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Written by BRUNO   


Lane Luoma's G.O.L.F, is a unique book that deals with the trials and tribulations that

all of us golfers deal with each time we hit the links.As you read along, you begin to

feel a sense of kinship with fellow golfers as we all deal with the same frustrations

and humility when it comes to Golf.



The book is aptly titled as G.O.L.F - Greatest Of Life's Frustrations.Lane really

covers the A to Z of all things golf.


In chapter 2 - Frustrated . . . . . Who me?, Luoma covers the 10 biggest

frustrations of the game:from slow play to bad luck to mother nature and more.


In chapter 7 - "Be The Ball", Lane Luoma covers the 77 distractions and

annoyances that come into play, for example #33: An inopportune "nature call"

and nowhere to go.


In Chapter 13 "Father Time is Undefeated" Lane states: Of all the opponents and

adversaries we face in the game, there is truly one that is actually unbeatable,

Father Time.He is undefeated and will remain undefeated forever.He's never lost,

never will and is absolutely invincible "HE DA MAN!"


The book is quite entertaining, funny and really an affirmation of just how crazy

the game of golf is.Lane's G.O.L.F reminds us that the struggle is part of the game,

and to enjoy the journey.


To get your copy visit:









Hot Products:Cobra/Puma Golf PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


In 2012 Cobra/Puma Golf has hit the ground running, and running hard and

fast they are.With Ricky Fowler, Ian Poulter, and Lexi Thompson as their tour

players, they are making a huge splash in the game   . . . especially in the

younger demographic.Their new Amp line, and the Baffler fairway metals &

hybrids are gaining attention.The Puma line of apparel is also making waves

with its bold colors and exciting styles.Puma has always known a thing or two

about footwear and the new Cell Fusion 3 is their latest top of the line offering.


The clean lines and silver crown on the new Cobra Amp driver make this club very

appealing at address





The Black face on the Amp driver features E9face technology with dual roll to help on those swings when you don't quite hit the sweet spot.

The shaft sleeve has AFT (Adjustable flight Technology) to optimize your ball flight pattern.










The Lamkin R.E.L 3 GEN grip gives superior hand traction while lettin the R.I.P shaft unleash the fury

Amp drivers feature Advanced Material Placement for optimal launch conditions.




This stick did not disappoint during testing, the high launch low spin has

everything a good player wants, while offering the forgiveness the mid to

high handicap is hoping for.The orange accents are an eye catcher, but not

distracting . . . the silver crown and black face is a great look when your

about to give your tee shot the "treatment".The sound at impact is just right,

not too loud not too muted.





The Baffler T-Rail features a black crown with two sporty lime colored alignment stripes.
The tungsten rail sole and shallow face make the Baffler T-rail amongst the easiest to launch from the deck . . . the Tour AD shaft is a solid stock offering







The new Puma Cell Fusion 3 golf shoe is exactly what you'd expect from a

company who knows how to do shoes and style.The Fusion3 features forefoot

and heel idCell technology with hexagonal inner-cell components in the midsole

for enhanced cushioning and stability. Equipped with a sole of molded Smart

Quills, along with replaceable spikes . . . these shoes will keep you connected

to the terrain even in the most extreme conditions.


The ultimate test for a golf shoe is walking multiple rounds in back to back days

on rough terrain, we tested the Fusion 3 at Bandon Dunes over multiple rounds

in every type of condition imaginable .The shoes came through with flying colors,

and so did our feet.The performance and traction were exceptional . . . all while

looking stylish.


















































Insta Golf Shoes PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   



In our February post on the PGA Merchandise show, one of our featured best new

products was the Insta Golf Shoe. Since then, we've received quite a bit of interest

about this very unique product . . . so a full test/review was in order.





