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Written by BRUNO   


Zensah Compression Apparel, makers of innovative products that aid athletes in reaching their peak

performance in all sports, has now expanded into the world of Golf. Their compression sleeves are

ultra light with moisture wicking and thermal regulating properties.





Testing started about 6 weeks ago, and now I don't play golf without them. The sleeves have a second

skin like feel that provide pin point compression at the source of pain for elbow and forearm ailments

(I've suffered from Golfers Elbow-Medial Epicondylitis for over two decades). The graduated compression

design increases blood flow and reduces (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness- DOMS).

For those who live in sunny climates the sleeves are also SPF 50, a great feature to aid in skin

protection. The sleeves come in 19 different colors, from Neon Yellow to Tye Dye Pink, Garnett and Gold

as well as plain old Black, White and Navy.


Zensah compression sleeves are used by NBA players and other athletes around the globe. We have not

worn a better compression sleeve for golf, to see all of Zensah's fine Compression products visit:








Adidas - Adizero Golf Shoes PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


Ever wear a pair of golf shoes that are a 10 oz . . . with spikes . . . and that makes complete strangers

and dozens of your golf buddies take notice of your new footwear the first time you wear them ?

Is it the flashy bright yellow that has people talking, is it the sleek profile or the buzz about it's

performance? More than likely it's a combination, but no matter which color combination You choose,

this shoe has some serious performance built in. Adizero was created to be light and low to the ground

for the best golfers in the world, and if your paying attention, nearly everyone on Tour is wearing Adizero.

Materials like Sprintskin are used for the leather upper - Adizero features a proprietary waterproof upper

that comes with a 2 year warranty and a great fit. Sprintweb provides stability in the toe box area of

Adizero, for unrivaled support during lateral movement of the swing.

The Sprintframe outsole weighs only 3.4 ounces. Made from Pebax material that delivers support and

flexibility, the ultra thin outsole is lower to the ground at only 1.2 mm for amazing feel and stability.

Adizero has a 10 spike configuration with low profile THINTECH spikes for the ultimate in traction and


The first session wearing my new Adizero's was an experience, nearly everyone I walked past made

wanting comments and knew what Adizero was about (even though most pro shops didn't even stock

them yet). They wanted my shoes, and they didn't care that mine weren't their size. Wearing Adizero

truly does feel as if you are barefoot . . . but with cushioning.

No need for brake in time, the shoe fits like a glove. During my first round I found myself wanting to

walk between shots instead of ride in the cart, they are THAT light and THAT comfortable. During the

swing, the shoes performed with incredible traction and stability, even during my hardest swings and

from uneven lies. The thing that most surprised me, was the level of comfort in a shoe that weighs just

10.6 oz. I'm sure for the tour player who walks close to 10 miles everyday, these are going to help lessen

the fatigue factor, especially after a few tournaments in a row. Adizero is innovation for your feet and

that's a good thing.

Adizero comes in four different color choices and retails for $180

To see more on Adizero click here:,en_US,pg.html




Miura New Wedge Series PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   



Miura's new wedge series is exactly what you'd expect from the company who

specializes in precision forgings. When Katsuhiro Miura puts his mind to producing

finely crafted golf equipment, he and his company really raise the bar. The new

wedge series is the latest in a long line of exceptional products.


The forgings, grinds and finish are truly remarkable in the new wedges, which

come in odd numbered lofts 51, 53, 55, 57, and 59 degrees.The new series

features redesigned bounce grinds for the serious shortgame player.


True Temper DG Spinner is one of the shaft options.


As for the ability to perform, the interaction with

the turf feels just right and the sensation at

impact is soft like butter. We tested the 59 lob

with the True Temper DG Spinner shaft, a nice

combination of feel and performance . . . the ball

flight did not balloon, and the grind was perfect

for a plethora of shortgame situations, where

nothing but up & down will do.


Crisp spinning pitches and chips do exactly as you command. The soft carbon

steel is presented in a brilliant polished finish, and is stamped with the Kanji

character which means "Striving" or "Noble" effort.



