature -

typically this is where performance goes to die, but Cobra has Speed

Tuned the bottom half of the driver face to optimize the loft in each

clubhead (any loft).


Notice the axis is tilted at 7 degrees (image above), this allows for the

typical amount of toe droop that occurs during the golf swing. There is

also 3 different horizontal bulge curvatures that are CNC Milled into the

face to help control heel and toe misses and to ensure center strikes

achieve maximum results.








Cobra's F9 Speedback features a crown that’s 12% larger than last year's F8,

inspiring more confidence at address. Polymer crown trips direct airflow to

reduce drag and boost clubhead speed.







The breakdown of the F9 Speedback components. Even with the larger

crown surface, Cobra still managed to shave 4 grams of weight from

last year's F8 (and 10 grams from standard titanium driver crowns).








Aesthetics /Testing

For those who don't care for the race car yellow look (it has grown on

me), Cobra offers a version in what they call Avalanche, a frost like

white colorway to satisfy the golfer who prefers a less flashy look.


Cobra's MyFly allows easy adjustable settings to manage loft/launch and

shot shape preference by + or - 1.5 degrees SmartPad Technology keeps

the face looking square at address regardless of the loft setting.









At address it's tough not to like the clean and fast looking shape of the

F9 Speedback, it inspires confidence. It just has to look right when

you set it down, and it does. Top shelf here . . .







The powerplant for our testing was Fujikura's Atmos Blue Tour Spec. The

profile of the Blue is Mid launch/Mid spin. I expected the Blue to be a bit

spinny and high launching (for me), but nothing was further than the truth.

It was spot on.

Tour aftermarket shafts known by industry folks as the "real deal" are what

Cobra offers in the F9, not a "made for" watered down stock shaft. UST Helium,

Fuji Atmos Tour Spec Blue, Project X HZRDUS Smoke and Fujikura Atmos

Tour Spec Black offer differing profiles for all types of players.

I purposely decided to do the testing on the F9 backwards, lets see how it

performs "in the field" first, this way there is zero expectations of what the

launch monitor #'s showed us. For several weeks I tested the F9 versus my

gamer, during range time and on the course. Because I play midsize grips,

there is always the dilemna of getting the swingweight back to my preferred

"sledgehammer" spec of D5-D6. After several strips of lead tape (Cobra does

offer replacement sole weights in 18 grams, 10 grams and 6 grams through

their website, so you can customize tour set up), testing commenced. Almost

Immediately I noticed the dispersion pattern of my misses improved (taking

notes over a 12 round period, my typical left miss improved 21% in a 3 week

span) - encouraging. My yardages on these same designated holes over that

time improved by 13 yards. Ok, straighter and longer is always good. I even

had more than a few regulars in my group take note and say, "What are you

playing now? Testing a new driver? Damn what is that, you're killing it!".

Shaping shots in either direction on command was no problem, but I did alter

the 10.5 degree stock setting one degree down to 9.5 to offset my tendency

to overdraw the ball and I like to hit a teed down squeeze cut on holes where

anything left is punishable by death.

I also experimented with the sole weights, moving the 14 gram rear weight to

the front- didn't see much difference in spin, but I did notice the club was less

forgiving on miss hits in this setting. Also impact didn't sound or feel quite as

good, so I returned it to it's stock back position (and have left it there since).

The honeymoon effect as I like to call it happens quite often with new clubs,

until the new sensations become the norm and old habits creep back in. So it

was time to take it in to get some actual data on what the F9 was producing

from a launch, ball speed, spin and carry perspective.



Performance Data:

SS:106  BS:154  LA:12.9  Spin:1971  Side Spin:168L  Carry:256 yds

Total:284 yds


Simple truth - these performance #'s showed what I'd been seeing out

on the course, they are the best that I've personally produced in the

10 years of reviewing drivers. The Atmos Blue Tour Spec fit my swing

and ball flight better than I thought possible. If I had to nit pick, I go

with a 75 gram model instead of the 65 gram, but as I stated earlier,

I prefer a driver that feels a bit on the heavier side (promotes a slower

takeaway and smoother transition from the top - two things I battle with

in my swing constantly).






Ok, so the F9 is long and straight with low spin, but how does it feel?

