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By Jason Bruno

For nearly four decades Tony Harris has made it his business to help

professional sports organizations treat their athlete's muscle and soft

tissue injuries - allowing them to have faster and more complete

recoveries. Harris was so dissatisfied with the products available in the

market to treat aches, pains and recovery that he set out to create the

finest topical pain relief and recovery products available. Once he was

satisfied that he had everything ready for consumers, in 2001 he

founded MedZone.

We found that for Golf, their ChafeZone and Penetrationg Pain Relief

products are a game changer. In fact we tested the ChafeZone product

in real game time conditions in Brooksville, Florida at Southern Hills

Plantation. Both caddie and player walked the course in sunny and hot

conditions for the Valspar Championship PGA Tour Pre-Qualifier.


When you walk 7 miles for 5 hours lugging a golf bag, let's just say

there's lots of friction going on - especially in the upper thigh area. Our

player, mini tour standout Michael Kartrude wore the mandatory slacks

so pre-round protection was the smart way to go. Both caddie and player

came through the day no worse from the wear thanks to ChafeZone, but

since I have a few more years and miles, I rubbed some of the Penetrating

Pain Relief ointment on my neck and shoulders for the long 4 hour ride home.

A big thumbs up to the MedZone products, they'll be with me from now on

both pre and post round, and especially when I travel. Come to think of it,

also during the summer here in the oppressive Florida heat.

MedZone features: PainZone, ChafeZone, BurnZone, and BlisterZone

that has been proven to help triathletes, dancers, hikers, swimmers,

hockey players, basketball, football and baseball players as well as

BMX and motorcycle Riders.

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