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Written by BRUNO   





The Goal of every putt is of course to hole out, but realistically the goal of every putt you have

should not be just based on result . . . let me explain. There are some elements of putting that

you have control over, these include your stroke, your read of the green and your alignment.

Marrying all three of these elements gives you your best chance to hole putts. There are things

in putting that you have no control over, like spike marks, indentations, irregular grain, wind gusts,



I believe the same as Dave Stockton and Dr.Joe Parent, if you get your ball started on your intended

line with the correct speed - then you have "made" the putt. Essentially you have done everything in

your power to give the ball the best chance to go in, and that is all you can control. The intention of

The Goal, is to increase your odds of holing putts with proper alignment of the putter and your eyes.


Lets dig a little deeper into the three elements. The stroke of every single golfer is unique to them,

just like a full golf swing, and the main objective of that swing is a square face at impact. Reading

greens can be learned, but again it comes down to what you see and how it's related to your hands,

(which equates to speed and feel). If you've played this game for any length of time you've probably

grooved your own individual stroke & feel by now. Inside 10 feet is where the scorecard can be affected

most, and rarely do people get speed wrong in this range.

If we could all just learn how to properly align ourselves, and get the ball started on our intended

line . . . then surely we would hole more putts. If we had the proper alignment to our target from

short to intermediate range everytime, putting would be alot simpler.

It seems easy enough, putt through the goal posts and make putts. That is part of The Goal's

intention, but to get you there consistently . . . there is an alignment feature that sets this training

aid apart from others. The tubing in The Goal are hollow for a reason, that's where you insert your

alignment rods. The alignment rods work as visual "Goal Posts" and provide the player with a window

to ensure that the eyes are aligned over the ball and directly at the target.

Once you can see the hole in the center of the goal posts, you are set up correctly. If you line up too

far from the ball, your site line will appear well to the right of your target. If you are too close (which is

less common), the goal posts will appear to the left of the hole as shown below (from this years PGA


The Goal shows how standing too close to the ball at address will cause you to aim left of the target.

Mini Tour player Michael Kartrude is showing proper technique above, notice how his eyes look straight

down the line through the alignment rods. Another thing of note: M.K's eyes are still down long after

his ball has left the putterhead - ensuring a solid strike (not many players have the discipline not to

lift up and peek).

This is an amazing training aide because it is so simple & effective, The Goal is $59.95 (not including

alignment rods).


For more information or to buy The Goal :




Cobra Amp Cell & ZL Encore PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   





The Cobra Amp Cell line is the second generation of Amp metalwoods from Cobra/Puma Golf. In 2013

Cobra stepped up the product line with not only more adjustability, but also more versatility. Cobra's

new campaign is geared towards individuality called "What's Your Fly" referring to the 6 settings from

8.5 degrees of loft to 11.5, including a 9.5 & 10.5 draw setting . All Amp Cell metalwoods (including

fairways and Hybrids) come in four distinct colors: Orange, Blue, Red and Silver (as shown above).

Another great new feature is the new sole design featuring SmartPad technology. The SmartPad allows

the face to sit square at address, regardless of loft setting.


The Amp Cell SmartPad

The Amp Cell line comes stock with the new Fujikura Fuel shaft (high kick/mid torque 60 grams). All of

the same technology is bulit into the Amp Cell fairway woods and Hybrids as well. For testing purposes,

the MyFly sleeve was set to 9.5/Neutral (my usual set up). Immediately high soft draws jumped off the

clubhead, sometimes it's just that easy. I tried the other settings, and they definitely affected ball flight

. . . but the 9.5/Neutral was money. Another nice feature on the Amp Cell is the Lamkin 3Gen grip, which

is a 360 degree pattern, so regardless of club setting, the Lamkin looks and feels just right.

The drivetrain of the Amp Cell Line is the Fujikura Fuel

The driver is long, forgiving and easy to launch. The look at address is so clean. After testing it in its

stock configuration, The Amp Cell is a good fit for the single/mid handicap player - all the way to the

high handicapper looking for some pop and forgiveness. For competitive Amateurs and scratch players,

Cobra also now has a tour model called the Amp Cell Pro, which is a slighty smaller (440 cc) deep face

head, and comes equipped with the more stout Mitsubishi KuroKage shaft. The Amp Cell Pro has the

same My Fly technology, but is 7.5 - 10.5 loft, and comes in Orange & Silver.

Amp Cell 3 wood

Amp Cell Hybrid

The Amp Cell Fairways and Hybrids might be the sleeper of the Amp Cell line. The MyFly on the 3 wood

is adjustable from 13-16 degrees and is easy to launch from the deck. The hybrid replaced my old

faithful (that was in my bag for nearly 10 years) in 5 swings on the range. If you need a hybrid, this

is the longest and easiest to hit hybrid we've ever tested. The 2/3 hybrid adjusts from 16-19 degrees,

the 3/4 hybrid is 19-22 degrees. The fairways & hybrids also employ the smart pad sole design, so no

matter the adjustment, the face appears square at address. Most hybrids on the market are equipped

with a shaft in the 80-100 gram range, our Amp Cell came with a 58 gram Fuel shaft, and surprisingly

it felt just right.