That depends on who you ask. If you prefer a muted thwack that produces

a symphony of low key crushed ball/face compression (and I do!), than the

Cobra F9 is your flavor. If you prefer a louder crash or what I call that hollow

high pitched "tink sound" than you will hate the F9. As one over-zealous

addicted golfer who has owned every new driver told me a few weeks back,

"I can't stand the sound of the new Cobra. You actually like that?" So it's

a subjective thing. Know yourself, and get fitted. You likely won't be inspired

by something that doesn't sound/feel right to you.








For those who want to keep track of their performance via their phone app,

Cobra Connect powered by Arccos provides the technology.






At $449, the Cobra F9 is just about $100 less than the industry leaders new

drivers, so that's some pretty significant value for consumers.

Quite simply the F9 Speedback is the finest driver created by Tom Oslavsky,

Mike Yagley and the team at Cobra. Ever. We have many new drivers to test

in 2019, but Cobra has set the bar so high in every aspect, it will be fun

seeing if anyone can catch them. As of April 2019, there's a new gamer in

the bag, and it's name is F9 SPEEDBACK . . .


For more info on Cobra F9:








Bridgestone Tour B XW-1 Forged Wedges PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

In the world of golf equipment - specifically wedges, a few major OEMs

have ruled the market in recent years - Titleist (Vokey), Cleveland and

Callaway immediately come to mind. In 2019, a handful of other brands

have gotten serious about your shortgame, and among those Bridgestone

has become a top shelf contender for your business.


In 2017, Bridgestone Golf introduced the original Tour B XW-1 forged

wedge, it gained some attention based on its forged 1025 bloodlines. At

this year's PGA Show in late January, Bridgestone was exuberant in their

return to the big stage (after a 3 year hiatus), they not only launched their

new e12 golf ball, but also introduced a new line of premium forged wedges

- the updated version of the Tour B XW-1 Forged wedge.







Technology - Biting Rail Milled Grooves

Doesn't get much better than this compact clean look, but in today's

marketplace aesthetics and marketing only go so far. Modern day irons

and wedges have groove restrictions, and technology advancements

must be innovative in other ways.





Micro-milling allows OEMs to get creative in-between the actual grooves

themselves. This new version of the Tour B XW-1 wedge features "Biting

Rail Milled" grooves" designed with protruding teeth (see above) that grip

the dimples of a golf ball at impact - producing increased spin. According

to Bridgestone, the new grooves add nearly 300 additional RPM in greenside

spin when compared to the previous 2017 Tour B forged wedge.






The "Forged" hosel stamping, classic lines and satin/chrome finish is

just what you'd expect in such a finely crafted set of scoring sticks.








Available in 50-60 in two degree increments. We tested the set in my

typical configuration - 50/54/58. The Tour B XW-1 grinds are uniquely

assigned based on corresponding lofts. The "M" sole grind stands for

multi-purpose and the demand for greenside versatility - notice the heel

and toe relief (shown middle and far left). The "M" is widely the most

preferred grind you'll see in tour players bags and comes standard on

52/54/58 and 60 degree models. "F" sole = Flat, and is generally best

for stability on full shots from the shortgrass (standard on 50 degree).

The "A" sole (not shown) is a heavier sole grind for sand shots but with

far less heel/toe relief (56 degree). All Tour B XW-1 wedges come in

either 8 or 10 degrees of bounce. Available in Right hand only (sorry










An up close view of the heel grind, perfect for those open face finesse shots.



The Tour B XW-1 line is stunning, but do they play as fine as they look?

By the numbers, things all seem to measure up. Yardages on full shots

were spot on 50 degree -120 yds, 54-106 yds, 58-92 yds. Backspin #'s

were up nearly 400 rpm from my regular gamers (more stopping power

is a good thing). On partial swings, pitches, chips, lobs and sand shots

all shots behaved ideally.


If I have one thing to nitpick about the set, it would simply be with the stock

Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105. It's a great shaft, in fact it might be my choice in

a full 4-PW set, but with wedges being the shortest clubs in the bag, better

players prefer a slightly heavier feel to aid in tempo and keeping ball flight

down on short approach shots - especially in windy conditions. Modus 3 Tour

120, KBS Tour or TT Dynamic Gold would be preferred (Bridgestone does

provide several shaft and grip options on their website - Golf Pride's MCC

grip comes standard).


Summary: A+

A massive thumbs up for Bridgestone's Tour B XW-1 wedges. Aesthetics,

performance and feel easily exceeded our expectations. At $139 MSRP, they

fit right in the middle of the price point scale. So, are these worthy of being

in the bag? Not only are they worthy, they are officially the new gamers.

