1st Tee & 10th Tee Energy Bars Print


By Jason Bruno

It's very rare when a product review involves nutrition and great tasting food. The folks at SCNS

sent over this sample pack of their best nutrition & energy bars that are made to enhance focus

and energy to help maximize your experience and performance during your day on the links.



I decided to put the 1st Tee Oatmeal Raisin bar (blue packaging) through one of the toughest

energy draining days possible. A 4:30am arrival at West Palm Beach Airport for my 6am flight

to New York City. After touching down at La Guardia, grab the rental car, quick diner breakfast

and it's off to Bethpage Black for a 20 minute warm up and the first tee. During my 5 hour hike

around the 2002 & 2009 U.S Open venue, I ate only two 1st Tee bars and drank water. Having

walked the Black five times previously (all of those were from age 29 to age 38), I wilted each

of those times on the back nine, so this would be a good case study not only for the energy

bars, but my own determination to stay focused on the task ahead.




Earlier this summer, SCNS Sports -

makers of the 1st & 10th Tee energy

and nutrition Bars, has signed PGA Tour

player Scott Langley to represent the



"I love the SCNS products, and I'm very

happy to be part of the team," said

Langley. "I have been eating the 1st &

10th Tee bars for quite a while now.

They really deliver what they advertise.

They help provide the focus and energy

you need to perform your best, and they

taste great."



As it turns out, I had no real lapse in energy or focus while carrying my bag (the other

five trips around the Black I used a pull cart to conserve energy and wear and tear). I

noticed on the fifth hole walking to my ball in the fairway that I was a bit anxious on my

shots around the green on the previous hole and was not quite as focused. Perhaps that

was a sign of energy loss, so after putting out I began eating bar #1 during our wait to

tee off on the sixth. Within 15 minutes I was re-energized and played the final 11 holes

in 1 over par (a 3 putt on the twelfth kept the back nine from being error free).  I ate bar

#2 on the 13th hole, just the right time to give me the focus coming in. In fact, on the

seventeenth and eighteenth holes I executed the exact shots I pictured in my mind - center

of the green on both. Certainly playing your best doesn't always happen, even when you

fuel your body and mind with the proper foods, but if you do give yourself the chance to

have a clear mind and the energy to pull it off, then you're more likely to fulfill expectations.

The taste of every one of these bars is better than you could imagine for a snack this healthy.



I was tired for sure, but wasn't in the drained physical or mental state I was in the past treks

around the beast that is Bethpage Black.


Afterward, I had enough energy to drive all the way from Long Island through New York

City down to Princeton, N.J where I was staying with family. It was a full day for anyone,

especially this middle aged links traveler. A big thumbs up to the 1st Tee & 10th Tee

products, I would highly recommend all of them . . . especially when you have a big day

ahead. Throwing a few of these in the bag before you go play can be a game changer.




The original 1st Tee bars come in Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Peanut and contain

all natural chamomile, hops and valerian root to help reduce anxiety at the start of

your round (hence the name "1st Tee"). The Dark Chocolate Chip Trail Mix bar and

Honey Almond (pictured above) are recent additions that are gluten free.

10th Tee bars are modeled after candy bars, because of the popularity of grabbing one

at the turn. Peanut Honey and Chocolate Peanut Caramel contain panax ginseng extracts

and green tea to help sustain energy on the back nine. Cranberry Trail is the latest 10th

Tee bar, and is gluten free.

For more info: www.energybar.com