Clinch Tactile Glove – Ideal All-Weather Performance

In climates like the Southeastern United States, the Pacific Northwest, and certainly the UK and Ireland, the typical Cabretta leather glove isn’t ideal gear for everyday weather conditions like excessive heat and humidity, rain, and dampness. For those consistently dealing with such elements – Clinch Golf has introduced the Clinch Tactile Glove 


The Clinch Golf Tactile Glove is unlike any on the market today. It features a modern design and innovative fabric to ensure a no-slip grip with every swing. It’s lightweight, breathable, durable and lasts up to twice as long as regular gloves. The glove features a proprietary CrushGroove fabric, for a superior grip with a poly-spandex blend fabric for a flexible fit and maximum breathability.  An internal thermoplastic urethane (TPU) overlay supports a snug feel and inhibits wear and tear. Additionally, the gloves are machine washable and phone-friendly. 

“Playing golf this time of year, in Oregon especially, means you can experience a downpour one minute and sunshine the next, so a performance glove that grips in pouring rain or record heat is indispensable,” said Matt Mahoney, Clinch Golf co-founder.


Like many softgoods products, gloves are more of a personal preference and honestly, there are very few that we are impressed by. In South Florida where we play a majority of our golf, it wouldn’t be odd to see players (including myself) with 7 or 8 leather gloves hanging on the straps of their golf bags. In ultra-humid climates like ours, you replace your glove after sweating through it in your warm-up, probably by hole 3 or 4, you grab another . . . and by the end of the round 3 or 4 gloves have been vanquished.

I’ve now played several complete rounds (including warm-ups) with the Tactile glove and the more humid and wet the conditions became, the better the grip. The Clinch glove is similar to a standard rain glove, but in a refined iteration. Actual sizing provides a superb snug fit, and premium materials add comfort and durability. Another nice feature is its light weight which has allowed me to leave it on while putting, without experiencing any loss of feel on the greens.

If you’re looking for an all-weather alternative to your typical leather glove, check out Clinch Golf and their Tactile Glove. Available in blue, black, gray, and forest green in sizes XS through XL – $25.


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