Shot Scope V5 Golf GPS Watch

By Tim Alpaugh

You have arrived at a new golf course and you have selected to play the blue tees, to match your handicap. Your playing partners have not yet played this course and you stand on the first tee wondering about what to hit. You activate your Shot Scope V5 GPS Golf Watch and you are immediately presented with an overview of the hole, the distance to the fairway bunker and, more importantly, the carry distance, and you know that 248 yards will put you through the dogleg and into the rough. Advantage you.

Put away those yardage books, stop wandering around looking for a sprinkler head, and stop cursing the bunker you found on a blind tee shot. There are a number of options when it comes to knowing the distance to hazards and the pin. There are a few different choices when it comes to track shot statistics. There is also an assortment of methods of seeing what each hole holds in store for you. In the realm of GPS devices, the options are many, but the choice is one. The Shot Scope V5 provides all of the aspects of golf information noted above at a price that is a remarkable value.

To list the key attributes of the V5 is to show how it separates itself from the others:
-It comes with 16 tracking plugs which allow over 100 tour level statistics to be collected
-It charges fully in less than 90 minutes allowing for two rounds of use
-It provides yardages to hazards, doglegs as well as front, middle and back pin positions
-It provides a full hole view, even on blind holes, and allows the user to scroll to determine carry of obstacles or landing zones
-It provides a built-in digital scorecard
-The watch can be configured into an assortment of faces for everyday use and the course information color can be set to the user’s preference

There are approximately 36,000 courses provided and there is no subscription fee for this data or any future updates.
The data provided can allow the user to track personal statistics from round to round, as well as season to season and to compare these to pros or golf buddies.

When arriving at the course, the V5 identified the course within a couple of minutes and my yardages were extremely accurate when checked by a range finder.

With a market price of about $249, it would be hard to find a better all-inclusive GPS, statistic tracking device on the market.

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