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Article and Photos by Jason Bruno

The par 3 - seventh at Streamsong Blue is a stunner.

The Blue course at Streamsong Resort is the design of Tom Doak & his Renaissance team, and

although it intertwines with Coore & Crenshaw's Red course, the two layouts offer different

challenges. Where the Red requires precise tee shots, the Blue is wider off the tee and emphasizes

correct angles into Doak's large well undulated linkstyle greens. The Blue's degree of difficulty

increases as you get closer to the green.

The first time I played the Blue was in January during Media Day (via cart) with Eric Iverson from

Doak's design team and Rick Young, one of the most respected golf business journalists in the game

(ScoreGolf in Canada). This time around, I hiked solo to get all 36 in and make may way back to West

Palm by nightfall. It's great to have something so unique that's close enough for this assignment to

be considered a semi-home game.

The par 4 first hole plays much shorter than the listed 338 yds from the tips. The tee shot is from

the highest elevation on the property to a wide fairway that plays firm and fast. Doaks starts you

off with a thrilling view and probable birdie chance, unlike the behemoth opener on the Red . . .

for this reason, I'd suggest leading off with the Blue on any 36 hole endeavor at Streamsong.

The Par 5 second also plays downhill, but be careful when avoiding the right fairway bunker, a solid

drive that is pulled can go thru the shortgrass into trouble. Only the longest hitters will reach the

green in two here.

The surface at the par 5 second is among the more tame at Streamsong Blue

The right to left par 4 third hole plays 418 yards from the tips, but is only 370 from the next tee up,

the play here is to draw your tee shot off of the right fairway bunker, leaving a short second to a

slightly uphill green.

4th fairway

The fourth hole, (specifically the approach) is the first of several challenges on the blue where the

player incurs the Blue's teeth. At 442 yards, the prevailing wind comes from the left on this uphill

second. A closer look (below), illustrates how severe the penalty is for coming up short here, miss

it in the right bunker and the scorecard will swell. Even a green hit in regulation on the fourth will

not yield many easy putts on this twisted & quick surface.

The sixth is only 317 yards from the black tees, it plays slightly uphill, but the green sits in a

valley at the base of the large dune (which is the teeing ground for the magnificent 7th). Although

you'll have a wedge into this green, it must be precise to have a legitimate birdie chance on this

large well undulated surface.

When you climb the hill and turn the corner, the only word that comes to mind is Wow! The 7th,

played 191 yards to this left flag, I'd suggest hitting to the center of this green - regardless of pin

position (and get outta there). I took the bait and drew a 6 iron pin high that trickled down the slope,

leaving a near impossible par. Although the shot is pretty severely downhill, check the wind and club



The 454 yard eighth, is all you want from a tough par 4. No margin for error here . . . notice the

actual resort hotel going up in the background (set to open later this year).



This middle hole position on the elevated eighth green was a gift on such a tough green to hit in


The tee shot here on the ninth, is a great design by Doak, a slightly blind tee shot with plenty of

room to get the ball in play here . . . anything left of the menacing bunkers on the right will leave

the player in a good position on this 575 yard - par 5.


The fairway bunker on the ninth, is a prime example of Doak perfecting the craft.


The approach at the ninth is guarded by a medium size Live Oak, and four bunkers. It should be noted

that the ninth hole does not return to the clubhouse at Streamsong Red or Blue.


The tenth hole is a medium length par 3 that plays as long as 187 yards from the tips (green) and

as short as 103 yards from the forward tees (gold).

Objects are deeper than they appear - this left greenside bunker at the tenth is to be avoided at

all costs, if you look closely you can see my ball at the bottom right side of the bunker . . . short

siding that pin was a big mistake.

The 408 yard twelfth, keep it in the fairway here to set up your approach to a tricky green.

The mound in the middle of the green does provide a slight backboard to the front hole location,

but will also force the player to be precise.

The thirteenth, at only 312 yards from the green tees & 279 from the silver tees, can be had with a

big knock, but beware of the "Fools Gold" here, it's pretty much green or bust here (as the hole

narrows greatly the closer you get to the putting surface. Making an up & down is unlikely if the tee

shot strays in either direction.


The fourteenth tee is one of the few at Streamsong that require a carry over water, plenty of room

left here, don't over think it. This 545 yard par 5 will require three good ones to have a birdie chance.


The third shot at the 14th is pretty straight forward.


The uphill 16th is the toughest of the par 3's at Streamsong Blue, playing uphill at 237 yards, it's

a beast. I played it to a front right pin at 205 yards, slightly downwind - with a 4 iron, it was by far

my best strike of the morning round, a high bomb that surely would hit the front of the green and

trickle towards the hole for a gimme deuce . . . much to the contrary, it bounced as if it hit

asphalt and rolled over the back of the severley sloped back to front green. A tough bogey to digest.


The 590 yard seventeenth at Streamsong Blue felt like a coastal hole to me, the hole ascends into

the horizon in the most natural way. When reaching the green, I still expected to see crashing waves

beyond the site lines, even though fully knowing we were in the middle of the peninsula. This hole,

even though a par 5, might require your 3 best strikes in succession just to have a chance at birdie.

5 is a great score here.

If 17 requires your best three shots, 18 will require your two best. At 478 yards from the back

tees, and a stout 439 yards from the Silver tees, it might be best for most to play this hole as a

par 5 as well.The green sits between the seventh tee on the Red and the clubhouse (in the

background above). Avoid the cross bunkers, the green is receptive and tilts back left to front right.



The approach at the 18th

I continue to be asked which course is better, and I seriously don't have an answer. I prefer certain

holes on each layout. My favorite holes at the resort are as follows (in no particular order): Blue #1,

4, 6, 7, 9, 17, 18. Red #3, 4, 7, 8, 13, 16, 17. The Biarritz 16th on the Red is an instant classic as far

as I'm concerned.

As I've stated before, the service at Streamsong is top notch, from the bag drop/valet staff, to the

pro shop, caddies, starters, and the food and beverage team - they enhance the experience in a setting

unlike any other in the Southeast United States.

There are a thousand different golf destinations in the state of Florida, very few of which are unique in

their topography and design, Streamsong has leaped into the bigtime of World Wide Golf destinations,

kudos to the Mosaic company for the vision (to bring in Doak & Coore/Crenshaw) and Kemper Sports for

the leadership to pull it all together as it is today. *(The 216 room lakeside lodge opens later this year)


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