How's that for an endorsment! It really wasn't much of a decision, these are

the sweetest feeling wedges we've tested to date. MSRP $139


For more on Bridgestone Golf:
















2019 Best New Products Part 2 (Footwear, Eyewear, Tech and Accessories) PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Bruno

In Part 1 of our Best New Products (2019 edition) we presented the

latest in equipment to keep on your radar for a possible upgrade to

your bag this year. Here in Part 2, we present those essential products

to focus on in the Footwear, Tech, Grips, Apparel, Eyewear & Accessory

categories. In other words - the goodies . . .


When it comes to top shelf memorable golf accessories, nobody does it like

Seamus Golf. From the first time I saw their unique golf treasures at

Bandon Dunes 7 years ago, I was smitten. Founders Akbar and Megan Chisti

create the coolest handmade specialty items (ball repair tools, headcovers,

bottle openers and bag tags) in the game. Found in many of the finest green

grass golf resort pro shops like Sand Valley, Bandon Dunes, Erin Hills, Cabot

Cliffs and Streamsong.

Tweed and Tartan headcovers are a staple of this Portland, Oregon based

brand. For more on Seamus Golf:



In last summer's Best Golf Footwear feature we raved about the 2018

edition of the Adidas Tour360. So how do you make an outstanding

premium tour shoe even better? Adidas created their XT, which refers to

Adi's X-Traxion outsole of X-shaped treads that provide maximum grip in

even the foulest wet conditions while providing the comfort of a spikeless

shoe. Available in four colorways. MSRP: $200

Another view of the Tour360 XT outsole.

TOUR360 XT Spikeless

All of the Adi Tour360 XT style and BOOST performance in a spikeless

model. Available in four colorways; White/Black/Silver, White/Navy/Gold,

White/Black/Scarlet and Black/Metallic/White.

Tour360 XT-SL outsole - MSRP $170. Both Tour360 XT & Tour360 XT-SL

have arrived in for review, watch for our "Best Links Footwear" feature

coming this Spring. For more info:




Puma's new IGNITE NXT SOLELACE features a non stretch breathable

mesh upper, a lightweight strong TPU that allows the lace system to

support the entire midsole by attaching directly to the edges of the

outsole - providing what Puma describes as the ultimate spikeless golf

shoe. Ignite Foam provides comfort, energy return and cushioning for

superior step-in comfort.

100+ directional hexagon lugs provide the traction. Available in four

different colorways. MSRP $120 - IGNITE NXT has arrived in for review,

watch for our "Best Links Footwear" feature coming this Spring. For

more info on Puma Golf:


Footjoys new FURY features an Ortholite impressions FITBED comprised

of two variable foam compounds - a base layer for support and a soft

memory-foam that creates an impression of the foot for an individual

custom fit. The outer features an external support that works in tandem

with the Inner Fit Sleeve, while the FlexGrid provides medial and lateral

support for even the most aggressive swings.  MSRP $170


FJ FLEX knit lightweight mesh upper and FTF FitBed provides all-day

comfort, maximum breathability and a casual versatility that's proper

on or off the course.

Versa-Trax sole provides the traction. MSRP $89.99


The all new Pro/SL is available in lace or BOA version, featuring Chromoskin

- 100% waterproof full grain leather upper provides instant comfort

right out of the box. Worn on tour by Ian Poulter, Adam Scott, Louis

Oosthuizen .

Pro/SL features a perimeter weighted outsole for max stability, the TPU

molded outsole provides 223 individual points of ground contact for

complete versatility in any playing condition. MSRP $159 BOA $189

For more info on Footjoy:


ECCO's BIOM G3 features uppers made from tumbled textured Yak leather for

a supple garment washed appearance and feel. A double-layer neoprene collar

adds comfort while on the links. FLUIDFORM technology bonds the upper and

outsole - creating a one-piece golf shoe without the use of glue or stitching.

Available in BOA or lace. MSRP $250 - For more info:



New Balance Striker features a microfiber leather and FantomFit upper

structure for better support and fit all while weighing only 12.4oz. Cush+

foam insole provides extreme comfort.

Slim-Lok spikes provide traction for all types links terrain. NB Striker

has arrived in for review, watch for our "Best Links Footwear" feature

coming this Spring. MSRP: $120 - For more info on New Balance:



True Linkswear has had a cult following for years, and their new MAJOR

is their first shoe inspired by Tour Players. Designed to be their most

versatile and durable with the comfort of your favorite sneaker. The

designers at True utilized a combination of a leather saddle and a

Paracord Lacing System to provide the type of foot stability that the best

players demand.

