Best New Products of The 2024 PGA Merchandise Show

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In the annual trek to Orlando (our 21st PGA Show), we saw a revitalized energy level and attendance numbers for this year’s edition. More than 31,000 golf industry professionals from 89 countries and 50 U.S. states came together to meet with more than 1,000 golf companies and brands at the 71st PGA Show in Orlando, Florida, Jan. 23-26, 2024. The momentum in consumer golf participation, signaled a big year ahead for the industry. The usual OEM behemoths – Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Cobra, and Srixon/Cleveland were all on hand in Orlando (TaylorMade was once again the lone holdout).

Our picks for the best new products are listed by category, starting with Drivers, Irons, Wedges, Footwear (we go deep into this category), Golf Balls, Tech Gear, Walking Trolleys/Golf Bags, Apparel and finishing with a really worthy Training Aid. The show always presents other storylines such as destinations and new course openings, and this year was no different with the new Cabot Citrus Farms media day, we also took a ride down to Streamsong to sample Coore/Crenshaw’s new short course – The Chain. These new additions will be featured in our Travel/Course Review section in the coming weeks.

Check out this edition of Best New Products below, and let us know if any of these are likely to be part of your golf gear in ’24. . .


CALLAWAY – Paradym Ai Smoke

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According to Dave Neville, Callaway Senior Director, Brand & Product Management – Callaway’s latest flagship – “Paradym Ai Smoke drivers feature a really unique aesthetic trait – where the carbon sole plate design is like a fingerprint in the sense that no two are alike.”

Neville goes on to detail each model, “Paradym Ai Smoke drivers come in four models: MaxSuited for every level of player with a forgiving shape and adjustable perimeter weighting for up to 19 yards of shot shape correction. Max DEngineered for players who want to hit a draw for straighter drives off the tee. This driver is built with high MOI, and a generously stretched profile at address. Triple Diamondfor better players who want increased workability in a neutral-to-fade biased face progression and a compact overall head size. Max FastDesigned for players who want lightweight, easy-to-swing performance. This driver is built with high MOI and a generously stretched profile at address.

Neville also revealed that each driver model has it’s own Ai face based on what he referred to as a swing code – a unique swing code for each type of golfer, and therefore a model like the Draw version will have a different Ai face than the Triple Diamond model, because those golfers swing at a different speed, with different swing paths, different spin rates, etc . . . incredible.

PINGG430 Max 10K

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10k MOI, that’s a legit milestone in golf club design, and it’s no surprise that PING is the comapny to achieve it. According to Ping Design Engineering Manager Travis Milleman, the new G430 Max 10k is the first time the company took a driver to the absolute limit of heel-to-toe/front-to-back dimensions. 460 is the volume limit, but there also is a size dimension limit, and the engineers at PING used every bit of that limit to achieve rarified forgiveness metrics. The 10k is noticeably larger at address, and as Milleman points out, “we had to go a bit shallower with the face profile to accommodate the larger sized clubhead, but this also allowed us to go a bit thinner as well.” Turbulators sit atop an ultra-lightweight composite crown that wraps into the heel and toe sections of the skirt. Weight savings are reallocated to lower the CG, reduce spin and raise MOI for increased ball speed.


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Early indicators are that Cobra’s new DARKSPEED line of drivers aren’t just awesome in appearance, they’re also superfast ball speed launchers. The DARKSPEED line features a unique shape and weight configuration to optimize performance for each type of player. According to Cobra’s Mike Yagley, DARKSPEED LS was created for the fastest swingers who need lower spin and desire more shot shaping control, designed with the highest rear section, a deeper face, and a more compact look at address. The 8-degree LS version is an evolution of a long drive prototype head used by Kyle Berkshire – it features a smaller profile and a more aerodynamic head shape for the fastest swingers. The DARKSPEED X model is aimed at the widest range of players looking for a combo of fast ball speed and forgiveness, featuring a medium height rear skirt. The DARKSPEED MAX is aimed at players who require the most forgiveness and/or a draw bias, featuring the lowest rear CG and the highest MOI of the three models. ADVANCED AERO SHAPING is a staple of the DARKSPEED line, enabling players of all ability levels to achieve the fastest speeds possible.