As soon as the Insta Golf Shoes arrived, I strapped em up to a pair of casual tennis

shoes and took them to the range.It's easy to be skeptical of a product that is way

outside the box, and the Insta Golf Shoe is certainly that (I have to admit that my

first thought when I saw these in Orlando at the PGA Show was "damn, why didn't I

think of that").As a player with serious foot issues, I often wondered how I could

turn my most comfortable shoes into golf shoes.After a few hours on the range

standing in place, The comfort and traction were just superb.Next it was off to the

course, Champ Spikes are the industry standard for traction and they are the power

plant of Insta Golf Shoes . . . whether you're bombing a tee shot or climbing in and

out of a bunker, slippage is not an issue.


For the walking golfer, the frequent traveling golfer and the player that wears an odd

sized golf shoe that is hard to find (like triple E width), these are just a must have.


Perhaps the best and most convenient element of the Insta Golf shoe, is the ability

to peal them off and walk into the clubhouse or restaurant in the same

running/tennis shoes that you wore all day.For less than half the price ($49.95) of an

actual pair of golf shoes, you can transform any pair of shoes into Insta Golf shoes.














Butch Harmon About Golf - DVD Set PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   




In Butch Harmon About Golf, Mr.Harmon shares his lifetime of golf knowledge in 

a two DVD set that covers everything from the basic fundamentals, all the way

to how to shape shots.The set has over 250 specific tips and 57 chapters, plus a

section on the many tour pros that he has taught over the years.


In section 2 titled Faults, Cures and Drills, Butch covers some of the more

frustrating elements of the game, such as: topped shots, hitting it fat, shanks and

anger management.


The 4 hour DVD set which was produced by award winning ABC sports producer

Terry Jastrow, is so comprehensive that it even has a chapter on women, juniors

and seniors.


Butch, the son of former Masters Champion and legendary teaching professional

Claude Harmon, believes that you don't teach a system to golfers, you enhance

what their natural strengths are.In a recent conference call, Butch was asked if he

thought the modern player was as good as the legends his father played with and

taught.Harmon was quick to quote golf legend Ben Hogan, when Hogan was asked

the same question:

Are todays players better than your generation?Hogan replied "If there not, than

we're not doing a very good job of teaching them".


Section 7 - "From Good to Great" was by far my favorite part of the DVD set, in this

section Butch sits down with 9 of the finest tour professionals that he has taught.The

conversations with Greg Norman, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els are riveting.Other tour

pros in this section are Adam Scott, Natalie Gulbis, Fred Couples, Dustin Johnson, Nick

Watney, and Tiger Woods.


When the best instructor in the game comes out with a program this extensive, it's

a wealth of knowledge that every golfer should have.


Butch Harmon About Golf is $79.95, and is available to order - for more info visit :






2012 PGA Show - Part 2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by BRUNO   


Cobra Puma Golf - Amp Irons

Amp Driver

Ricky Fowler has signed on as a head to toe and thru the bag Cobra/

Puma staffer (previously with Titleist), the Amp driver is Fowler's new

weapon of choice, a silver crown/black face ball crusher.To see all of

Cobra's new product line click here:




Fairway & Greene

The Tech line is amongst the finest synthetic garments in the game, this

graphite/red collection has the performance of the sporty brands and the

class and style found in the finest golf clubs.




Swing Advantage

This new innovation by Steve Burgess is a great way to feel the proper

width and extension at the top of the backswing, and connected throughout

the swing.The SA comes with 3 different strength bands.




No Curl Collar

Ever thought of tossing out those golf shirts where the collar goes rogue and rolls

up? Now there is No Curl Collar, a simple little adhesive that keeps your best golf

shirts looking proper.Available in one time and permanent applications.




EyeLine Golf

Jerad and guys at EyeLine have virtually everykind of teaching aid, from

swing & putting mirrors to their online Game Plan program that helps you

track your stats - which allows you to focus on the area of your game that

needs the most improvement.





VS Tee

This tee has a micro cable and spring that runs through it's core (no kidding),

it won't break because at impact it simply bends over and springs right back to

upright.So if you're tired of buying tees by the bushel, just get a VS Tee and

hit away.





Ogio continues to push the boundaries with some very unique new bag

designs, their spring back ball pocket which has a handle instead of zipper

is genius.Ogio has entered the golf apparel business as well, to see the

amazing new products from Ogio visit:





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