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By Jason Bruno

When it comes to golf distance measuring devices, it hasn't always

been a simple task to find a premium quality laser rangefinder loaded

with the latest features at a decent price point. Enter TecTecTec, who

has gained a cult following by becoming known as the company that

fills that void. Their ULT-X model featuring TLT (Target Lock Technology),

and slope is their flagship model.








To implement Slope mode for those rounds being played on elevation,

just slide out the front section, it's a simple equation: Black = Standard

(Tournament legal), Yellow = Slope mode.








Rubberized power and mode buttons are in their traditional easy to

use top position.








Many golfers struggle to lock onto flagsticks from the 150+ yards,

ULT-X features Target Lock Technology (TLT) that instantly picks up

flags all the way up to 450 yards (other objects like trees and hazards

up to 1000 yards - shown) and boasts supreme accuracy (within 0.3

yards up to 300 yds, 0.5 yards at distances up to 600 yards and 1 yard

at distances up to 1,000 yds) and 6x magnification for vivid imagery.






Finally, after course closures for most of the spring due to COVID-19,

we were able to get out on the course and field test the ULT-X. First

thoughts, nothing tricky about the ULT-X, it's straight forward (within

seconds you'll be locking in flagsticks). The viewfinder gives crisp

visuals and precise yardages displayed within tenths of a yard. The

ULT-X provides vibration when locking on to a pin, it isn't a emphatic

"jolt" but it's enough to indicate that you're on the target. Scan mode

gives instant measurements across a landscape. For those who prefer a

micro-sized laser, this it isn't the most compact of devices, it's what

we'd consider medium or standard. The construction and appearance

of the ULT-X is a that of a sturdy long lasting device that will survive

a drop or two along with thousands of rounds. CR2 battery port is the

industry standard.








At $199 the ULT-X is a pure winner in the marketplace, in fact the

biggest issue you might have is getting your hands on one. Often

sold out or on back order due to its performance and value. There's

a reason for its cult following, it's called giving the people what they

want - TecTecTec delivered with ULT-X. Rainproof, TecTecTec ULT-X

comes with its own case and battery, a 2 year warranty and 100 day

money back guarantee.


For info: https://us.tectectec.com/product/golf/golf-rangefinder/ult-x/