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Zero Friction Laser Pro SM Rangefinder PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

Zero Friction, the Chicago based company long known for their industry

leading (POWER3) golf tees and more recently their breakthrough innovation

of compression fit golf gloves, has entered the laser rangefinder category

with their new Laser Pro and Laser Pro SM. The Laser Pro SM was our test

sample - which includes Slope + Magnet.






The ZF Laser Pro SM features a pistol shaped handle with a rubber grip

for easy handling.







Aim and click, the precise distance readout will appear in the viewfinder

and the LCD display (below).








One of our favorite features of the Laser Pro SM is the convenience of the

magnetic handle that keeps the device readily available for the next shot.





* Laser Pro SM Model includes Slope + Magnet feature

  • 1000+yard range 1/- 1 yard with slope
  • conforms with USGA, R&A rules of golf and handicap guidelines
  • measurement; yards and meters
  • vibrates when locked on distance
  • waterproof device IPx5 and carry case
  • scan and pin lock modes
  • pistol shape rubber handle grip
  • easy to read LCD magnify 6x
  • lightweight 6.5oz, 182g
  • battery type; CR2-3V
  • carrying case included
  • includes the global zero friction app with over 36k courses worldwide

Also includes 10 bonus 3" ZF Power Tees





Laser Pro Carrying Case included






Testing: We tested the Laser Pro SM and immediately took a liking to

several features. First off, the device is extremely easy to use - just

point and click with the distance readout given both in the viewfinder

and on the external LCD display. The rubber pistol grip is a variation

from the typical laser and may be preferred by those who struggle to

keep the smaller device steady enough to lock onto the target. Other

features that have become a must on leading rangefinders are included

in the Laser Pro SM  - Scan and pin lock with vibration, measurements

in yards or meters and it's waterproof. Laser Pro SM has 1000+ yard

range - that may seem excessive and unnecessary, but it's always nice

to know there is no object, landmark or target beyond your reach.


The feature that we liked the best just might be the magnetic handle -

a great convenience for those who commonly take a cart to play. (For

those who walk and don't deal with excessive elevation changes, Zero

Friction offers a standard version of the Laser Pro for $100 less).


Overall, the Laser Pro SM earns high praise and cleared every hurdle

we threw at it for ease of use, accuracy, and innovation. If you're in

the market for a new laser rangefinder we highly recommend the Laser

Pro SM. Take Dead Aim . . .



Laser Pro SM MSRP $329 -





















TecTecTec ULT-G GPS Golf Watch PDF Print E-mail


By Dirck Storm

Always looking for ways to make the game easier and more enjoyable
at a great value, we recently took the TecTecTec GPS golf watch -
known as the ULT-G out for a test spin. The question, is this golf
watch an essential accessory that warrants a purchase? The ULT-G
has a list price of $119 but you can find it currently selling on
Amazon for $85. Let's dig a little deeper and give you a few more
details about this golf specific watch.


The watch comes in a relatively plain white box with highlights of
the main features of the watch displayed, company info, and inside
an instruction manual along with the USB power cord. Nothing fancy,
but you don't really care about the packaging, do you? I also contacted
them by email with a technical question and they quickly replied. So,
customer service gets an A+.


Case :44mm Resin case
Thickness : 16.4mm
Lug to Lug: Molded resin back about 42mm
Strap: 19.6 integral molded
Water Resistance : water and dust resistant
Battery life : 2 1/2 rounds rechargeable
Initial full charge time : 2 hours
Crystal :  flat non reflective
Display : LED with back light
Crown :  none ( Push Button )
Case back: Screw down Molded resin
Date :Yes
Month and Day: Yes
Battery charge Display : Yes
Weight: 55 Grams (superlight!)
Wrist size : up to 8 1/4-inch wrist
Alarm :Yes
Languages :English French German Italian Spanish

First Impressions:

Trying the watch on for the first time, it has the look and feel of a
G- Shock model. A little more rounded at the edges, a bit-more
smoothed out modern version, but basically that's the look. The
molded back is very comfortable and the watch stays firmly in
place while you swing meaning no in game adjustments while
you're playing. The band feels smooth to the skin and will fit even
the widest wrists with room to spare (mine is 8").

The initial charge was fairly simple, the charging clamp locks on
with holes in the case back, plugged into the USB port and in a
couple hours you are all charged and ready for the course. I did
take the time to go thru the instructions and learned the watch is
pre-loaded with over 38,000 courses, there's no paid subscription
charge, and I found it very easy to navigate the initial startup. It
even presets the time and date for the watch via satellite. TecTecTec
does have an app available to perform uploads of future courses or
changes through your phone, but after seeing the initial satellite
upload, I doubt I'll ever need it. All the golf courses in my area are
on the device, even the local 3-hole practice course at John Prince
Learning Center was on there, amazing!


