Shot Scope PRO ZR Rangefinder

UK based Shot Scope recently launched their new flagship product – the PRO ZR laser rangefinder at the PGA Show in January, and according to Shot Scope’s Lyndsey Whitefield, “The PRO ZR features a DuraShield hardshell that offers a premium feel with maximum durability in a stylish metallic gunmetal finish, accuracy to within a yard, Target-lock vibration, Rapid-fire detection, Slope, Magnet, Red/Black optics, free access to GPS Maps, and 1500 yard capacity . . . I’m not sure where you’d need it, but YES, 1500 yards!”

Clean looking and highly functional, the PRO ZR is aimed at taking its place among the top shelf devices in the marketplace, but at a more reasonable price point. The built-in magnet has become a standard must-have feature in today’s laser rangefinders.

The PRO ZR fits comfortably in your hand with all of the functional buttons in the proper locations. The device boasts Shot Scope’s fastest-firing rangefinder to date – with enhanced Rapid-fire detection and Target-lock vibration. The blue slope switch located on the front left toggles easily between off/on mode.

This exploded view illustrates several layers of the construction built into making the PRO ZR Shot Scope’s most durable device to date. The crystal-clear LCD display features dual optics of Red or Black. 6x magnification provides optimum distance measuring performance and on-course experience


Just about everything about the PRO ZR is spot on, especially – dual optics, speed/accuracy, button functions/placement, weight, grip, slope switch, construction and of course – value. I am a big fan of the new hardshell design (previous models consisted of lightweight plastic, which was acceptable for the economical pricepoint). This finally gives Shot Scope that premium type of device that will survive a drop onto hardscape. There wasn’t a single performance metric that left me wishing I had another device during a recent trip to play Orlando, but the PRO ZR didn’t escape without a blemish.

My one small gripe – the cart magnet is mediocre at best. In fact, when hitting a patch of bumpy cart path at Championsgate’s International course, the PRO ZR came flying off the cart post and luckily landed in a patch of grass un harmed. Upon closer inspection, the magnet attaches just fine, but doesn’t have the strongest gripping power. The good news is, this would seem to be the easiest and least costly component to upgrade in future production.

We found placing the device and magnet vertically on the cart post did a slightly better job of keeping the PRO ZR in place.


Shot Scope’s PRO ZR is a jump into the big leagues for the brand based where golf was born. Standing tall vs the industry leading models in several categories . . . a proper distance measuring device with all of the bells and whistles, and a worthy contender for best value in a premium device ($299 U.S. MSRP).

*As with all Shot Scope devices, free unlimited access to all GPS maps is included via the Shot Scope App



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