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By Jason Bruno


The Golf Swing Shirt is one of the most unique golf swing training aids we've

ever tested. Derived from Hogan's sound principle of keeping the arms connected

to the body throughout the swing, the Golf Swing Shirt aims to do just that.I am

one who thinks that the best training aids are usually the most simple, and it

doesn't get much easier or simple than the Golf Swing Shirt.





The Golf Swing Shirt is made from a sturdy yet stretchable compression material

that allows movement but trains your arms to stay closer to your torso and move

in unison. During testing, the two biggest hurdles were: a)explaining to others on

the range that you are not wearing a straight jacket and b)getting used to the

correct feeling of having the club stay in front of the body throughout the swing.


To use the Golf Swing Shirt, slip it on over your existing shirt and place your arms

through the front trunk sleeve, the shirt will have a very snug fit to ensure that

you have the feeling of being connected (this is why giving your correct size and

weight will enable proper fit and maximum results).


After a few minutes hitting balls with the Golf swing shirt on, you start to really

groove the feeling of being connected.Many top 100 instructors have become

supporters of the product, Jimmy Ballard and David Glenz among them.


Another benefit to using the Golf Swing Shirt is the shortgame . . . especially

chipping and putting (where body rotation and quiet hands are essential).


The Golf Swing Shirt can easily fit right into any pocket in your golf bag, so you

take it anywhere you practice. It comes in three colors - orange, white and black,

and for less than the price of a premium golf shirt you can have one the most

important fundamentals (staying connected) mastered. Although it may look

strange to others as you practice, it won't look strange when you see your ball

striking improve.





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Titleist Protytype Pro-V1 PDF Print E-mail

Is this prototype the future Pro-V1 ?




The new 2013 version of Titleist Pro-V1 & Pro-V1x ball is not out yet, but recently we put the

prototype test balls through all the rigors of testing.The new ball has all of the aesthetic

qualities that we've all come to expect from the leader of the industry in golf ball sales, very

clean, with the typical off white color that players associate with a premium tour ball (cheaper

distance balls come in a shade of bright white that looks very cheap and plastic like).No slogans

here like long & soft, tour bite, or raw distance . . .  every golfer knows what to expect when

they open a sleeve of Pro-V1's, much like every consumer knows what to expect when they open

a bottle of Coca Cola . . ."The Good Stuff".Unlike soft drinks, golf companies are under enormous

pressure to keep out doing their competition and themselves.The 2013 balls are somehow

expected to be better then the 2012 version, fly further, straighter and spin better around the



Pro V1X



Is the 2013 prototype better than what we've been playing the last twelve months?In the

oncourse testing we did recently, we did notice a few subtle things that stand out.Although the

folks at Titleist don't divulge spec info before product launch, both new models clearly appear to

have new dimple patterns.There was a noticeable difference in the balls ability to handle windy

conditions, especially into the wind, but also on cross winds the ball seems to cut through and

be less affected than previous models.


Secondly, the Pro-V1 model seemed a bit firmer than past versions, where it was always known

as the marshmallow of the two models.The distance seemed more Pro-V1x like, slighty flatter

flight with less spin off the driver.The X ball seemed slightly longer as well, with both balls

showing their normal greenside control, but the Pro-V1 definitely didn't seem as soft around

greens as it's predecessor.


If these versions are what is about to launch in 2013, then I think Titleist somehow improved on

what is already the gold standard.Companies like TaylorMade, Callaway, Bridgestone and Nike

have their work cut out for them.



Martin Golf Apparel PDF Print E-mail




Longtime golf apparel giant Rick Martin returned to the industry that he left five years ago when

it became abundantly clear to him that a certain element was lacking in the world of golf fashion

and performance.The slogan for Martin Golf Apparel is "Timeless As The Game", when you wear

one of these fine garments, you'll experience it's classic pedigree.


Martin is a true believer in high quality cotton fabrics for his golf shirts, a true belief that the

golfer's clothing revolves around a khaki pant that is versatile and goes with nearly everything.


Recently LinksNation caught up with Rick Martin and discussed his fine apparel line.





LinksNation: You were away from the industry for about five years, what brought you back?


Rick Martin: I never had any intention of coming back, I was retired . . . playing golf but my

daughter Teri who was with me at Fairway & Greene had tried to convince me to comeback . . .

I said no.I looked around the marketplace and saw alot of polyester and synthetic garments in

the pro shops, I had done pure finish (cotton) garments my whole life, that convinced me to



LN: Tell us about the company, is there a particular style you favor?


RM: We don't sell to big retail shops or online . . . we sell only to clubs, our main focus is the

PGA professional.Our target is the customer who prefers a little drape in his garment, a fuller

fit.Our customer is basically 40 years and up, the guys on tour wear these super tight fitting

clothes that are very costume like, most of us don't have 3 percent body fat.