It's very easy to get started. One button push to turn on and one
button to start the satellite download. That's it, in about 3 minutes
it displays courses within a 3-mile area, scroll up or down to select
and the watch does the rest. Automatic yardages to front back and
center are displayed and pleasantly the holes automatically update
as you move throughout the course. Push menu then hazard button
and it displays the preloaded yardage to the hazards for that hole
i.e.. LFB = Left Fairway Bunker, select it and you have the yardage
to the front of the bunker. Select EOF - End of Fairway and you know
the yardage to the end of the dogleg off the tee. Very useful yardages
that you can't get with a hand held rangefinder. There are 21 total
hazard abbreviations (shown below) that you will intuitively know.
Also, another cool feature I like is Track Shot Distance. To use it first
press the SAT button once at point A and as you walk to your ball
Point B the watch will display the yardage between Point A and B.
Now I can get accurate yardages for every club in my bag.


I've been using a laser rangefinder for years, and yes, a watch is
another thing to remember to charge before you get to the course,
but I find the TecTecTec ULT-G watch to be a very useful tool in the
arsenal needed to play this crazy game I love. If I want to score my
best, I know now that I actually need both a laser and a tool that
gives me front-back center of every green and yardages to the
hazards. Actually, if I was able to learn the game over again this
would have easily have been my first choice followed by a laser.
This watch does everything I need it to do at a price point most
can afford. It's easy to set up, easy to use on course, lightweight
and comfortable to wear during the round. Definitely worth checking














GolfLogix - Green Maps & Yardage Books PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

Golf greens reading books have been around for several years on tour,

but how many amateurs have ever considered that their green reading

skills have as much to do with their inability to make putts as their choice

of flatstick or their stroke itself.


Other then when I did some caddie work in competitive events, the

thought of using a book to read greens seemed foreign to me. So,

when the folks from GolfLogix approached us about doing a review of

their new Greens Maps & Yardage Books, I hesitated - then thought,

let's get some books of a few of the most unique greens complexes

we've experienced and put them to the test. Pictured above are the

four that we chose: California Golf Club, Cypress Point Club, Seminole

and the public access/semi-private of the group - North Palm Country




GolfLogix has 216,000 greens mapped around the world, of which

perhaps no par 4 on earth is more exquisite than the ninth hole at

Cypress Point (above). Each Greens Map & Yardage Book also includes

complete hole diagrams from tee to green.




- 14,000 Courses precisely mapped with centmeter accuracy on the

greens plus 3D yardage book fairway imagery.


- Heat Map shows precise green slopes which also provides where to

aim to get your approach shots close.

- Putt Break view boosts confidence through a proper read enabling

a committed stroke.


- Hole View shows hazards and yardage increments for better course






here's a zoom view of the Putt Breaks imagery of Cypress Point's ninth.





Testing: Our maiden voyage with the GolfLogix book was at North Palm

Beach Country Club, a Jack Nicklaus signature design that sits on an

elevated sand ridge along the intracoastal waterway (about 2 miles south

of Seminole Golf Club) and is known for having some of the most undulated

greens in the area. My initial thought was, if everybody carries around a

greens book it might take forever to play a round of golf. For me it took a

hole or two to get used to using the book. Just the process of finding the

hole I'm playing and getting the correct orientation of the green to where

my ball was positioned in relation to the hole location. By the second hole,

my focus was locked-in as I faced a tricky 8 footer for birdie and was

baffled by the read, specifically the grain influence vs slope. I used the

Putt Breaks diagram, trusted the read and poured it in. Huh, that seemed

easy, dare I say it felt almost like cheating, but that's not for me to decide -

this was a test in progress . . .


I continued to use the book throughout the round and anytime I second

guessed its directional suggestion (and I did), it proved me wrong.

On the par 5 thirteenth I faced this putt (above), from the green dot

where ball settled in two just inside the collar, leaving a lengthy eagle

putt of approximately 65 feet. There's an obvious falloff that dives

towards the water on the right about 45 feet from my starting point,

but the bigger question was the first two thirds of the putt. The diagram

shows the front bunker ridge will influence the ball right to left initially

before the falloff drags to the ball right as it loses speed. So rather

than playing the putt way out to the left to start, I aimed the putt just

off the left edge of the cup. By the time the ball rolled out to the falloff

it was about 3 or 4 feet left of the cup. Over the last 15 to 18 feet

it dragged right down the slope and tumbled into the cup. Eagle 3.

Thank You GolfLogix. As I told my playing companions that day, this

review is writing itself.


