Cobra King F6 Driver Print


By Jason Bruno


Over the last few years companies like Cobra, Nike, Callaway and Titleist have taken steps toward

the market leader in the big stick category. In 2016, Cobra continues to climb that ladder with their

King F6 line. The F6 driver comes in two models, standard (shown above) and F6+ which features a

carbonTrac system that allows you to dial in your spin and trajectory via five different position from

front (low spin - penetrating flight) to back (higher spin - high launch). In the standard F6 that we

tested, you're offered a more basic choice - either front or back based on your desired launch/spin.




According to Cobra, the F6 is their most forgiving driver offering and comes at a price tag

of $349 which is extremely reasonable in today's premium driver market (F6+ retails at $399).

Cobra drivers don't have speed pockets engineered into their sole plates for faster ball speeds,

they utilize their Speed Channel for off center hits and incredible distance. The Forged 8-1-1

titanium E9 face has variable thickness that creates sweet spot like distance from virtually

any impact on the face. The MyFly loft sleeve allows settings from 9 to 12 degrees.





Appearance: Love the classic and simple style of the KING F6 crown. I'm still a big fan of the gloss look

over the matte black some other companies are going with. The texturized rear portion of the crown with

the thin perimeter pinstripe is a great look. Their aren't many better looking drivers on the market today.

F6 comes in White, Black, Blue and Turbulence Gray w/lime accents.






Feel/Sound: Sweet spot hits are as you'd want them - euphoric. Impact anywhere on the face

provided a good response from our testers. Just a good solid thwack. Nothing super loud like a

"cowbell" or totally muted either. From a feel perspective a total thumbs up.





Our test model came with the Matrix Red Tie, which is standard on the F6. The F6+ offers the Matrix

Black Tie (which is low launch/low spin), Matrix White Tie (High launch/low spin), Aldila Rogue Black,

and Aldila ATX Tour Blue & Green models.




Performance: Launching the F6 was a piece of cake. Distance was adequate - not short by any

means, but not the longest driver we've tested recently. (my test #'s: SS-102 Ball Speed-150

Launch-16.1 BackSpin-2910 Carry-249 yds Total-261 yds). I'm normally a low spin player off the

tee, so the spin rates were quite high for me. Moving the weight port forward did reduce spin somewhat

(about 200-250 rpm) and lowered the trajectory about 1 degree. Most of our single digit testers found

the F6 as a high launch mid/high spin set up that is geared to fly, not the ideal setup for the player who

likes to work the ball . . . but for the mid/high handicap player who wants a launcher, the KING F6

could be just right .


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