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Written by BRUNO   


The clubhouse at McArthur Golf Club



Unlike the famous club next door where Tiger Woods and many other famous tour players hone their

game, McArthur is a club that maintains a lower profile. You don't see Tim Rosaforte on the Golf

Channel reporting from McArthur, or hear about all of their famous members . . . in fact there isn't

even a grandiose entryway that announces the clubs presence, you could drive down US1 thousands

of times and never even know that you've passed by. There are two wrought iron gates that grant you

access to the mile long drive through native vegetation of Slash & Loblolly Pines and Palmetto that

eventually lead to the elegant yet modest Old Florida-style clubhouse .



In a golf rich area like the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast, it's unlikely there would be a club

of such impeccable design quality that it could go unknown to so many. McArthur Golf Club in Hobe

Sound, Florida is situated along the same stretch of US-1 as Medalist, and just a dozen miles north

along the sand ridge that runs parallel to the Atlantic (Donald Ross' Juno Beach Masterpiece-Seminole

sits on the southern end of the ridge). McArthur is an ultra exclusive club in a area where private

is the norm. Clubs like Jupiter Hills, Loblolly, Lost Tree, Old Palm, Dye Preserve and the Bear's Club dot

the golf landscape here. Co-designed by Tom Fazio, but McArthur is the brain child of Jupiter Island

resident and 3 time Major Champion Nick Price . . .  make no mistake, this is Nicky Price's baby.


The 447 yard uphill 2nd at McArthur



This 480 acre site is draped by the native sand, which is the primary feature that runs through the course

design at McArthur. With only 90 acres of turf placed strategically, Price and Fazio created a Pine valley

esque landscape in South Florida and it was fully intended to be so. "We tried to create something that

we've seen in Pine Valley and other wonderful courses, it's all about the golf." The club gets it's name

from McArthur Dairy Farms, which is the primary shareholder of the Club. Price along with Dolphins Hall

of Famer Dan Marino are original investors at the club.


The Par 3-third, at only 150 yards it's the shortest hole at McArthur, but if you take a close look at

the green, you can see that it's far from the easiest. On the day I played it, the wind was into at 15-

20 mph and just hitting (and holding) it in regulation was a tall order.




The 417 yard fourth plays over native vegetation from the tee



The 7,205 layout combines challenge and native beauty, everything has a natural feel at McArthur. The

use of Coquina replaces the need for concrete cart paths. Although it all appears completely natural,

Price & Fazio did move a million cubic yards of sand to create drainage, ponds for irrigation and to create

some of the dunes that really enhance the look, feel and playability of the layout.



The longest hole at McArthur is the Par 5 - fifth at 594 yards





The shortest par 4 at McArthur is the 6th at 383 yards


If you look closely at the tee box on the right, you'll see the tee markers are actual milk jugs. Attention

to detail is at an elite level at McArthur.






The 188 yard - par 3 thirteenth





The 542 yard par 5 fifteenth


Price talked about his design theories that went into creating McArthur "I'm not a big risk reward

proponent, I believe that the golf course is about angles. If you have the ability to hit the ball to a

particular side of the fairway or to shape your tee shot, you will be rewarded." The greens at

McArthur are well undulated, and super slick . . . keeping your approach shots below the hole is

absolutely a must in order to score at McArthur.





198 yard par 3 - seventeenth




McArthur is tough, but not in any way tricked up . . . it's a course that rewards precision and touch, as

well as expert course management. With a slope and rating of 75.5/146 from the tips, it's advisable to

choose the correct set of "Milk Jugs" to play from.


The chocolate chunk cookies they serve inside the clubhouse are a treat worth noting, and as we all

know . . . nothing goes better with cookies than milk. Nick Price's gem in Hobe Sound might be much

less known than it's high profile neighbors, (and I'm sure they prefer it that way) but as far as a pure

golf club is concerned, McArthur is just that - PURE.