Obviously, the player must still interpret what they see on the diagram

and execute the putt, but it does simplify things greatly. My suggestion

to golfers who chose to use a greens book is to get to up to your spot

on the green quickly and do the necessary studying without interrupting

the flow of play. Once you get the hang of it, it may actually speed up

your time spent on the greens and shave a few strokes off your score.


If you like making putts, check out GolfLogix Green Maps and Yardage

Books - MSRP $40, for more information:










Golf Retail Sales Soar - Surpassing $1 Billion Mark PDF Print E-mail


Golf Datatech Reports Highest Third Quarter U.S. Retail Golf Equipment

Sales Ever, Surpassing $1 Billion Mark

At $1.002 Billion in 2020 Q3, Golf Equipment Sales were 2nd Highest

Quarter since Q2 in 2008 at $1.013 Billion; 2020 Q3 Sales Up 42%

over Q3 2019


Kissimmee, FL., October 21, 2020 … As the golf business continues to

surge coming out of the worldwide shutdown from COVID-19, Golf

Datatech, LLC, the golf industry’s leading independent market research

firm for retail sales, consumer and trade trends, today announced U.S.

retail golf equipment sales for the 3rd Quarter of 2020 surpassed the

$1 billion mark. This represents the first-time sales in July, August and

September have ever exceeded $1 billion in Q3, and represents the

second highest quarter of all time (Q2 2008 sales = $1.013 billion).

Golf Datatech also reported that Q3 golf equipment sales for 2020

were up a staggering 42% over the same time period in 2019, led

by strong showings in golf bags, wedges, and irons.

“The story keeps getting better as golf continues to surge coming out

of the shutdown, and Q3 equipment sales suggests that 2020 will likely

end up positive for the entire year,” said John Krzynowek, Partner, Golf

Datatech, LLC. “Year-to-date sales for total equipment are now up 0.2%

compared to 2019, and considering the size of the hole created by the

shutdown in April and May this recovery has been nothing short of

remarkable. While the US economy will not enjoy a ‘V Shaped Recovery’

in 2020, if golf continues on this trajectory we will be there soon.”

The category leaders in sales for September were golf bags at +19%

and wedges at +18%, while golf shoes were +2%. Overall, the golf club

category was +0.9% for the month, with balls and gloves trending slightly

lower, -2.7%.

Krzynowek adds, “These month-over-month sales records are unlike

anything we’ve ever seen since Golf Datatech started tracking performance

data in 1997. Our Rounds Played data also shows similar record-breaking

growth over the past several months, which is a strong indication that

avid golfers and newcomers alike are driving the sport to new levels

right now."

For more information on Golf Datatech, call 888-944-4116 or visit













Best Links Footwear Review - Summer '20 PDF Print E-mail

By Jason Bruno

Golf shoes might be the most subjective equipment purchase that

consumers take on each golf season. When I get the question of, "I need

new golf shoes this year, what's the best? What should I get?" It's not quite

so easy to answer because there is no definitive "Best" without answering

several individual questions beforehand. Do you prefer to walk or ride?

Do you prefer a spikeless or a cleated golf shoe? Are you someone who likes

to hit shots barefoot (preferring a lower profile type of experience), or do you

favor a beefed up cushy shoe with the max foot support? Partial towards a

sporty or a more classic traditional dress style? Leather, synthetic or a

breathable knit? Equally important to the choice is fitting, standard sizing

really only exists in theory, the industry differs with each brand in both

width and length. Lastly, how much are you looking to spend? All of these

factors must be answered to determined what the "Best" golf footwear

is for you and your game. So unlike every other golf footwear review, we

focus on helping you narrow down the choices.


In our 2020 edition of the Best Links Footwear, we review an eclectic

portfolio of brands that contributed spikeless and some fully cleated

models (the industry is trending towards spikeless). A big thanks to the

ten fine brands that participated: Adidas, Footjoy, Puma, New Balance,

True Linkswear, ECCO, Under Armour and even a few newbies - Asics,

SQAIRZ and Duca del Cosma (Nike had committed, then Covid-19 took

over). It should be stated that it's pretty tough to find a truly bad golf

shoe these days. The competition is just too steep to survive in today's

marketplace with an inferior product.








Adidas Code Chaos

Adidas CodeChaos is a breath of fresh air for the Three Stripes featuring

vibrant colors, a lightweight synthetic textile upper, new Traxion spikeless

outsole and the tried and true BOOST cushioning midsole.





An upclose look at the spikeless Traxion outsole.








CodeChaos waterproof synthetic textile upper brings a lightweight

component to a tour validated offering and a BOOST midsole for a

super comfortable playing experience.


