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By Jason Bruno


Carnoustie Sportswear isn't your run of mill golf apparel brand, it's a cut above the

industry standard. Many clubs that are featured in America's Top 100 list carry their

product line, and not many can make those claims.


Known for their fine cotton golf shirts, the Carnoustie Performance Polo features a moisture

wicking micro-poly blend, self collar and 3 button placket.




Marshall Mancillas is the CEO, creator and

innovator of the Carnoustie Sportswear brand.

When you meet him, immediately there are two

words that come to mind - respect and passion.

His demeanor just commands the former, but

when he speaks of his early days of learning the

game in Southern California, it reminds you of

how and why each of us has fallen for the game.

Mancillas was inspired in the early 60's by the

classic style of players like Hogan and Palmer.

Recently, we sat down with the man behind

the timeless quality and style.




LinksNation: Can you tell me about the brand and where you see your place in the



Marshall Mancillas: Today we find ourselves in many of the best clubs from the

west coast to the east coast, from Cypress Point to Pine Valley. We are also very

big in the best golf resorts like Bandon Dunes and Pebble Beach - where they

want something better. Having said that, our price points are very understandable.

In winter and fall we flourish because we make so many different things.


LN: What exactly does the catalog of Carnoustie apparel cover?


MM: Everything from knits, polyester (tech/performance) outerwear, to sweaters

and some really beautiful suede goods.


LN: Only available in green grass locations?


MM: Mostly green grass. We do some retail, Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom

. . . but our main gig is Golf. I've been a player and understand the market.


The Carnoustie logo displayed just below the back collar is a nice touch.




LN: You started the company 22 years ago, how did that come about?


MM: I was a lawyer in the Real Estate business here in L.A, but I've been a player

since 1960. In the late 80's the landscape of golf apparel changed with companies

like Ashworth and Bobby Jones, I saw an opportunity. I was kind of naive when I got

started. My Father made a wonderful career in tailored clothing . . . so maybe it was

in my blood.


LN: Do you think that being naive entering the industry might have been a blessing

in disguise? The passion drove you . . .


MM: In a way, sure. It also kept me on track. So many times it's so easy to get off

track, but what was really encouraging was once I got started people immediately

liked my point of view, and that was really encouraging.


LN: Why Carnoustie? It's obviously a famous classic Scottish links venue, but how

did the name become the brand?


MM: I was at home in the wee hours and the family was all sleeping, I started

watching some old vintage links footage on TV from Scotland . . . and a light bulb

came on in my head. I was inspired by the classic Scottish landscape. I started to

research if the name was available, and much to my delight it was. The rest is



One of the most impressive qualities about the Carnoustie Performance line is how

uniform the collar stays throughout the day - no roll up at all. The micro-poly fabric

is lightweight, and stays with your body even during the fastest swings from the tee

box. During testing, the moisture wicking elements kept us dry in the South Florida

sun. All Carnoustie garments are versatile timeless styles that will have you looking

your best whether you choose to wear them on or off the links.


An elegantly themed men's brand is what Marshall Mancillas likes to say. We couldn't

agree more . . .


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