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I must admit before the test shafts arrived for this review, I was already a huge

admirer of Matrix shafts.My gamer had a Matrix Ozik X-Con5 for the longest

time.Recently I'd switched to an OEM shaft that was not bad for an off the rack

stock offering, but I confess to missing the feel, performance and looks of the candy

apple red Ozik.


When both the Matrix Ozik RUL and Black Tie 6M3 arrived I was gitty to put them

through the rigors of testing.Both shafts are easy on the eyes, the RUL is finished in

a regal gold glossy finish, the Black Tie is a matte black with white graphics and red

trim . . . for lack of a better term, this thing is badass.I tested the shafts indoors

and out, but usually I like to go indoors first to see what the launch monitor shows.

Both the RUL and 6M3 were tested in stiff flex, see the spec charts below to find the

right flex for you.


The test was conducted with a Cobra Amp 9.5 head and Lamkin R.E.L grip


My typical #'s are as follows:

Swing speed: 101-105 mph

Ball speed:146-150 mph

Launch angle:13-15 degrees

backspin:2400-2850 rpm

carry distance:245-260 yds


The RUL was first up, and the most significant # I wanted to see was the spin rate,

although I'm a moderately low spin player, I'd like to see the rpm rate lower while still

maintaining the same launch angle and carry distance.The feel of this shaft is as

smooth as can be, no boardy feeling with the RUL, one of the ways Matrix is able to

achieve this, is by providing a soft butt (grip end) section.



X, XX 68.0 3.2 MID MID 46.0 0.335 3.0
S, SG 66.0 3.3 MID MID 46.0 0.335 3.0
R, F 65.0 3.3 MID MID 46.0 0.335 3.0
L, A 64.0 3.3

Although the RUL is a mid spin/mid launch shaft geared towards those with a

smoother transition (not me), the results were pretty much on par with my

normal #'s, except for one all important #.The backspin was nearly 300 rpms less,

exactly what I was hoping for.Here are my performance specs with the RUL:


SS: 101 mph

Ball Speed: 149 mph

Launch angle: 14.2 degrees

Back Spin: 2350 rpm

Carry Distance: 251 yards




The 6M3 Ozik Black Tie is a low launch/low spin beast, I was expecting that it might

be too stout for my moderate swing speed, but what I found is a shaft that fit me

like a glove.Smooth like the RUL and my old XCon, but slighty lower launch and a

flatter ball flight, which always helps in windy South Florida.




My Performance Specs with the 6M3 Black Tie:


SS: 104 mph

Ball Speed: 155 mph

Launch angle: 12.5 degrees

Back Spin: 1950 rpm

Carry Distance: 261 yards


These are without a doubt the best overall #'s I've gotten from a test shaft,

obviously the 6M3 is the right shaft for me, I'd been searching for a shaft for a long

time that limited my misses and allowed my best swings to yield the ball flight and

distance that only happened when all the planets were aligned, the search is

over.Once the test moved outdoors on the course, the 6M3 Black Tie performed

better then any shaft we've tested yet.


Matrix is sure to have your perfect fit, with a plethora of shafts for all swing types

and swing speeds.


Is it worth it to spend over $300 on a premium aftermarket shaft?That is a question

only you can answer for yourself, and if your stock OEM shaft gives you optimal

performance results, then you have your answer . . . but if you're serious about your

game and you want a smooth feel and high end performance, then Matrix shafts are

worth checking out.



Go to:








AUR Apparel PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   




AUR Golf Apparel is a company that you may not have heard of before, but

the Montreal based Fletcher Leisure Group is the largest privately owned

distributors of golf apparel in Canada. They have been in the biz for over

four decades and now are expanding throughout the world.Formerly under

the name of Aureus and Aurea these two companies have merged and are

now known as AUR.

The shirt we tested had Dri-Max fabric, which is 100% polyester double knit, the

moisture wicking/quick drying time was unmatched in ultra humid South Florida.

The garment (shown above) performed exceedingly well throughout the round,

allowing free and easy movement as well extreme comfort.

Specializing in innovative and green (earth) friendly fabrics, EcoSmart is a fabric

made from recycled polyester yarn (made from plastic post consumer based

products).The benefits include:Moisrure Management, Anti Odor, UV Protection,

Easy Care, Environmentally Friendly.

S.Cafe is a fabric made from a patented process that transforms coffee grounds

into yarn.It's benefits include: Thermal Regulating, Absorbs Moisture, Breathable,

Anti-bacterial, Environmentally Friendly.

CarboCool is a fabric made from a blend of Polyester and Bamboo Charcoal.

This material provides the same benefits of a synthetic, but with much less

harm to the enviroment.