  • Waterproof textile upper
  • InSITE sockliner and Fitfoam cushioning
  • BOOST midsole with Torsion stability bar.

  • Chaos Traxion and Twist Grip hybrid spikeless outsole






Adidas recently rolled out this special edition "Summer of Golf" CodeChaos






CodeChaos is an easy on the feet/easy on the eyes shoe that proved

to be worthy as Adi's 2020 flagship links shoe. Loved everything about

wearing and playing in these. The spikeless traxion outsole is among

the finest turf gripping performers in this review.





Aesthetics: 9

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 8+

Traction: 9

Durability: 8+

Wet/Conditions: 9

Value: 8

Fit/sizing: standard/true to size (favors a slightly narrow foot)


Best Suited For:

Golfers who put a premium on comfort and prefer a sporty look,

not exactly a lifestyle or classic golf shoe, these are athletic shoes.

Adi loyalists will find CodeChaos to be lighter and sleeker than past

premium spikeless models like Tour360 SL. The pricepoint is about

where you'd expect - MSRP - $150













ECCO's new S-Three blends the best of both worlds, superb links

performance and a classy off-course vibe, which follows with the

company's ethos of being anything but ordinary shoemakers. S-

Three has the component that ECCO does better than just about

every other golf shoe brand - their premium leather upper. S-Three

upper is made with soft calf Nappa leather, second to none in quality

and feel (and also features Gore-Tex superior weatherproofing that

keeps you dry regardless of conditions).









Aesthetically, the S-Three keeps with ECCO's subtle euro styling, our

pair came in the gray colorway that the company calls Magnet (two

other color choices are available - White/Yellow trim and Concrete/

Dark Gray trim). Note the cool midsole color fade from light to dark.








ECCO's Zonal Fluidform midsole features 3 different zones of rigidity to

provide just the right amount of cushioning and stability. A double-layer

neoprene collar surrounds the ankle and achilles area for max comfort.






  • - GORE-TEX waterproof technology
  • - ZONAL FLUIDFORM midsole w/3 differing levels of rigidity
  • - E-DTS traction system 100 traction bars/800 traction angles
  • - Crafted with ECCO soft calf NAPPA leather
  • - Removable open-cell OrthoLite® insole cushioning




ECCO Dynamic Traction System is a hybrid outsole design that

provides worthy traction while being flexible and shock absorbing.



Testing: The ECCO S-Three impressed in nearly every category

on the course, but perhaps it's strongest suit is its versatility and

high quality. Wear these anywhere, the fairway or the steakhouse.

The extra insole pad is a great option not only for potential fitting

purposes, but also for those who prefer a wee bit more cushion (I'm

the guy who often adds a cushy aftermarket insole, no need with




Aesthetics: 9

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 9

Traction: 8+

Durability: 9

Wet/Conditions: 9+

Value: 8

Fit/sizing: standard, true to size)

Best Suited For: The golfer who demands tour level performance

and superior wet weather protection in a spikeless. This is the ideal

model for the golfer who prefers a lifestyle capable golf shoe. Value

wise, S-Three is on the premium $ end of the spikeless scale so expect

to pay for top shelf quality -MSRP $200.











Puma's 2020 flagship is the IGNITE PWRADAPT CAGED which features

their PWRCAGE saddle that wraps around the upper to provide the

proper fit and support. Puma's new kicks have Tour validation by way

of Bryson DeChambeau and 2019 U.S Open Champion Gary Woodland.







According to Puma's shoe creator Grant Knudson, "The full-length IGNITE

Foam cushioning platform and PWRADAPT Technology provide responsive

comfort and 3-dimensional traction that adapts to every swing and step

you make around the golf course."










  • Performance Flat Knit Mesh
  • Adaptive Fit System
  • GripZone Traction
  • Tornado Cleat
  • 1 Year Waterproof




Available in five different colorways, our pair came in Puma's Peacoat/

Silver/Quiet Shade. Standard lace and DISC version available








Puma provides a 1 year waterproof warranty on the IGNITE PWRADAPT






Testing: You won't need to be a Puma loyalist to appreciate these

treads. We've been reviewing Puma golf footwear for a decade now,

and these are the finest combination of comfort, foot support, traction

and style of the models we've tested to date. Like all PUMA golf shoes

these are a progressive modern innovation, but even traditionalists

won't be able to resist a good stroll in these. PWRADAPT CAGED does

run about a half size long in size, so make sure you're aware if

ordering online (Puma's website does note the size/fitting issue). On

the links, PWRADAPT CAGED provides the comfort of a spikeless but

the performance of a fully cleated premium tour shoe. The combo of

PWRFRAME/PWRADAPT is another worthy innovation that provides the

best fit and support of any Puma golf shoe in recent memory. We took

these out for their maiden voyage on a Friday night skins game at WP9

and promptly bagged a fist full of $$. So yeah, you can say these are

moneymakers . . .




