Air Force One - AFX PRO SERIES IRONS Print


By Jason Bruno


Last year we reviewed the Air Force One DFX Tour Black Driver, and surprisingly it held up

to many of the leading $500 drivers in the industry when it came to performance (considering

the AFO DFX driver is half the cost, it's performance results were a revelation). So this Spring

we decided to give the new iron line an audition.


AFX Pro Series irons are the latest product from the company that has moved on from it's

previous Powerbilt branding. Powerbilt as a brand has long been associated with the equipment

of yesteryear (mainly persimmon woods). The move was made to put the Air Force One

nameplate on its own - as one that's seen for highly innovative technology. The AFX Pro Series

irons are designed with the mid/lower handicap player in mind, featuring performance with

forgiveness built in. The 5 thru PW are a conventional cavity back designed for feel and and

shot making. The 3 & 4 irons are a hollow design charged with nitrogen for max distance and





The nitrogen cartridge outlet is visible on the outer toe of the 3 & 4 iron. For those who

prefer long irons to hybrids, the AFX Pro Series 3 & 4 iron boast lofts of 18 and 21 degrees

respectively. No hybrids required here.




3 & 4 iron - Nitrogen Charged Features:


- 2 Piece Hollow Core Construction

- Nitrogen Charged

- Edge to Edge Sweet Spot

- Weightless Face Support

- Nitrogen Pressurized Clubhead

- Progressive Offset

- Thinner Top Line





The brushed satin finish has a clean look (7 iron shown above). Surprisingly, the look of these

irons at address is not one of bulky game improvement (see the photo below). Sleek, especially

along the top line where you'd expect something chunky in appearance. All of the technology is

hidden when you setup to hit a shot, a pleasant surprise - something you might expect in a premium

forged cavity back club.








AFX Pro Series 5-PW Cavityback irons

- Reduced Cavityback

- Thin Topline

- Thinner sole for better turf interaction

- Progressive Offset

- Optimum Trajectory

- Designed for Workability

- Apollo Steel 105 gram shafts designed

for Control and Trajectory













As far as performance is concerned, the AFX Pro Series irons deliver crisp impact and high

trajectory shots, but also allows better players to shape their shots on command. All with the

added bonus of ample forgiveness on off-center shots. The stock steel 105 gram Apollo shafts

were as buttery as the premium graphite shafts in my everyday gamers. Distance in these is

about half a club longer than what I normally play (stronger lofts have a bit to do with that).

The 3 & 4 Nitrogen Charged irons feel trampoline like because of the hollow construction,

and offer a higher ball flight and more carry than most golfers could imagine with a long iron.

Similar to the driving irons produced by the leading manufacturers, these offer hybrid distance

in a sleeker head design - but with the added feature of Nitrogen Charged technology.





AFX Pro Series Iron Specs:

Club        Loft       Lie       Length

3 iron - 18°  --- 60.5° - 39.5

4 iron - 21° --- 60.5° - 38.5

5 iron - 24° --- 60.5° - 38

6 iron - 27° --- 61°    - 37.5

7 iron - 31°  --- 61.5° - 37

8 iron - 35°  --- 62°    - 36.5

9 iron - 40°  --- 62.5° - 36

PW       - 45° --- 63°  -  35.5


*Update on 5/26 after initial testing: Further testing on the course confirmed our first impressions

from the range. The AFX Pro irons are as easy to hit as any iron we've tested - especially the

longer irons (previously Cobra's XL irons and TaylorMade's Speedblades held that distinction).

When you can boldly pull 4 iron from the bag from 220 yards out (hearing the doubtful chatter

from your group in the background) only to smash a towering approach onto the green. You

know the equipment is making as much a statement to your confidence as you are to your

opponents. If you get anything from this review, it's to find a set that is easy to launch with

minimal effort. The ease of hitting accurate long irons shots with the AFO - AFX Pro irons is





Air Force One's AFX Pro Series irons offer big performance and at a value that very few leading

club companies can match. The complete 3-PW set is only $399. If you're looking for an alternative

to your long irons or hybrids, the AFX 3 & 4 Nitrogen Charged irons are also available in Fujikura

Graphite and can be purchased separately (AFO offers a risk free 30 day trial). Gap and Sand Wedge

also available.




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