The deep face of the ZL Encore produces a flatter launch with a lower spin rate, check the sweet red finish

In case your looking for something a little different, Cobra Golf also offers the ZL Encore driver. The

ZL is multi-material construction with a carbon fiber crown and 6-4 titanium face. The power plant is

the Fujikura Motore F1 & F3. The ZL is also adjustable in 2 degree increments and has a weight

screw on the sole for an extra level of adjustability. The composite sole gives off an entirely different

feel than most typical drivers on the market today . . . the composite crown produces a very quiet -

almost muted sound at impact. It takes a few shots to get used to the different sound/feel, but once

you do, it's a pleasant change. We tested the ZL in the new Red color option (gorgeous), which is now

the color choice of Cobra Tour player Ian Poulter, who has played the ZL since late 2011 (he previously

played the white model). The ZL is a mid/high launch - low spin driver geared towards the better player

and comes in Black, White and Red in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 11.5 lofts.

ZL Encore Sole

The Bottom line is: Cobra has you covered, regardless of your ability level, desired ball flight and

your particular taste in club appearance. So choose your model, shaft flex and color.

To find out more about the entire 2013 Cobra line:

Izzo Golf - Swami GPS Watch PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   



The Swami Golf GPS Watch is the latest yardage measuring device from Izzo

Golf. Like many golf GPS devices, the Swami watch gives you yardage to the

front/middle/back of every green. The device offers many features including a

digital scorecard that keeps track of your score while you play, measures your

shot distances, and auto hole advance allows you to play your round without

having to push a button to advance to the next hole.


Other features included:

- Preloaded with 25,000 world wide courses

- No subscription fee required

- Watch Functions: Time, Date, and Alarm (40 day battery life in Time mode)

- Durable and Waterproof

- Large vibrant 1.3" screen

- Odometer

- USB Cable

- Charging Station

- User Manual


The GPS watch charges fully within an hour or so, and lasts about 6-8 hours in

golf mode after a full charge. While testing, there were days when I just didn't

feel like wearing a watch . . . so I strapped the Swami GPS to the golf bag and

everytime I reached for a club the correct yardage was displayed. I compared

measurements with my laser rangefinder and the Swami GPS Watch was accurate

and convenient. Just charge and play!  $149.95


To get more info on the Swami GPS Watch :











Zensah Compression Apparel PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


Zensah Compression Apparel, makers of innovative products that aid athletes in reaching their peak

performance in all sports, has now expanded into the world of Golf. Their compression sleeves are

ultra light with moisture wicking and thermal regulating properties.





Testing started about 6 weeks ago, and now I don't play golf without them. The sleeves have a second

skin like feel that provide pin point compression at the source of pain for elbow and forearm ailments

(I've suffered from Golfers Elbow-Medial Epicondylitis for over two decades). The graduated compression

design increases blood flow and reduces (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness- DOMS).

For those who live in sunny climates the sleeves are also SPF 50, a great feature to aid in skin

protection. The sleeves come in 19 different colors, from Neon Yellow to Tye Dye Pink, Garnett and Gold

as well as plain old Black, White and Navy.


Zensah compression sleeves are used by NBA players and other athletes around the globe. We have not

worn a better compression sleeve for golf, to see all of Zensah's fine Compression products visit:








Adidas - Adizero Golf Shoes PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


Ever wear a pair of golf shoes that are a 10 oz . . . with spikes . . . and that makes complete strangers

and dozens of your golf buddies take notice of your new footwear the first time you wear them ?

Is it the flashy bright yellow that has people talking, is it the sleek profile or the buzz about it's

performance? More than likely it's a combination, but no matter which color combination You choose,

this shoe has some serious performance built in. Adizero was created to be light and low to the ground

for the best golfers in the world, and if your paying attention, nearly everyone on Tour is wearing Adizero.

Materials like Sprintskin are used for the leather upper - Adizero features a proprietary waterproof upper

that comes with a 2 year warranty and a great fit. Sprintweb provides stability in the toe box area of

Adizero, for unrivaled support during lateral movement of the swing.

The Sprintframe outsole weighs only 3.4 ounces. Made from Pebax material that delivers support and

flexibility, the ultra thin outsole is lower to the ground at only 1.2 mm for amazing feel and stability.

Adizero has a 10 spike configuration with low profile THINTECH spikes for the ultimate in traction and


The first session wearing my new Adizero's was an experience, nearly everyone I walked past made

wanting comments and knew what Adizero was about (even though most pro shops didn't even stock

them yet). They wanted my shoes, and they didn't care that mine weren't their size. Wearing Adizero

truly does feel as if you are barefoot . . . but with cushioning.

No need for brake in time, the shoe fits like a glove. During my first round I found myself wanting to

walk between shots instead of ride in the cart, they are THAT light and THAT comfortable. During the

swing, the shoes performed with incredible traction and stability, even during my hardest swings and

from uneven lies. The thing that most surprised me, was the level of comfort in a shoe that weighs just

10.6 oz. I'm sure for the tour player who walks close to 10 miles everyday, these are going to help lessen

the fatigue factor, especially after a few tournaments in a row. Adizero is innovation for your feet and

that's a good thing.

Adizero comes in four different color choices and retails for $180

To see more on Adizero click here:,en_US,pg.html




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