Aesthetics/Style: 9

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 9

Traction: 10

Durability: 9

Wet/Conditions: 9

Value: 8+

Fit/sizing: Runs at least a half size longer than marked size



Best Suited For: Golfers who prefer an innovative performance

shoe that wears like a spikeless but is actually a fully cleated traction

beast. The value is even par for a shoe that compromises nothing.

MSRP $150








New Balance - Fresh Foam Links Spikeless


The New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL is a shoe built for extraordinary

comfort on the chasis of a running shoe. The Green & Yellow Masters

themed version that came out earlier this spring, with the Masters

moved to November the Magnolia Lane treads get extended interest.








Fresh Foam Links SL comes in 5 different colorways. Notice the

wide toe-box section.




  • Cush+ midsole cushioning delivers all-day comfort & support
  • Fresh Foam midsole cushioning delivers a lightweight ride
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2-Year Waterproof
  • rubber spikeless outsole has pressure mapping colors
  • Waterproof microfiber leather & mesh upper w/TPU eyestay
  • Welded forefoot water-guard for extra protection








Aesthetically, Fresh Foam Links SL is one of those shoes that either

you love or you don't. Personally, we thought the special Masters

colors give these a cool aura. Built on a lightweight cushy platform,

the FF Links SL provide the cushion of a running shoe in a links walker.

Super roomy, especially in the mid-foot and toe box area, wide footed

golfers will love these. The pressure mapping rubber outsole provides

better than average turf gripping performance.







Aesthetics/Style: 8

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 9

Traction: 8

Durability: 8

Wet/Conditions: 8

Value: 10

Fit/sizing: Wider than normal (roomy)



Best Suited For:

Golfers who prefer the lightweight feel of a running shoe, want big

comfort in a wider than normal fit, and a value that's among the

best in the industry - MSRP $120. For more info on NB Golf:










The calling card of Footjoy's FLEX XP is versatility. It has the capability

to be as cool an everyday lifestyle shoe as it is a fairway stroller.







FLEX XP features a lightweight mesh upper and a soft EVA midsole for

a cushy ride and a stable base for even the most aggressive swings.

FLEX XP comes with Footjoy's 1 year waterproof warranty.






FLEX XP comes in four colorways - Blue, White, Black and Grey.






Versa-Trax outsole does the heavy lifting, providing exceptional grip

while walking the links and provides a smooth ride whether it's 9/18

or 36 holes.





FLEX XP does a solid job of providing comfort and all-weather protection,

especially when choosing to walk the links. A superb waterproof offering

that is ideal for a trip to Bandon Dunes or any destination where the

elements come into play. FJ loyalists that prefer more foot support and

extra traction in a spikeless would be wise to go the Pro SL route. FLEX

XP is on the short list of treads I'm picking to walk in.






Aesthetics/Style: 8+

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 8-

Traction: 8

Durability: 8+

Wet Conditions: 9

Value: 9

Fit/sizing: size is slightly larger/longer fit. (go down half a size)



Best Suited For: The golfer who wants supreme comfort in a

waterproof spikeless. FLEX XP could easily become your favorite

everyday lifestyle shoe, and if so one pair won't be enough. A solid

candidate for best value in its class - MSRP of $109.99








FOOTJOY's 2020 PRO/SL features a revamped outsole with wider platform

in the heel section to improve stability in what was already the most popular

shoe on the PGA Tour.






The latest iteration features a restyled upper made from premium

ChromoSkin leather. The integrated power harness provides medial

and lateral foot support for power throughout the swing.





Six colorways, four width options and the chance to customize your

very own Pro SL is available on the FJ website.








Note the new infinity outsole with a wider base in the rear and mid-

foot that provides greater stability. According to Footjoy this '20 edition

provides 30% more points of traction.





The new Pro SL definitely improved on what was already one of the very

best spikeless on the market. No surprises - Great snug fit, superb comfort

and the finest traction of any non-cleated footwear. 36 holes walking in

these is a no-brainer. When you buy a tour level Footjoy shoe, these are

exactly what you'd expect. These are golf's version of a can't miss shoe.




The Dual-Density midsole provides extraordinary comfort, note the

squared off rear outsole platform = stability.



Aesthetics/Style: 8+

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 8+

Traction: 9

Durability: 9

Value: 8

Wet/Conditions: 9

Fit/sizing: standard, true to size


Best Suited For: Any lover of the previous generation of Pro SL

will only appreciate these even more. Comfort, stability and sporty

style in a tour validated best seller. Value would grade a bit higher if

it was priced in the $149 range. MSRP $169 (BOA version $199).