Multi-directional sole treads provide proper traction for any walk on

the links. 2 year waterproof guarantee gives confidence that TRUE

Linkswear has you covered in any conditions - MSRP:$199. Our TRUE

Major samples have arrived in for review, watch for our "Best Links

Footwear" feature coming this Spring. To learn more about TRUE





Prior generations of the industry standard - Footjoy's StaSof were

on display at the Footjoy booth in Orlando at this year's PGA Show.

Footjoy's Taction3 performance leather by Pittards of England optimizes

softness. Strategically positioned perforations and Power-net mesh

provides exceptional breathability. The 2019 StaSof features enhanced

grip performance and provides a longer lasting glove - MSRP $25. For

more info:


John Iacono and the outside the box innovators at Zero Friction have

given their unique compression-fit Cabretta Elite golf glove an updated

look with matching colored lycra to go along with their 100% premium

Cabretta Leather. Unlike your typical leather golf glove, Zero Friction's

re-inforced Lycra (located in the fingers, back of hand/palm) provides

the ultimate in breathability. Detachable tee and ball marker included -

MSRP $17.99. For more info:








TecTecTec - ULT-X Rangefinders

TecTecTec introduces the long awaited ULT-X rangefinder. Their bold claim

of the ultimate rangefinder can be validated with it's impressive features.

ULT-X's Target Lock Technology will catch flag targets up to 450 yards

and hazards at 1000 yards.

Ult-X includes Slope mode, which is easy and quick to operate, simply pull

the faceplate out : Yellow = Slope / Black = Non-Slope. If you want quick

overview of various distances, Scan mode will provide instant readings on

all targets in view.

At $249, TecTecTec packs an awful lot of innovation, ease of use and

value. Our test unit has arrived, so stay tuned for a complete review

of ULT-X. For more information on TecTecTec:


GOLFBUDDY launches their latest rangefinder line - the sporty aimL10

features three different target modes (Standard, Scan and Pin with

vibration mode) and a new ergonomic design that weighs a mere 6 oz.

aimL10 comes with a slope on/off switch for accurate distance readings

while playing courses with elevation.

aimL10 V has a built-in speaker for an added VOICE feature. Simply press

the voice button anywhere on the course and hear your distances aloud.

aimL10 is a great value when you consider the features included and the

cost of leading competitor models. Available 3/1, MSRP - $299. For more

info on GolfBuddy:

GOLF LOGIX - PuttBreaks

In today's world of high-tech Golf GPS devices, course layouts and yardages

are just a push button or voice command away. Now in 2019, GolfLogix

the most downloaded app in the game has launched PuttBreaks.

According to GolfLogix, this new app technology goes a step beyond

any recent innovation focused on how to improve putting performance.

PuttBreaks is quite simply a 3-D green mapping app for golfers who

demand cutting edge next level insight to score their best.

PuttBreaks illustrates the undulations and breaks of your putts on over

12,000 golf courses - to within a centimeter, and it's all right at your

fingertips. The phone app automatically places you wherever you're

located on the putting surface. Navigate, zoom and pan-in to better

understand the green and how to sink more putts. Just drag the line

from your ball to the hole and PuttBreaks shows you the directional

markers indicating the elevation changes, breaks, speed and aimpoint

variables on the green. We've tested PuttBreaks for ourselves - it's so

easy to use, a big thumbs up. Download for free on Google Play or the

App Store. For more info:








Everyone can use some healthy energy while out on the links, and while

strolling around the PGA Show we stumbled upon the Bobo's booth, their

natural ingredients and amazing taste prompted us to dig a bit deeper.