Miura President Adam Barr knows the business, Miura is not a cookie cutter

crank out the volume company, premium quality is the emphasis here and

Miura knows their spot in the marketplace.


Check out all of Miura's golf products at








2013 PGA Show - Best New Products PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


It all kicked off on Wed at DemoDay at Orange County National


Once again the Golf industry descended upon Orlando for PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day

(Jaunuary 23-26). It is the only week of the year where virtually all entities of the sport are

together in the same location to celebrate the game and see what's on the horizon (product wise)

for the coming year.



From the industry leaders to the smallest companies, it was the most attended show in years.

TMAG showed us all again why they sit at the pole position.


Here are our Best New Products of the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show:


Each new product highlighted in yellow is scheduled to be featured in

detail and tested/reviewed in the coming weeks on .



Their were multiple entries in the new Driver category, so pick your flavor. . . here is what we

thought about each:

The TaylorMade R1, although somewhat unorthodox with the new racing stripe crown and compass

looking sole plate, it just oozes with updated technology. The loft now reaches from 8 degrees all the

way to 12 degrees with seven different face angle options that allows TM to produce multiple types of

drivers - fitting the tour pro to the 30 handicapper without needing different lofted heads.The stock

engine is once again the RIP phenom shaft. Their display at the show was once again unparalleled,

the industry leader is off and running already in 2013.









Also in the Driver category is the Cobra Amp Cell, the original Amp took the industry by surprise

in 2012 and now the folks at Cobra-Puma kick into another gear with adjustable lofts from 8.5-11.5

degrees with their new MyFly technology, a new sole plate called the smart pad and 4 different

colors (silver, orange, deep red, and blue). This driver might be the sleeper to challenge TM's dominance

in the big stick category.

smart pad sole

The engine is the Fujikura Fuel.The rest of the Cell line (hybrids & fairways are just as Fly as the driver).

Still in the driver category, Callaway looks like it is finally pushing back with a few new toys, the new

XHot and the RAZR Fit Xtreme. The XHot is the new extreme distance driver, and the RAZR Fit Xtreme

is their fully adjustable model that looks like it can rival a few of the OEM's that have grabbed some

of their previous market share. The company had a good showing at this years event.

Nike's new Covert was all the rage when they signed Rory McIlroy to a mega deal, but the big

question is: Without Tiger gaming it, can the product sell the way Nike hopes? A catchy new red

crown with a swoosh and a cavity back sole definitely shows serious innovation.

As far as the R&D team, they delivered on Covert, but their booth failed to capitalize on some

of the buzz.

Adams new offerings, the Super LS and Super S are among the best and cleanest looking of the

new drivers. The Super LS (low spin) is the tour head which comes with Mitsubishi's Kuro Kage.

The Super S comes with the Matrix Radix 50 gram shaft. Lofts on both heads are adjustable by

2 degrees (9.5-11.5 in the Super S, and 8.5-10.5 in the LS).






The best fairway wood and Hybrid at this years show should be a surprise to no one, the Adams LS

and Super S took our breath away.The speed slot or whatever it's called is now much narrower and

actually enhances the look, instead of in previous models where it just looked downright obtrusive.

Perhaps Cobra or Ping's new hybrids and fairways can make a dent, but right now Adams has a big

lead in this category.


Adams Super S - 3 wood





Matrix Shafts which we featured in 2012 (Black Tie M3 & RUL) is back at it again with the new M, Q

and X models. The Q3 Red Tie line is the updated version of the HD, and the White Tie X3 is the

updated version of the XCON model.

The M line is low Launch, The Q is Mid Launch, and the X is High Launch. Matrix also revamped the

Radix line and gave it a new look, gone is the sky blue paint scheme - in is a sporty new silver/gray

with lime accents . . . huge improvement. The hybrid Radix gets a new black color scheme. Premium

shafts might be the most underrated equipment upgrade in the game, Upgrade your equipment with

Matrix Shafts.