PING – Blueprint T/Blueprint S

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Blueprint T is a refinement of the original Blueprint irons found in the bags tour players who prefer the look and feel of a compact muscle-back iron. Created for the highly skilled player wants to shape their shots. Blueprint T is engineered as a single-block of 8620 carbon steel forging that puts a premium on controlling flight and amazing feel. Blueprint S adds forgiveness to the mix to deliver score-lowering performance. The fully forged, 8620 carbon steel head boasts a clean cavity design and optimized CG for distance and trajectory control. Precision-Pocket Forging, a patented process that creates a pocket in the cavity, saves weight to increase forgiveness in the 3, 4 & 5 irons.

Titleist – T100/T150

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Feel is a must for better players, and according Titleist’s Product Line Director of Metalwoods and Irons – Tom Fisher, “The new T100 irons have reset the standard of feel in a Titleist iron by stiffening the back bar to help mute vibration and sound. Tungsten in the heel and toe internally helps forgiveness and CG for proper trajectory.” The refined, fully forged dual-cavity construction of Titleist T100 produces a more solid feel at impact, while the precision CNC face milling process leads to more consistent contact for greater control. Fisher also pointed out, the Vokey team helped improve the sole of the iron to move through the turf and ground more efficiently.

The T150 carries many of the same feel and performance features of the T100, but offers a slightly larger clubhead with increased, speed, distance, and forgiveness. A dialed-up version if you will . . . forged into a more confidence-inducing shape. T150 has slightly stronger lofts. According to Fisher, “The slightly larger shape provides a generous amount of forgiveness, while still maintaining a compact, Tour-inspired aesthetic.


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Titleist Vokey SM10

According to Titleist’s Aaron Luttrell, “Optimizing the center of gravity position is one of the best ways of producing the best trajectories in a wedge. Vokey SM10 wedges feature a progressive CG that is individually calibrated for each loft for maximum performance. In the higher lofts, the CG has shifted both higher and forward toward the face. This move produces lower, more controlled flight with greater stability. As Luttrell notes, “They may look similar to other Vokey models, but there’s a lot going on under the hood.” Combined with increased MOI, SM10 delivers exceptional feel and consistency. Oh, and the new nickel finish looks awesome (also available in tour chrome, and black finish), SM10 comes in six unique grinds and in 2 degree increments.

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PING – S159 Wedges

Ping has streamlined their wedge offerings into one line, combining all of the previous innovation into their new S159 Wedges. Six grinds available, Twenty-five options (46-62 degrees), with grooves on the 54 to 62 degree models more tightly spaced to improve contact and spin. A new friction-adding face blast enhances stopping power even more. Midnight and chrome finish available in every grind and loft, also lefty models available in all options.

Cleveland – CBX4 ZIPCORE & RTX Full Face2 Wedges

Cleveland’s new CBX4 ZIPCORE wedges combine the game improvement features of a cavity back with the aesthetic of a more traditional wedge. CBX 4 is designed with forgiveness and versatility in mind for the masses, but with sole grinds preferred by better players. A leading edge bounce camber helps reduce digging, the CBX4 is available from 44 to 60 degrees.

Cleveland’s RTX FULL-FACE 2 wedges are designed for the highly skilled shortgame player who prefers to play open faced recovery shots. The new RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges feature hosel-to-toe grooves and an extended, high toe profile to make easy work of those exact situations. HydraZip spin and UltiZip grooves plus more ZipCore helps you get up and down even in the toughest situations.


TRUE Linkswear – LUX2

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Initially thought to be a top secret “classified” product during my visit to the TRUE Linkswear booth – the Lux2 was unveiled to the world via Instagram by TRUE’s head honcho – Jason Moore later in the day. For the people who have craved TRUE style, but wanted a mega stable platform with a spiked outsole – your cries have been heard. This is a game changer for the PNW brand that has built it’s reputation on comfort and lifestyle versatility.