As noted in the review of the standard PRO/SL, the '20 iteration is certainly

improved, but when FJ took it another step further with their Pro/SL

Carbon, they gave the hard swinging alpha player a shoe that is the

BOSS of the spikeless category.







The new wider sole platform teamed with a carbonfiber inlay provides

next level stability and energy return.







Sideview of the rear and midfoot featuring an integrated Power

Harness that provides wrapped support to help you reach peak

performance. FJ Pro/SL Carbon comes in black and white colorways.






Two blends of FTF (Fine Tuned Foam) combined with a TPU molded sole

provides worthy cushioning for maximum comfort.







ORTHOLITE IMPRESSIONS FIT-BED make your feet happy, while 3D

molded collar adds a bit of extra support for your ankles.



Testing: At first glance, these appear as just another pair of Pro/SL,

but once you put them on and walk in them, you realize these are a

different beast, a Pro/SL on steroids. The carbon fiber component

provides next level stability and noticeable support to those parts of

the foot that work in harmony with the terrain. For an all-day walking

36 holer, these could be an edge. I can say for sure, these will be

packed for the upcoming trip to Bandon. . .





Aesthetics/Style: 9

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 9+

Traction: 9

Durability: 9

Value: 8

Wet/Conditions: 9

Fit/sizing: standard, true to size



Best Suited For: Any FJ loyalist or golfer seeking max foot support

in a spikeless. At an MSRP of $199, you can question the value, but when

you go for that high-performance exotic sports car you don't think value,

you think performance. In the spikeless categoy, this is the Ferrari . . .













TRUE's OG Premium kicks were inspired by the thought of putting all of

its finest into a top of the line fairway strider. Once considered to have a

cult following, TRUE Linkswear's reputation for comfort, quality and lifestyle

versatility has grown into a legion of fashionable links loyalists.







  • - TRUE Premium Supple Vintage Full Grain Leather
  • - Water and Oil Repellant Upper
  • - 80,000 Step Dynamic Waterproofing (2 year guarantee)
  • - Lightweight - 12.7 oz. (size 9 M)
  • - Cross-Life Tread for Maximum Versatility
  • - Natural Width Toe Box for Comfort






The guys from TRUE are based in the Pacific Northwest, so wet

conditions are what they know, full grain leather upper provides

protection from the elements and unique comfort (as they say on

their site), "OG Premium molds to your feet and breaks in like a

well-oiled baseball glove." Available in 3 colorways - White/Nubuck,

Nubuck, Gray.





Testing: The OG Premium is the most complete golf shoe from

TRUE that we've reviewed. A really cool look and very comfortable

fit with a roomy toe box. All of the joys of wearing your favorite

shoes in a high quality spikeless offering. The outsole is a flexible

turf gripping Cross-Life tread that's worthy of any conditions thrown

your way. A soft extra thick insole pad provides much appreciated

top level comfort. Wear the OG Premium anywhere post round, gotta

love the versatility. One pair of OGP might not be enough because

you're gonna want to wear these everyday once you lace them up.

A pair of those classy nubucks are in our future for sure.




Aesthetics/Style: 9+

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 9

Traction: 8+

Durability: 9

Value: 7+

Wet/Conditions: 9

Fit/sizing: standard to size (Roomy toe box)



Best Suited For: The golfer who wants a super versatile spikeless

that looks nothing like a typical golf shoe. The most cushioning of the

TRUE line, OGP just might become your favorite pair of shoes you own.

A bit pricey, but the craftsmanship and quality is off the chain.

MSRP - $179







TRUE Linkswear's OG FEEL was just introduced to the line this summer,

a super casual stylish knit version of the TRUE Original featuring a lean

minimalist (close to the ground/low profile) feel.








OG FEEL features a roomy width toe area and is designed on a zero

drop to enhance ground feel. Full grain leather meets stretchable knit

fabric to provide an easy fit.








  • - Fully breathable, 1-piece knit upperWater Repellent shell
  • - Flexible outsole and upper for ultimate on-course feel
  • - Zero-drop construction for optimal feel and power
  • - Reusable shoe bag in lieu of the traditional box
  • - Ultra lightweight (8.7 oz)
  • - Leather saddle and ORIGINAL lacing system for stable fit
  • - Wide toe box accommodates up to 4E
  • - Aggressive rubber tread for on-course traction and versatility






Testing: The OG FEEL (along with TRUE's ECO Knit) is the most

casual model in this review. A stylish low profile minimalist shoe for

those who don't want a big cushy feel loaded w/foot support features.