New Accessory finds are a personal favorite every year at the show, here are a few gems we found:



GolfBuddy has upgraded last years Voice model with the + unit. Now with longer battery life

and front/middle/back yardage displays - $219 . . . but for those willing to wait a few months

the all new VT3 arrives this Spring. The VT3 comes standard in watch form, and has an

interactive touch screen, where you can move the pin position on the green for those players

who want more precise yardages to the hole. There is also a mute option for those who simply

want to use the display.Keeping score right on your device is now an option with the VT3 as

well. 36,000 pre-loaded courses with no fees. VT3 - $299






The Players Towel is a great idea without having to reinvent the wheel. The Players towel was conceived

to find a better golf towel for the professional caddie. A microfiber material in a weave pattern that holds

more than 300 times its weight in water. Add some personal customization and you now have the #1

towel on tour. $24.95

The GolfSwing Shirt which we featured here on just a few weeks back, (and

is endorsed by Padraig Harrington) was the hit of Demo Day at Orange County National, and

on the floor at the PGA Show as well. Staying connected is something that very few of us

amateurs do . . .  if you don't shoot 68 regularly, then you probably could use this snug fit

elastic shirt with a built in front trunk sleeve that will get your arms and body working as one

unit again. Comes in White and Orange - $49.95

The Goal putting device is a practical training aide that helps you to align yourself over the ball better

without having to use mirrors or other people to line you up.You simply place your alignment rods into The

Goal, look down your target line, and when the hole is sighted dead center between the uprights . . .

you are properly positioned with your eyes dirctly over the ball.It seems so simple you should have

invented it yourself, I thought the same thing.  $59.95

Moving over to apparel, Druh the company which is known for its stytlish tour belts and buckles is

offering two different options when it comes to their premium interchangeable buckles and straps.

The Tour collection is their premium line and includes 2 buckles ($125),  the Players Collection - 1

buckle ($70). 50 different colored straps and 70 different buckles are sure to cover the color pallet.

Druh's new line of synthetic polo shirts are slim fitting, logo on the collar and reverse side.The dark

purple is a head turner. ($60)

Ashworth is back this year and really had a great show with their new line. Another brilliant acquisition by

TMAG, this line is really for the more classic and mature style but not in any way conservative. The new

line is primarily synthethics, but with the feel of a fine mercerized or Pima Cotton. Details are everything

at Ashworth. Justin Rose is the new pitchman and if his recent play is any example, the style looks right.,en_US,sc.html

Zensah, makers of compression apparel have some great new products for golfers.Presently we

are testing the compression sleeves and socks with great results. The sleeves are worn by many

players in the NBA, and if you suffer from any elbow or forearm issues they really do help relieve

some of the symptoms and support the muscles. The moisture wicking fabric is SPF 50 so you also

save on sunscreen while wearing them - $29.95. The socks come in argyle and solid, I wore them

while standing all day and walking the floor at the PGA Show and leg and foot fatigue was minimal.

- $49.95

Crocs shoes took the Links society by storm last year, now they have a new waterproof shoe (up to

the stitch lines) to tackle any storm. The new offering is called the Duck. The one piece sole/mid upper

means there is no seams for water to sneak through, all of that and a super comfortable golf shoe, what

else would you expect from Crocs.

The new rage in performance Golf shoes is LIGHT weight, and Adidas has its entry with the Adizero. At

10.6 ounces, it's the lightest and lowest profile CLEATED golf shoe on the market (most new entries into

the lightweight market are spikeless).The Adizero is now available in golf shops everywhere - $180,en_US,sc.html

While still in the shoe category, Ecco must be mentioned. The new Biom Zero, (Yep, another ultra

light shoe, but the Biom Zero unlike the Adizero IS spikeless) adds some new technology to the

pioneer of the casual spikeless golf shoe. Ecco is more than just Freddy rockin his sockless Street

Premiere's. Biom Zero is the lightest most flexible and low profile shoe that Ecco has ever made.

The Caldera leather upper is treated with water repellent hydromax - $190.

In the golf ball market, all the companies are trying to bite into Titleist's market share and that

means more choices for the premium golf ball crowd. TaylorMade brought its new Lethal Ball to Orlando.