The Lux2 features a full grain leather upper and a carbon fiber plate in the sole construction for stability and a bit more spring for each rip off the tee. 40+ years ago, the English rock band – The Kinks had a song, “Give The People What They Want” , TRUE has done just that, and we’re psyched. It may be a bit before this prototype reaches your feet, but Brandon Wallach said to us, “24 is coming in hot.”

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Lux G

The new Lux G (available in April) features TRUE’s ever popular spikeless outsole and a new combo TPU/Knit upper. The Lux G is the brand’s first shoe that boasts and athletic fit and feel, and happens to be fully waterproof. A modern aesthetic for those who appreciate the comfort and versatility of a spikeless in a links tread.

ECCO – Lt1

ECCO’s new Lt1 golf shoes features LYTR Foam, which is embedded in the sole via ECCO’s FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology. The foam combines in the midsole with a soft PHORENE™ to provide contoured comfort, stability and energy return. The new E-DTS™ outsole offers multi-directional traction and durability. A waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry from any outside elements, and ECCO’s premium leather only adds to the aesthetic and quality feel of the Lt1. The Lt1 is available in lace or BOA®, and when combined with ECCO’s removable insole, consumers have options to customize their fit.

ECCO’s BIOM G5 BOA (also known as the Lydia Ko model) is the no-compromise Ferrari of women’s golf shoes, featuring just about anything you’d want in a golf shoe . . . although Lydia plays and prefers a fully cleated shoe, look for the highly requested hybrid spikeless model coming out early in ’24.


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Footjoy’s newest model the PRO SLX is the next evolution of it’s best selling Pro SL. The Pro SLX features a completely new sporty upper design and “StratoFoam,” in the midsole to absorb impact, provide proper energy return, and supply comfort all day long on the links.

A new innovation called the “PWR TRAX System,” features a 3D X-Wing chassis that redistributes energy to the perimeter of the shoe. High-Performance race cars and their wide platforms that maximize traction and stability were the inspiration for the outsole design. Carbon version offers enhanced stability for fast swing speed players.

FOOTJOY Premier Series – Field

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The new FootJoy Premiere Series Field LX adds another dimension of style to the Premier lineup. The tag line for this new model is ‘Inspired by then, supercharged for now.’ The Premier Series Field LX brings a modern classic and fuses them with the very latest VersaTrax+ sole construction technology. We can’t wait to review these sweet kicks.

PAYNTR – Carbitex Trainer

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Payntr presented a really cool booth that included this display showing off gear for brand ambassador and President’s Cup International Team Captain Mike Weir

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Payntr’s new Trainers with Carbitex aren’t golf specific, but we thought they were way too cool to leave out. And as Mike Glancy Co-Founder and Creative and Development Director of PAYNTR GOLF explains, “Everyone is preparing their bodies to play golf, why not take our technologies and put them into a training shoe? It’s great in the gym, on the road, on the range, crossfit, etc.” Glancy was wearing a version with an upper that had a carbon-fiber aesthetic, those had us wanting. Since training has now become such a big part of the game, especially for the younger generation, these made me want to go to the gym or the range.

SKECHERS – Go Golf Blade GF

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Skechers has so many worthy new golf footwear models coming out this year, but our favorite is the GO GOLF Blade GF – Slip-ins® worn by tour pro, Matt Fitzpatrick. The GG Blade GF are designed with Skechers Hands Free Slip-ins® technology and ther exclusive Heel Pillow™. According to Skechers Public Relations Manager Performance – Arlene Guerrero, “The Blade GF offers a premium tour proven quality waterproof golf shoe with extreme comfort, support, and all day stability.” Additional features include lightweight and resilient ECOFLIGHT™ cushioning made partly from recycled materials. The GRIPFLEX TPU outsole provides outstanding traction and stability, and high-performance Resamax® cushioning for all-day comfort.