The H20, Zone, Balance, and Humanity mens lines worth checking out at

The ladies fashion Groups are Water Trace, Urban Garden, Sky Light and Black Tulip



Crocs Golf Shoes PDF Print E-mail


When we met with the people from Crocs at this years PGA Show, I was curious about their new line

of golf shoes.They had my attention at the word "comfort".As a person who suffers from chronic foot

pain, their new line seemed like it was right up my alley.The model we tested is the Braydn, a casual

looking sneaker with exceptional performance features.The first thing you notice when you take the

Crocs Golf shoes out of the box is the light weight, and how stylish they are . . . once you lace them

up you'll be anxious to hit the links.




The outsole is a multi cleat spikeless design that provides exceptional grip and traction in all

conditions.During testing in both wet and dry conditions the Crocs Golf shoe performed

exceptionally well.




The water resistant leather uppers look great on and off the course, but my favorite part is the

comfort they provide while playing golf.They come in 3 styles: Preston, Bradyn, and Drayden.

The Preston features a classic premium leather style, the Bradyn (pictured above)has the look and

feel of a casual sneaker and the Drayden is a hybrid construction that reduces weight and adds

flexibility on the course.


To Win a pair of Crocs Golf Shoes enter the LinksNation U.S Open contest:

Go to our Facebook or Twitter page:Pick the U.S Open Champion and Score

(relative to Par) or email us your pick at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

- entry deadline 11p.m on 6/13/12.!/LinksNation



Crocs Golf shoes are endorsed by reknowned instructor Hank Haney, don't be surprised if you

start seeing these out on tour.Whether you walk or ride when you play (especially walk), do

YOUR feet a favor and check out the new Crocs Golf shoes (availlable now).


For more info :,default,sc.html







TaylorMade RocketBallz Tour Rescue PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


The buzz in 2012 for TaylorMade has been the introduction of the RocketBallz product line

also known as "RBZ".Recently tested the RBZ Tour Rescue hybrids, the

Tour model is a lower spin version that enables the better player to control trajectory.

This model is for the single digit player or the golfer who's swing speed is faster than

average and likes the look of an open face angle at address .


A clean look at address, the white matte finish on the crown and black face are visually

great to look down at, and makes for easy alignment.(shown above Tour 2 - 16.5 and Tour 3 - 18.5)



The RBZ Tour has features unlike most hybrids on the market:

  • Open face angle
  • Neutral flight bias
  • Tour shaft options



All RBZ Drivers, Fairways and Rescues feature the speed pocket (for faster ball speeds), a

new innovation that distinguishes the RBZ line.


The RBZ Tour Rescue comes stock with an 85 gram Matrix Altus shaft, the non Tour model

comes with a 65 gram shaft with a lower kick point for a higher launch.

As far as performance is concerned, I never thought that any hybrid could get the Rescue

Dual TP out of my bag (they were the oldest clubs in my bag).What we found was the RBZ

was just more versatile. Launching the ball without ballooning to reach par 5's in two, or

being able to hit the lower flatter penetrating shot through the wind on long par 3's is a

must in windy South Florida.Most hybrids look shut (closed face angle), the RBZ Tour has

a slightly open face angle which only breeds confidence for the better player.TaylorMade

claims some serious yardage gains from the RocketBallz line, the RBZ Tour Rescue is a

stick that backs up that claim.

Below see the specs for the RBZ Tour Rescue - Visit the TMAG site for complete

information on all RocketBallz products:










Lane Luoma's G.O.L.F PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


Lane Luoma's G.O.L.F, is a unique book that deals with the trials and tribulations that

all of us golfers deal with each time we hit the links.As you read along, you begin to

feel a sense of kinship with fellow golfers as we all deal with the same frustrations

and humility when it comes to Golf.



The book is aptly titled as G.O.L.F - Greatest Of Life's Frustrations.Lane really

covers the A to Z of all things golf.


In chapter 2 - Frustrated . . . . . Who me?, Luoma covers the 10 biggest

frustrations of the game:from slow play to bad luck to mother nature and more.


In chapter 7 - "Be The Ball", Lane Luoma covers the 77 distractions and

annoyances that come into play, for example #33: An inopportune "nature call"

and nowhere to go.


In Chapter 13 "Father Time is Undefeated" Lane states: Of all the opponents and

adversaries we face in the game, there is truly one that is actually unbeatable,

Father Time.He is undefeated and will remain undefeated forever.He's never lost,

never will and is absolutely invincible "HE DA MAN!"


The book is quite entertaining, funny and really an affirmation of just how crazy

the game of golf is.Lane's G.O.L.F reminds us that the struggle is part of the game,

and to enjoy the journey.


To get your copy visit:









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