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Written by BRUNO   


Cobra Puma Golf - Amp Irons

Amp Driver

Ricky Fowler has signed on as a head to toe and thru the bag Cobra/

Puma staffer (previously with Titleist), the Amp driver is Fowler's new

weapon of choice, a silver crown/black face ball crusher.To see all of

Cobra's new product line click here: http://www.cobragolf.com/




Fairway & Greene

The Tech line is amongst the finest synthetic garments in the game, this

graphite/red collection has the performance of the sporty brands and the

class and style found in the finest golf clubs.





Swing Advantage

This new innovation by Steve Burgess is a great way to feel the proper

width and extension at the top of the backswing, and connected throughout

the swing.The SA comes with 3 different strength bands.





No Curl Collar

Ever thought of tossing out those golf shirts where the collar goes rogue and rolls

up? Now there is No Curl Collar, a simple little adhesive that keeps your best golf

shirts looking proper.Available in one time and permanent applications.  





EyeLine Golf

Jerad and guys at EyeLine have virtually everykind of teaching aid, from

swing & putting mirrors to their online Game Plan program that helps you

track your stats - which allows you to focus on the area of your game that

needs the most improvement.  http://www.eyelinegolf.com/





VS Tee

This tee has a micro cable and spring that runs through it's core (no kidding),

it won't break because at impact it simply bends over and springs right back to

upright.So if you're tired of buying tees by the bushel, just get a VS Tee and

hit away. http://www.vs-tee.co.uk/





Ogio continues to push the boundaries with some very unique new bag

designs, their spring back ball pocket which has a handle instead of zipper

is genius.Ogio has entered the golf apparel business as well, to see the

amazing new products from Ogio visit: http://ogio.com/golf-4