Product Review: Cleveland’s New RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges

During our visit with Cleveland/Srixon at the PGA Show in Orlando, the new RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges caught our eye, primarily because they weren’t hideous like so many other OEM “High-Toe” models that have been introduced over the last few years. Cleveland isn’t the first OEM to produce a tour style wedge with complete groove coverage across the the entire face, but they might be the first to design one with some appeal to better players. Of course form follows function, and the RTX Full-Face 2 isn’t just a pretty face, they’re designed to deliver exceptional versatility and give skilled golfers everything they need to tackle open-face shots with confidence.

According to Casey Shultz, Senior Product Manager at Cleveland Golf: “Skilled players wanting that extra element of control with their greenside play will reap the benefits from an added HydraZip face technology to maximize performance in wet or dry conditions, which works alongside ZipCore technology for even more forgiveness and consistency when you want to take on those riskier shots.


RTX Full-Face 2 Wedges are equipped with HydraZip technology – a dynamic blast and laser-milled line system integrated into the face of the Wedge. This unique treatment helps maximize spin in wet or dry conditions, or from anywhere around the green. The lasered micro-milling lines are angled toward RTX Full-Face 2’s grooves, adding more roughness and friction at impact.

RTX Full-Face 2 features improved UltiZip grooves. Across the striking area, UltiZip helps to cut through grass and debris at contact, for added bite at impact. Meanwhile, a high-toe profile enlarges the striking area for added confidence on aggressive short-game shots.

Packed with even more of Cleveland Golf’s proprietary ZipCore material, RTX Full-Face 2 gives players better short-game consistency and forgiveness. ZipCore helps position the Center of Gravity closer to where the club strikes the ball for more consistent performance and enhanced forgiveness. RTX Full-Face 2 features up to 96% more ZipCore material compared to its predecessor, which results in MOI gains of up to 13%.

Loft/Grinds Available

RTX Full-Face 2 features three versatile sole grind options, each optimized based on loft groupings. For lower lofts ranging from 50°- 52°, an S-Shaped sole with 8° of bounce, provides an optimal balance of control and maneuverability. Sand Wedge lofts feature a similar S-Shaped sole, but with more bounce at 10° for tackling bunker shots. Lofts of 58° and higher, feature a C-Shaped sole with 8° bounce, designed for flops or escapes from challenging lies.

*For those seeking a custom Wedge experience, Cleveland Golf’s Tour Rack program is available for RTX Full-Face 2. These raw Wedges can be customized and personalized with the player’s preferred sole grinds, leading edge shape, and more.



I opted to test RTX Full-Face2 in 54 & 58 degree models to match the current lofts to what’s currently in my bag. Immediate impressions were extremely positive. We’ve already mentioned these are by far the best looking of all the full face (“high-toe”) wedges in the marketplace, and out on the course it took no-time for these fit right into my game with very little getting used to. Any new grooves will improve shortgame performance, but these are a game changer around the greens. Not sure how often I’d need the high-toe section, but it works fantastic out of the rough. I couldn’t tell you which technology – whether it was ZipCore, UltiZip, or HydraZip that should take the lion’s share of the credit for the superior stopping power from wet turf, so let’s just say it’s a collaborative team effort. The grind and bounce in each wedges (S grind/10 degree in 54, and C grind/8 degree in 58), offered versatility, allowing me to pull off the chosen shot with the golf ball reacting as I hoped in virtually every type of scoring situation. Distances were fine on full shots, but if I could change one thing, it would be the stock DG Spinner Tour Issue shaft – it felt a bit too heavy and stout for the masses (KBS Tour or Nippon Modus 3 – 115 would be a preferable). Also, I’m not sure why you’d need a Full-Face gap wedge since those clubs are primarily used for full swings and lower chips shots, but Cleveland offers both a 50 & 52 degree option. I could easily see these making their way into my bag this year, an emphatic thumbs up.

RTX Full-Face 2 Tour Satin available RH 50-64 degree, LH 54-64 degree in $179.99, RTX Full-Face 2 Tour Rack available RH only 50-64 degree $199.99 – visit


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