Available in three colorways.

Under Armour – Drive Pro

Jake Haley, Head of UA Golf Footwear was giddy during our visit to test these at Demo Day: “Having teased the launch of this product for the last year, we are now incredibly excited to launch the new Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL at Demo Day of this year. UA employed Biomechanics expert JJ Rivet to produce a 3-layer system that supports the natural motion of the foot, featuring diagonal and lateral support for golfers to optimize power and speed for increased distance. UA is confident that you’ll perform your best wearing the Drive Pro. UA Drive Pro global retail launched on February 1st.

UA – Phantom

Under Armour’s Phantom spikeless caught our eye while out at Demo Day testing Drive Pro. UA took the comfort of your favorite sneaker and created a versatile spikeless golf shoe. Phantom is styled like a training shoe but with directional rubber studs for ultimate traction, and a waterproof upper to keep you firing at flags even in the toughest course conditions.

Duca Del Cosma – Dandy White

For the sophisticated golfer, Duca Del Cosma’s Dandy White catches the eye, and exudes elegance and class like very few others in the footwear category. Italian Nappa leather upper, and Arneflex memory foam insert provides extreme comfort. The lightweight TR sole shares the same tour proven design as the Joost Luiten tour model (JL2) – offering the superb traction while an integrated shank bridge provides stability.

Puma – Phantom Cat Nitro

Puma’s PHANTOMCAT Nitro – According to Puma’s Andrew Lawson, “Our studies have shown that very few golfers actually replace their spikes, so we asked ourselves, why are we making shoes with removal cleats. We went one step further and molded a figure-8 shaped cleating system into the outsole. No cleat receptacles in the sole allows for more foam – which makes the shoe more comfortable, and with more contact area with the ground, better traction is the result.”

Golf Balls


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Bridgestone’s new B Series with MindSet is the first ball scientifically designed to help you separate analytical thoughts from athletic performance – a visual tool used by Jason Day to help free your mind in order to reach your own peak performance without the clutter and expectation of results getting in the way of the process. The MindSet cue on the golf ball is a reminder to go thru three simple steps:

  • Step One: IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET.  The first step is information gathering.  Where is my target, what is the distance, wind conditions and what club do I need to hit?
  • Step Two: VISUALIZE THE SHOT PATH.  This step is about connecting to the target and visualizing the shot or putt you want to hit.
  • Step Three:  FOCUS ON THE DOT.  In this step, you stay connected to the target, clear your mind of analytical thoughts, focus on the green dot and execute the shot you visualized.

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Titleist Director of Golf Ball Product Management Frederick Waddell gave us the scoop on the new AVX golf balls, “AVX has a cult following of golfers looking for all of the spin and control they can get in a ProV1, but they love that AVX gives them that “fountain of youth” distance with the irons. The AVX features a slightly tweaked core section and mantle layer that still pulls the spin down in the long game clubs and the irons offering that lower penetrating flight, but thanks to a new softer urethane cover, they don’t need to sacrifice shot stopping control around the greens.” And AVX is priced a bit less than ProV1/ProV1x.

Callaway – Chrome Series Golf Balls

Callaway introduces three new premium orbs in 2024 – Chrome Tour, Chrome Soft, and Chrome Tour X. According to Callaway’s Jason Finley, the Chevron’s latest line of golf balls feature an new hyperfast core, a new dimple pattern for enhanced aerodynamics and the softest urethane cover they’ve ever produced. The Tour X integrates the company’s trademark hexagonal and pentagonal shapes with spherical dimples to increase stability in flight. The Chrome Tour – a softer, more penetrating version of the Tour X, while the Chrome Soft provides softer feel for the recreational player seeking his best performance via a tour quality ball.

