Bushnell Tour V6 Shift & Wingman View Review – Cool Tech Devices for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching on June 18th, Bushnell Golf offers up two of their latest distance-measuring innovations – the Tour V6 Shift rangefinder and Wingman View GPS speaker featuring audible and visual distance readouts. Who doesn’t love some new tech gear? Here’s the 411 . . .

Tour V6 Shift

According to Bushnell, the Tour V6 Shift utilizes new and improved electronics, and is the most accurate, consistent and longest-ranging Tour series laser Bushnell Golf has ever released.

Tour V6 Shift features an improved iteration of its Pinseeker feature with “Visual JOLT” – when you have locked onto the flag, a red ring now flashes as JOLT vibrates, to give you tremendous reassurance that you have locked onto the flag.

  • Tour-trusted Slope formula gives you the most precise Slope compensated distances – used and trusted by 99% of PGA Tour pros.
  • The most weather-resistant (IPX6) Tour series laser Bushnell Golf has ever made.
  • Bushnell Golf’s exclusive BITE magnetic mount allows you to easily mount the Tour V6 Shift right on the cart bar.
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty – Your Bushnell® Golf Tour V6 Shift laser rangefinder is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years after the date of purchase.

Wingman View

Bushnell’s original Wingman was a game-changer for golfers looking to enhance their on-course experience. Now with the introduction of the Wingman View, golfers can enjoy the experience even more. The new model allows you to listen to your music on the course (or off) and get both audible and visual distances while playing – featuring high-quality audio and a viewable LCD screen that provides distance and music information.

  • EASY-TO-READ LCD SCREEN – The Wingman View features the same outstanding sound quality you’ve come to expect from Bushnell Golf, with a new LCD screen that provides visual distance and music information.
  • HIT THE BUTTON FOR AUDIBLE FRONT, CENTER, BACK OF GREEN CALL-OUTS – Get audible distance readings, from 36,000+ courses worldwide, through the Wingman View by simply pressing the remote button.
  • VIEW HAZARD DISTANCES -Get up to 6 audible and viewable hazard distances per hole on the Wingman View with the LCD screen.
  • INTEGRATED BITE MAGNETIC CART MOUNT – Wingman View features Bushnell’s franchise feature BITE magnetic mount that allows you to easily attach the Wingman View right on the cart bar.
  • REMOVABLE BITE REMOTE – The redesigned Wingman View remote allows you to get GPS distances, adjust volume, change songs, play sound bites and 1st tee introductions.
  • POWER FOR 36 HOLES – The rechargeable battery of the Wingman View is long lasting and provides up to 10 hrs (2 rounds of golf typically) on a charge.
  • Bushnell Golf App – Unlock useful information like hole layouts with distance, 3D flyovers with distance, and wireless course updates.

When the golf is over, bring the Wingman View out for more portable musical enjoyment . . .


Recently we spent a Mandatory Golf Friday on the course with both the Tour V6 Shift and the Wingman View. There’s a reason why Bushnell is the industry standard, and the Tour V6 Shift only helps bolster that reputation. Everything about this device screams top-shelf quality – from its instant readouts, crisp visuals and the new pinseeker “visual JOLT” is a home run. Even the smallest details, like the focus ring that has just the right amount of tension to stay in its setting (just about every value-based rangefinder fails in this small detail). The device is the ideal size and has non-slip grip texture on both the top and bottom. The slope feature is easy and concise, and the BITE magnet grabs and holds onto the cart pillar with reliability. The orange and white trim keeps its whereabouts visible at all times, and the chrome lens frame adds a nice touch. A flawless device.

The Wingman View caught our eye during our visit to the Bushnell booth at the PGA Show earlier this year. Geared for those who want to be entertained and have best-in-class GPS technology, Wingman View is for you. The featherweight remote fits right in your pocket and allows you to adjust volume, cycle thru songs, and get audible yardages without needing to go back to the cart.

Wingman View works in tandem with the Bushnell Golf app on your smartphone allowing hole-by-hole interactive onscreen navigation of course layouts (image below) which is highly informative. I used both devices throughout the round, and concluded it just comes down to preference. For those casual rounds on a cart, the Wingman View is quite efficient and an absolute blast to use.


Whether you’re a loyal laser rangefinder user, or a GPS golfer, Bushnell has you covered.

Why pick just one device, if you want – Tunes, Audible Distances, Interactive Hole by Hole mapping, LCD Distance Display, Visual JOLT, Slope and more. Both devices can be yours for about the cost of a new driver (Tour V6 Shift $399, Wingman View $199).

The golf experience will never be the same again . . .

For more info: https://www.bushnellgolf.com/


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