If you like that low to the turf barefoot vibe, these are for you. A roomy

toe box that will fit even the widest of hard to fit feet. OG FEEL may

be the coolest looking shoe in this review. The perfect 9 hole par 3

walking golf shoe, I even wore these down to the beach and my wife

who rarely pays attention to any golf shoe, says, "Wow, those are

really cool." So if you need a reason beyond golf, chicks dig the OG

FEEL.  Just sayin . . .




Aesthetics/Style: 10

Comfort: 8

Foot Support: 6

Traction: 8+

Durability: 7

Value: 8

Wet/Conditions: 8

Fit/sizing: standard to size (Roomy toe box)



Best Suited For: The walking player who wants to feel the terrain

and do it in classy style. OG FEEL is as much a lifestyle offering as it is

a golf shoe. A worthy companion to OG Premium that won't break the

bank. MSRP - $139 :










TRUE Linkswear ECO Knit has the SoCal style of old school VANS with

the treads of a top notch turf gripper. Made with from 100% post

consumer recycled products, ECO Knit is the first sustainable golf

footwear on the market. Now available in five colorways.








  • - Completely breathable and quick dry
  • - Ultra-light, weighing just 7.4 ounces
  • - Zero heel drop with a soft cushioned footbed
  • - 100% recycled knit upper
  • - Aggressive tread ready for the links
  • - Versatile outsole comfortable enough for everyday life






Testing: ECO Knit has a very surprising cushy feel, especially when

considering they're feather-light at 7.4 ounces. As is the heritage with

virtually every TRUE model, these are not your typical golf shoes. ECO

Knit is another that has a great chance of becoming your everyday hang

casual wear. I personally have began wearing these just about everywhere.





Aesthetics/Style: 8+

Comfort: 8+

Foot Support: 7+

Traction: 8+

Durability: 7

Value: 9

Wet/Conditions: 8

Fit/sizing: standard to size



Best Suited For: The golfer who's looking for a lightweight lifestyle

casual at a price point that wins the day. MSRP - $99. For more info

on TRUE ECO Knit:








Duca Del Cosma -- Camelot

Originating in Europe over 20 years ago and influenced by an Italian

design heritage, Duca Del Cosma combines top quality materials and

fine craftsmanship to produce their 2020 line of golf /lifestyle footwear.

We enlisted our trusty media colleague and guest contributor Ryan

Adams to assist on this review. Here's a few of his thoughts on the

Duca Del Cosma Camelot . . .


Details, details, details. That's what you're getting when it comes to the

Camelot shoe from Duca Del Cosma. Who? Duca isn't known to many in

the U.S, however, that doesn't mean its wide selection of stylish links

treads should go unnoticed. Crafty details, impeccable quality and

some European swagger will elevate your shoe game to a new level.


Camelot projects a classic flair in a modern tech spikeless offering,

featuring a perforated Nappa leather upper. The choice of Red or Navy

wax laces (both are included) speaks of luxury and feel. Camelot has

a waterproof breathable membrane in the mid-foot, which allows feet

to stay dry and comfortable. Cognac heel section adds a touch of class.

The red wax laces give the shoes a more "bowling shoe" look, whereas

the navy laces give off a more subtle classy vibe. To each their own though.




The Airplay VI spikeless outsole provides grippy traction and allows

for versatility whether you're on or off the course. Duca's Arneflex

insole is packed with memory foam for comfortability,



Testing: We gave the Camelot a spin for 3 rounds - two walking

and one riding. The shoe leans toward a narrow fit (Duca does offer

a wide option if needed). Once slipped on, Camelot conforms to your

feet, almost like a glove. Support is moderate, but it's waterproof

membrane and outsole are plenty up to the task, even walking through

wet fairways and casual water. Traction and stability is solid for a

spikeless shoe.




Aesthetics: 9

Comfort: 9

Foot Support: 6.5

Traction: 8

Durability: 8

Wet/Conditions: 8+

Value: 6.5

Fit/sizing: Regular  (Wide option available/European sizing true to size)


Best Suited For:

The golfer who is fashion conscious and isn't budget minded (Camelot

is the highest priced shoe in this review), but if you're willing to spend

the dough, you'll get plenty of Italian style and performance.

MSRP - $229









New to the golf industry but not new to shoe enthusiasts - specifically

those that log miles as runners, Asics brings their global expertise to

the links. In a partnership with Srixon, you'll see Asics on the feet of

Graeme McDowell out on tour.








There is no better fitting system than BOA.






Gel Course Duo has the aesthetics of a running shoe and gives the

comfortable ride of a running shoe, but with the traction and support

of a premium tour tread. 3 colorways are available: Black/Gunmetal,

White/Peacoat (shown), Peacoat/Silver




- Boa Lacing System offers a quick precise and custom fit.