Tech/GPS Gear


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Call it a portable speaker, call it an audible GPS, call it a badass handheld thumper, you’re not wrong. The boys from Blue Tees have done it again with their new PLAYER GO GPS Speaker. Hang it, hold it, stand it up or mount it on your cart with its powerful magnetic strip. This lil jam box carries a punch – according to Blue Tees Co-Founder Drew Koehler, “The PLAYER GO is equipped with a 48mm driver in the speaker, is IPX7 waterproof and can be paired up with the PLAYER+ (Click HERE to read our PLAYER+ review) to provide your tunes in stereo sound. The PLAYER GO performs as an audible GPS device when paired with the Blue Tees Game app to provide front/middle/back distances to your target (distances to hazards as well).” Available this spring –


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The industry leader’s flagship rangefinder for ’24 is the new Bushnell PRO X3+. According to Bushnell’s Candice Wood, “This device has all of the features of the PRO X3 (like temperature and altitude readings), but also has an internal compass and a display that indicates headwind/downwind speed and crosswind speed via bluetooth through the Bushnell smartphone app. The unit pulls weather information every 60 seconds to provide wind direction and speed. 100 % waterproof, Choice of Black or Red color display, bite magnetic mount, and locking slope switch all included. Available in March.

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ShotScope – PRO ZR

Fans of the UK based ShotScope brand will be thrilled with their new top of line – PRO ZR laser rangefinder. According to Shotscope’s Head of Marketing Lyndsey Whitefield, “The PRO ZR features a DuraShield Hardshell that offers a premium feel with maximum durability in a stylish metallic gunmetal finish, accuracy to within a yard, Target-lock vibration, Rapid-fire detection, Slope, Magnet, Red/Black optics, free access to GPS Maps, and 1500 yard capacity (YES, 1500!).” Available in early February.

TecTecTec – Team8E

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Thousands of golfers work on their game and chase the sun in the evening – playing solo, for those players – TecTecTec has introduced the new Team8 E, the world’s first GPS Golf earbuds. According to Steve Henneman of TecTecTec, the Team8 E does all of the things that normal headphones do – play music, take phone calls, etc, but the Team8 E also features audible GPS yardages when connected to the TecTecTec mobile app. Team8 E provides front/middle/back distances on approaches, as well as hazards distances, and if you do a tap and hold the earbuds will provide the distance you hit your drive. Genius stuff . . . available in yellow and gray.

SKYGolf – PRO 5X

During our visit to the SkyGolf booth, Product and Corporate Training Specialist Clay Simpson gave me the demonstration on the new SkyCaddie PRO 5X Tourbook, and he referred to it as an electronic yardage book . . . and then proceeded to show me why. For those who don’t like to use laser rangefinders, the PRO 5X or “electronic yardage book” may help you enjoy the game more, and help with the course management aspect of your game. Being completely interactive, the PRO 5X allows the golfer to zoom in/out, turn the features so that no matter where you are, you have an accurate distance and visual on what you’re trying to achieve on the next shot. The device has a dual GPS antenna and a dual GPS engine making it more accurate than any other device SkyGolf has ever produced. Purchase includes a 1 year free subscription. Also new, is SkyGolf’s Super Tags that offers 18 data points in 5 different swing positions, for putting – it offers 15 different data points.


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Golfers have back issues, that’s just the way it is – the human body wasn’t designed to standstill and rotate at high speeds, all while being bent from the waist at a 45 degree angle. You hurt, and need recovery for tomorrow. Enter HYPERICE and their Venom 2 Back belt. The Venom 2 Back by Hyperice is the most advanced heat and massage wrap on the market. Designed with HyperHeat™ technology for consistent heating, the Venom 2 heats up 6x faster than a standard heating pad providing instant, soothing relief to sore muscles. HYPERICE recovery products are used by many of the top athletes in the world including Patrick Mahomes and Christian McCaffrey.