Lethal has an improved cover and dimple pattern (now only 322 dimples) for improved ball flight

especially off the tee, reducing the high spinning up shooter and more effective in crosswinds, according

to Dean Snell - VP of Golf Ball R&D at TaylorMade. The Penta line gives way to a ball meant to give a

serious run at its rival, the Pro V1.,en_US,pd.html

The other ball that impressed at the show is the Bridgestone line (now #2 in the Market), especially the

B330 (S, RX, RXS). The new dimple in dimple technology and injection molded construction is pure quality.

Each Bridgestone ball is a technology marvel, these orbs are injection molded - no cover halves pieced

together here. The absolute leaders in ball fitting just notched their 200,000th player that was ball fit.

After most players are fit, they are surprised to see which ball is right for them, with the e line (5, 6, & 7),

and the B330 line, Bridgestone is sure to have a ball that fits you.

In the irons category there were 3 that stood out, but because people are quite often loyal

to their irons set, it's a tougher upgrade for many Linksters. There are a few factors that

most people consider when looking for a new set: How easy is it to hit ? Distance/Accuracy,

and maybe the most underrated reason someone goes for the new set is appearance.The new

G25 from Ping made peoples heads turn.

There was a definite buzz at the Ping booth over the new G25 irons. Sporting a new sleeker design,

progressive sole and satin smoked finish . . . this might be the Ping that would make traditionalists

switch over to Karsten Nation. As we were checking out the product and chatting with Ping legend

Jerry Waitulavich we got a heads up that world #7 Lee Westwood was on his way to the booth for

a meet and greet - Right place, right time . . . Lee is looking lean and sporting a Palm Beach tan.

Word is that he and Luke Donald have a regular game at Old Palm these days - now that they are

living in neighboring communties.

The other irons on our best list were the Rocketbladez/RocketBladez Tour and . . .

Ricky's new sticks, the Cobra Amp Cell forged, just a flat out sweet lookin blade.

Perhaps the most innovative product we saw and reviewed was the Pearl Putter from Pearl sports.

There really hasn't been alot of innovation in putters over the years, until now. The Pearl Putter

has a self adjusting lie between 60-80 degrees. The Billet Aluminum head features 5 degrees of loft

with a milled face. The Pearl is center shafted and comes in many colors and lengths between 32"

and 46". The putterhead is irregular shaped, but remember the last putter to be this innovative is

the greatest selling golf club design in the history of the game: the Ping Anser (copied by every

putter maker in the game). Once you try the Pearl Putter and experience the soft feel and pure

roll, you'll be hooked.









New Products From InstaGolf PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


Innovative inventor and entrepreneur Rick Hetzel (who created the great

idea for the InstaGolf Shoe) is always coming up with and developing golf

products to enhance the game on a simple, functional and stylish platform.

The Cloudburst Rain Cover, the Spider Divot Tool, and Cloudburst Rain Towel

are Rick's latest products from InstaGolf.

The Cloudburst Rain Cover is simply a large cover that fits right over the

top of any golf bag in inclement weather.Rather than digging out the stock

bag cover that snaps onto your bag (and can be a nuisance to attach when

the weather gets rough), the Cloudburst simply slides right over the entire

bag and slides off just as easily. $14.95

The Spider Divot Tool developed by Irishman Conor Fallon - is the best

divot repair tool we've seen or used . . . typical pronged repair tools

encourage improper repair of greens turf . . . no prying or pulling up soil.

The Spider Divot Tool simply gets pressed into the turf and with a few

simple twists - the pitch mark is repaired. Superintendents will appreciate

you for it, and players in the groups behind you will never see the damage.



Watch the YouTube video on the Spider Divot Tool:



The Cloudburst Rain Towel is a high quality micro fiber towel inside a water

resistant covering. InstaGolf's towel is very similiar to the Frogger towel,

but is more compact and practical in size (19" x 12").Perfect for the early

morning golfer, playing in inclement weather or just for everyday versatility.



To see more on InstaGolf: or








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