LN: Is there a womens line?


RM: Yes, It will be out in 2014.






LN: I noticed the use of earth tones in many of your garments, during a time when most

companies are using nothing but primary colors.


RM: My philosophy is that everything should be worn with a khaki pant, it's what I have in my

wardrobe and what I think most people have in theirs.This is during a time when most players

on tour are wearing what looks like costumes . . . everything they wear matches, the shoes, hat

belt.We do primary colors aswell, but everything is worn with a khaki pant.My philosophy is to go

beyond the color pallet of the moment.







LN: Alot of the golf shirts on the market today have issues with a curling collar, what is your

solution to this small but aggravating detail?

RM: It's all in the consruction, one of our patented little secrets is the way we knit and finish our

collar, we add extra yarn and do a double locking technique . . . you'll never see one of our shirts

with a frayed collar or one that curls up.It's all in the construction, just like the mercerization, we

also have a patented process with our finish that gives it a luster and longevity that takes it into

a different league.




LN: What's next for Martin Apparel?


RM: We have expanded into the woven shirt business, a button down oxford.My guess is that

once the member who buys our golf shirts at his club, gets a chance to see these woven shirts,

he'll be just as thrilled to wear it when he's off the golf course as he is to wear our stuff on

the course.




To learn more about the fine garments of Martin Apparel, click the link below:






Tom Watson:Lessons Of A Lifetime DVD PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   




In Tom Watson - Lessons Of A Lifetime, the 2-DVD set covers Tom's 50 years of

knowledge about the golf swing and shortgame.In the 46 chapters, Watson gives

his tips to help you become a better player.The 2-DVD set is 2 hours 43 minutes

"I was fortunate to have received excellent instruction early in my life," says Watson

in a news release about the DVD set. "When I was six years old, my father, Ray Watson,

cut down a hickory-shafted 5-iron, then proceeded to teach me the grip, and how to

hook and slice the ball - all the basic fundamentals of the game. It's all this knowledge

I've accumulated that I'd like to share with golfers in Lessons of a Lifetime."

In disc one, Watson goes through all of the basic fundamentals and how to shape

the golf ball, as well trajectory control.In disc two, Tom gets indepth on how to save

strokes around the green, as well as how to stop slicing and hooking your shots.

Some of the highlights are:

- His re-creation of the chip that won him the '82 open at Pebble Beach

- His methods for playing the 4 different kinds of uneven lies

- "The Secret" he discovered in 1994 about how to make a better swing

- How to putt in high winds

- A tribute to Bruce Edwards


Tom Watson - Lessons Of A Lifetime retails for $49.95 - to order now click

this link:






Cobra Amp Fairway Woods PDF Print E-mail


Since Cobra has created a major buzz in 2012 with the Amp driver, we felt it was only

right to follow up with a look and test drive of the Amp fairway woods.Our aficionado of

fairway woods (he's tried them all recently) Erik Schullstrom put each of the test sticks

through the paces (scroll down to see his analysis).


The fairways have the same features and style as the driver, Advanced Material

Placement, and adjustable flight technology (2 degrees of loft).




Dual roll and e9 face technology carry over to the fairway woods.

After weeks on the range and rounds with all three sticks here were some of E's expert observations:

On ease or difficulty to hit-

"These woods are set up to be extremely easy to hit.The ball comes off the face with a lot of heat

. . .  had no problem getting the ball to go high and far.The five wood almost felt like I was cheating

it was so easy to hit, it instills confidence and there is no doubt there is a TON of technology in these



On appearance and set up-

"The grey top and black face is a nice contrast and feels easy to line up."

Ball Flight and Distance-

Off the ground I really liked the 4 and 5 wood. I repeatedly hit the same high slight draw ball flight

which was a very nice change of pace for me. I actually hit the five wood out of a divot on 15 and

it came out nice and high, hitting the green in two. I looked at the club and said, "Holly sh&t!". These

clubs just basically have a ton of juice, I used the 3 wood off of the tee and it was extremely long.


Any Drawbacks-

The 3 wood kind of felt like a small driver, which was great off the tee but on the fairway it looked

kind of large and intimidating to get the ball up. I did get a little more used to it the more I hit it.The

face had a tendency to look shut, but once I adjusted the setting to open it sat square and looked



Overall I really like these clubs, very easy to hit. Off the tee I hit some 3 woods that weren't that

far off my driver (distance wise). I would definitely recommend these clubs.


3, 4, 5 fairway wood in formation . . . the glossy brushed silver finish on the crown, and black face

looks sooo clean.




The orange R.E.L Lamkin grip means tons of traction and "more pulp".



Aldila supplies the horsepower.






To check out Cobra Amp fairways:








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