Walking Trolleys/Bags

ZERO FRICTION – STRIDE (Automated Golf Bag/Trolley)

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Last year, this product was at the show in prototype form, this year it was a standout product at the 71st PGA Show. Zero Friction extends it’s family of mobilized golf bags into the automated category with it’s new STRIDE – for the golfer who has everything, and prefers to walk the course,. This touch of a button trolley/golf bag can traverse just about any type of terrain, and runs on a lithium battery that will easily go for 54 holes per charge. STRIDE has a follow mode that will walk with you wherever you lead it around the course.

The design of this automated golf bag is genius, and its versatility makes this a highly desired item for the affluent golfer who is willing to pay for innovation. The all-terrain wheels pop off in seconds as well as the legs that fold up into the chassis flat where the bag can also be used on a conventional golf cart, and fit easily in your car’s trunk. The Stride weighs 15 pounds, has a remote control and an internal gyroscope. The wide rear wheels give STRIDE a stable base to keep upright on uneven ground, and provides proper traction when climbing hills, and when engaging it’s self-braking action down steep slopes. If it had any more options and made inter-galactic sounds, you’d swear it was the next iteration of R2D2.


Stitch introduced their MIY SL2 Golf Bag at the PGA Show, MIY stands for “Make It Yours”. Designed so you can build and refine your bag for years to come with special features. The Make It Yours™ Program features all new upgrades. The bag comes completely customizable, allowing you to select your chassis, strap, and saddle pocket color plus you can even add your initials. The new SL2 has 50% more storage space than the original with the new GT Saddle Pocket to carry everything you need for your round, The pockets feature YKK Tough Zippers built for top-shelf durability as well as a magnetic pocket designed to carry a dozen golf balls, plus a felt valuables pocket.

BatCaddy – EVO

BATCADDY’s new EVO is a walking trolley that features Smart Follow Technology through Intelligent Auto-Tracking via it’s own remote control and will accommodate any bag. The entire set up equipped with battery is 25 lbs that easily folds into your vehicle trunk space. Advanced stability geometry keeps your sticks upright, even on the most challenging terrain. Quick-release rear wheels for easy storage.



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The Dunning booth is the first apparel company we visit every year, the styles are timeless and the quality is top shelf. From 1/4 zip sweaters to performance hoodies, polos, pants and shorts, there’s a good chance if you catch up with us while traveling or on the links at home, we’ll be in Dunning apparel. Dunning is a big supporter of the Women’s game and the LPGA, and will be the official outfitter of the 2024 U.S. Solheim Cup Team this September in Virginia. Dunning Golf apparel is sold at more than 1,500 better country club and resort shops across the country and online at

FootJoy – Outerwear

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FootJoy’s outerwear layering pieces and waterproof garments have always held a high standard in the industry. Certain detailed innovations like all-weather jackets featuring specifically placed knit panels in arms and back for increased movement and flexibility in the golf swing, a grip dry pocket that allows your club grip to remain dry in even the wettest of conditions (that was introduced at last year’s show). This year, FJ introduced their Hydrolite X Rain Hoodie (pictured right), that features elastic cinch strings with fasteners all but eliminating the old dangling drawstrings.

Training Aids


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Kavooa in the ancient language of Hebrew means stable. Dylan Horowitz was searching for a device to help him keep his head stable during the golf swing while he was a junior in high school, when he created a homemade device with a tripod and two Star Wars light sabers – he essentially created the prototype device that is now known as Kavooa.

Kavooa is an adjustable tri-pod that can move up n down from 15″ to 65″ and can also move side to side to accommodate virtually any swing flaw you’re working on. For example, head movement, hip sliding, swing plane, too shallow/too steep, etc. Kavooa can even be setup to work on putting drills. The team refers to it as the “Swiss Army Knife of golf training aids” because of its versatility to help you with any part of your golf game. Their website features 8 videos on drills to help you use Kavooa to improve your game. Created with the help of Rick Sessinghaus (Colin Morikawa’s longtime coach), everything is included for $129.


Mission Resort

If you mention Florida golf to just about anyone from another state, usually the initial impression or comments you’ll hear, relate to the stereotype of

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