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Cobra's King F7 line is the flagship driver for the company that boasts a tour

stable of Rickie Fowler, Bryson DeChambeau and Lexi Thompson. Offering two

models, Cobra offers the standard F7 for the average skill level and swing

speed player, and the F7+ that was designed for low handicap players and tour

professionals. In this edition we reviewed the F7+. Note Cobra's MyFly8 adjustable

hosel technology that allows you to dial in loft and shot shape.








A close up of the sole shows three different weight ports - (1) 12 gram and

(2) 2 gram movable weights allow you to customize your desired ball flight

and shot shape. With the 12 gram weight positioned in the front port (as

shown above) spin rates go down as well as trajectory (but keep in mind,

this is the least forgiving set up). Move to the heel position will promote a

draw bias flight. The rear port provides the highest launch/most forgiveness.


*additional 8, 12 & 16 gram weights are available from Cobra








The F7+ has a smaller profile at address then the standard F7, but according to

Jose Miraflor of Cobra: "Our use of Textreme Carbon Fiber produces a 20% lighter

crown that has enabled the R&D guys to move weight lower and deeper in the

clubhead for more forgiveness, even in a club designed for better players."


A re-engineered forged titanium E9 face is designed to be lighter, thinner and hotter

than previous models.








Cobra Connect by Arccos comes standard on all F7 and F7+ models, allowing

you to track your tee shots while on the course and compete with buddies for

long drive bragging rights. This will likely be standard with future of golf equip-

ment. Brilliant technology.






Simply pair the connect device with the Arccos driver app and let the technology

show you the rest via their 40,000 golf course GPS database.









Fujikura Speeder XLR8 61 is the stock powerplant equipped with Lamkin's REL grip.










Passing the appearance test with high marks, this stock image really shows

what a great job Cobra did on the aesthetics of the new King F7 drivers, perhaps

the best looking big stick they've ever created. Look closely at the top of the

Crown and you can see the subtle checkerboard pattern along with rear wings

that help frame proper alignment.








The Cobra F7 headcover has the style of a classy sports car accessory








Cobra KING F7+ set up options and shaft specs:








Now that we've identified the technology and sexy aesthetics of the new F7+,

it's time to discuss what the actual testing showed us. Using Foresight's Performance

simulator in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida we put the F7+ to the test. Set up in the

high launch weight back setting we found our best results. The King F7+ still produced

piercing bullets in this set up and the stats proved that out. Below is the average of

all the swings with the best and worst shots tossed out.



The 104 swing Speed and 150 mph ball speed are typical numbers for me, the 1.45

smash factor is very efficient, but the 10.2 launch angle is a bit low to reach optimal

distance for a 104 mph swing, thus limiting carry distance (for a tour pro that swings

between 115-120, 10.2 launch is often desired). The 4.7 azimuth and 526 rpm left

side spin results in a push draw flight pattern (my preferred shot shape). 2450 backspin

is typical for me but in a perfect world I'd prefer a 13 degree launch with backspin in

the neighborhood of 1800 - 2000. The 25/33 peak height yds/descent angle illustrates

a flat launch and landing - allowing for maximun roll. With a proper fitting, and another

shaft the carry yardage (248) would certainly get a boost and increase the total distance

of 274 yards, but for a stock set up these stats are pretty solid. Perhaps most impressive

was the offline stat, which measures how far the shot finishes from the centerline - the

King F7+ averaged just 5 yards left of dead center - the best result of any driver we've

ever tested. Never heard anyone ever complain about straight.


Out on the course there were no surprises, the F7+ hit bullet push draws all day. As far

as feel goes, the F7+ has a muted solid thwack at impact, much quieter than any driver

we've tested recently, but similar to Cobra's ZL Encore model of a few years ago. If you

prefer a loud crack at impact this isn't going to be your preference, but it's really not a

bad sound or feel when compression occurs, in fact off center hits felt better than just

about any of the 2017 models we've tested. Lamkin's R.E.L grip provides ample traction

even in humid conditions.






For the masses, Cobra offers the standard F7 model that features a slighty larger

profile clubhead and more forgiveness than the F7+, but with all of the same









One thing that often gets overlooked by those that review golf equipment is VALUE.

So let's bluntly put this out there, NO COMPANY does a better job of offering premium

tour performance golf equipment at a reasonable cost than Cobra (Cleveland/Srixon

is nearly its equal).


If you visit the Cobra site today ( ) you'll

find the F7 available for $249 and the F7+ $299. That's brand new driver technology

for hundreds less than virtually every other leading club manufacturer.


As far as looks/performance/feel the Cobra KING F7+ is among the best drivers we've

ever tested. So if you're in the market, go get properly fit, and get the buy of the