According to the folks at Bobo's, "We started with and still use – four

simple ingredients found in our kitchen and yours. Each one of our oat

bar ingredients is gluten-free, vegan, certified Non-GMO, and made from

100% organic whole grains." Healthy, but amazingly delicious and perfect

for the golf course

Our favorite of the flavors we sampled was the Peach Oat Bar, but the

Cranberry Orange, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Gingerbread and Apple Pie

are on our to do list. Check out Bobo's:


Under Armour - Tuned Golf/Recovery

Under Armour introduced their TUNED GOLF and RECOVERY Eyewear

system for the transition from performance to relaxation. New UA

GOLF lenses are engineered to "See it Better and Read it Better"

enhancing turf contrast. ArmourSight technology provides distortion

free vision. UA's TUNED RECOVERY lenses filter out harmful blue light -

rejuvenating your eyes for the next outdoor performance. All UA

shades defend against 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays. Tuned Golf

Big Shot MSRP $115, Tuned Recovery Glimpse MSRP $110, Getaway

Polarized (classic sportstyle) $160. For more info on UA Eyewear:

Oakley - Mercenary

Oakley's new Mercenary Prizm Dark Golf model blends the classic style of

aviators with today's sporty eyewear styles. Featuring a round lens shape

and double-bridge frame design made from a nylon infused plastic called

"O Matter" that's super-light and durable. Prizm Dark Golf lenses enhance

contrast on the fairways and greens to enable peak performance. MSRP -

$173. For more info:


Electric was a big hit in our 2017 Best Golf Eyewear feature, and they

continue to bring out more classy and unique styles this year.

Watch for Electric's first signature series shades - the JJF Knoxville

Sport. The customized JJF design also features exclusive melanin-

infused polarized lenses. Bronze Polarized plus as shown $220, Grey

Polarized $170. For more on Electric:



Golf Pride

Golf Pride's 2019 new grip models: Tour Velvet Plus 4, MCC ALIGN

(Green), ZGRIP w/ALIGN and the TOURSNSR Contour Pro putter grip

(available in 104cc & 140cc sizes) featuring a sculpted pistol shape

with a more traditional tapered profile. For more information on Golf



Lamkin's latest line of high performance grips features micro-texture

FINGERPRINT technology in their new GENESIS compound. The new

Sonar Tour (grey-center) is already being played on the tour by World

No.1 Justin Rose. (only available in standard size). MSRP: $9.29

For more on the latest Lamkin grips:



If you're like me, accessories like belts, golf specific footwear and

eyewear are more than just a necessity, they provide support, comfort,

safety and style while enjoying a day on the links. Slidebelts has quickly

become a standout in the golf marketplace and a favorite of ours.

There are several ratcheting quick release style belts on the market, but

none that we've found that have the quality and variable styles that SlideBelts

offers. We've partnered up with the team at Slidebelts for a giveaway later

this spring, follow us on Twitter and stay tuned . . .

For more info on Slidebelts:


The Greg Norman Collection is a mainstay each year in our "Best Of"

feature and 2019 is no exception. The Shark's Foulard and Splash

polos set the stage for another big Spring/Summer from this iconic

brand. MSRP $69.95

Norman's outerwear like this Heathered Weatherknit Rain Jacket is a

must have for any dedicated linkster. Featuring 100% Polyester Melange

Interlock 2 layer breathable seam sealed waterproof protection, includes

an interior media port on the pocket. The reflective silver Shark logo

on the back neck area is a rad accent - MSRP $124.95. For more info:



Dunning isn't an apparel company that has a golf line. They are a

GOLF COMPANY that creates only the finest threads for serious

style connoisseurs who want the best fit and performance without

compromise. Their STRETCH golf shirts are worn on tour by Kevin

Kisner and Andrew Colsaerts - MSRP $99

Player Fit woven pants and Pro Heathered golf shorts are two of Dunning's

calling cards, and referred by many in the industry as the finest in golf. A

favorite in green-grass shops around the globe for their four way stretch

and player specific fit. Clean lines and extreme comfort will have you

looking and feeling your best on the links - Pants MSRP $99/ Shorts $89

For more info:




In the all-weather gear department, it's hard to beat the extensive

selection of choices from FootJoy. The DryJoy Tour LTS is the top of

line in outer layers constructed from advanced tech materials. Footjoy's

rain booth display proved the point beautifully. Worn on tours around

the globe. MSRP $285 To learn more about FJ weather gear :




Ralph Lauren's 2019 Golf Collection can be seen on tour being worn

by Justin Thomas, Billy Horshel and Davis Love III. A more array of

subdued colors are the theme for the classic styles of their Polo line

this upcoming summer season . . .

. . .  variable prints and sporty styles create a fresh look for Ralph

Lauren's RLX line. Both can be found in green grass shops and

retailers everywhere.


Stay tuned for reviews coming up on many of these products including:

Tech/Rangefinders, Our Spring Best Links Footwear Feature, Belts/Apparel

as well as Eyewear and Accessories.








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