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Written by BRUNO   



In our February post on the PGA Merchandise show, one of our featured best new

products was the Insta Golf Shoe. Since then, we've received quite a bit of interest

about this very unique product . . . so a full test/review was in order.





As soon as the Insta Golf Shoes arrived, I strapped em up to a pair of casual tennis

shoes and took them to the range.It's easy to be skeptical of a product that is way

outside the box, and the Insta Golf Shoe is certainly that (I have to admit that my

first thought when I saw these in Orlando at the PGA Show was "damn, why didn't I

think of that").As a player with serious foot issues, I often wondered how I could

turn my most comfortable shoes into golf shoes.After a few hours on the range

standing in place, The comfort and traction were just superb.Next it was off to the

course, Champ Spikes are the industry standard for traction and they are the power

plant of Insta Golf Shoes . . . whether you're bombing a tee shot or climbing in and

out of a bunker, slippage is not an issue.


For the walking golfer, the frequent traveling golfer and the player that wears an odd

sized golf shoe that is hard to find (like triple E width), these are just a must have.


Perhaps the best and most convenient element of the Insta Golf shoe, is the ability

to peal them off and walk into the clubhouse or restaurant in the same

running/tennis shoes that you wore all day.For less than half the price ($49.95) of an

actual pair of golf shoes, you can transform any pair of shoes into Insta Golf shoes.