The Best Grips of 2018: Golf Pride ALIGN, Lamkin Sonar/TS-1 Print




If you haven't changed your grips recently or checked out what's new

in the market of golf grips, now is the time to see for yourself what the

leaders of the industry - Golf Pride and Lamkin have launched in 2018.

It could be argued that the proper grip is the most important component

of any club. So why don't grips get the attention of other golf equipment

components like clubheads and shafts? Perhaps, it's because most golf

grips cost less than $10. One thing is clear, it's the only part of the club

that you hold in your hands as you attempt to execute your best golf shots

- so why not pay a little more attention to what grips you play?


Golf Pride - Tour Velvet w/ALIGN

This year, Golf Pride brought their ALIGN technology to the best selling grip

in golf - Tour Velvet (available in standard and midsize). ALIGN technology

is a raised reminder component that extends along the bottom side of the

grip resting along the finger joints of the bottom hand for consistent hand

alignment (also available in the MCC and MCC PLUS4 models).


We tested the Tour Velvet ALIGN, first in the driver. The feel brought immediate

confidence, largely because the ALIGN component allowed a more stable position

of the hands during the transition portion of the swing, and secondly, the ability

to feel a constant repeatable square club face position at impact. So much so,

that I built a new 3 iron - installed the GP Tour Velvet ALIGN and have had

immediate success. Being able to once again game a forged long iron may not

have been a possibilty without ALIGN technology. When we met with Bruce Miller

from Golf Pride each of the last two years, he called ALIGN "An absolute game

changer," and he was so right. $8.99 each


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Lamkin's new line of TS-1 and Sonar grips compliment the already popular

Crossline and UTX models. Featuring a fingerprint micro texture surface and

super tacky Genesis compound technology, it's perfect for those who prefer

a grip that offers a slightly softer feel with the ultimate in non-slip technology.







We tested the Sonar midsize, and within a range session the new handles

went on every wedge we play. For anyone who lives and plays in a humid

climate, these will quickly become a fixture in your bag. Sonar has less taper

for those who prefer a less handsy action in the bottom hand - perfect for

short iron control. The new treads burst into the winner circle at the Open

Championship at Carnoustie (in only the first week Francesco Molinari put

them in play). $8.99 each



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