- Air Mesh provides flexibility during the swing and while walking

the golf course. FlyteFoam provides lightweight shock absorbtion.

- Support featuring an air mesh and integrated quarter panel to

offer a superb fit. Molded heel counter provides optimal foot support

and added ankle padding helps ensure a snug fit to support the walk

on any terrain.

- Rearfoot Gel cushioning reduces impact and increases shock

absorbtion while toe and lateral rubber wraps help to maintain stability.





FG traction sole places spikes where they're needed for stability

and traction.




Since Asics is new to the party, there was no preconceived notion or

reference to prior models, so with that in mind came somewhat low

expectations. Being underestimated is a powerful place to be, the Asics

Gel Course Duo Boa was the sleeper of this review, a complete breath

of fresh air, ranking near or at the top in several categories including

fit, comfort, foot support, traction and wet weather protection. These

won't be mistaken as lifestyle shoes, they are athletic shoes in the

truest sense. I highly advise you to head to your golf retailer and try

these on and walk around, you can thank us later . . .




Aesthetics: 7+

Comfort: 10

Foot Support: 10

Traction: 9

Durability: 9

Wet/Conditions: 9

Value: 9

Fit/sizing: Regular (BOA rules!)


Best Suited For:

Anyone with feet that plays golf. Seriously, these shoes are on target

on so many levels, if there's a criticism it may be that they resemble

running shoes, but that's about as nit-picky as I can be with these.

Form follows function, and the function here is world class. The value

is on par with the features and performance. MSRP - $179

For more:









A true original, SQAIRZ was born from one man's need to get aligned to

his target line on a New England driving range and like many great ideas

it's usually a simple common sense thought that succeeds.







SQAIRZ Arrow model features a wider than typical toe box and fits about

a half size larger than you might normally wear. 100% weatherproof with a

2 year waterproof warranty. Arrow comes in two colorways, Black/Red and

White/Red (as shown).







Six replaceable Pivix Softspikes® strategically placed where you need

it the most, additional traction comes by way of numerous computer

generated traction lugs.











The first impression of SQAIRZ when you take them out of the box is

that these are different. They're beefy, square tipped and not designed

as a streamlined featherweight or as any type of lifestyle model. Their

calling card is the super wide base platform that encourages the golfer

to go ahead and get after it. Some may think these are a bit clunky,

perhaps for those who prefer to walk, but for the cart riding masses

SQAIRZ will have a following. Golfers with narrow width feet may struggle

to get a proper fit, so best to go down at least a half size. Overall a solid

performer for those who appreciate a shoe that's big on support.



Aesthetics: 8

Comfort: 8

Foot Support: 9+

Traction: 9

Durability: 9

Wet/Conditions: 9

Value: 6+

Fit/sizing: Fits wide and about a 1/2 size large to standard


Best Suited For:

The cart rider who wants a fully cleated full size shoe that breaks from

conventional. A sturdy and stable platform with a wider profile than

most standard sizes. At $200 MSRP for a synthetic upper, the value

just isn't there. Find a promo-code and get after it. For more info:








Under Armour's Spieth 4 GTX is the product of extensive R&D where

shoe creator Michael Glancy and Jordan Spieth collaborated to give

the 3 time major champion the ultimate tour shoe.






Premium leather combines with Gore-Tex for the ultimate in waterproof








  • - Breathable, Clarino® microfiber upper & a lightweight waterproof
  • membrane keep you cool & dry
  • - 3D molded quarter panel & tongue lining for added comfort & support
  • - Dual durometer EVA footbed provides lateral support & medial
  • softness to harness power
  • -New, lower profile (RST 2.0) spikes for lockdown horizontal traction
  • & comfort
  • - Durable TPU outsole with carbon insert for added support
  • -2 year waterproof warranty





Under Armour's Rotational Resistance spikes provide exceptional

traction, especially as you move from the top of the downswing

and transition through the impact zone







The Spieth 4 GTX has an understated but clean style (available

presently in white/silver only, hopefully a cool gray or black color

option will be available soon).



Spieth 4 Gore-Tex is a modern day premium tour golf shoe, it wears

like it and it plays like it. Superior Gore-Tex waterproofing and the

finest traction outsole in the entire review. It carries a hefty price

tag, but it compromises absolutely nothing. It's a bit longer in size

so be sure to purchase these from a retail shop where you can try

them on.



Aesthetics: 8+

Comfort: 8+

Foot Support: 9+

Traction: 10

Durability: 10

Wet/Conditions: 10

Value: 8+

Fit/sizing: Fits a half size longer than normal.


Best Suited For:

The serious player who wants an authentic top shelf tour shoe with

all of the bells and whistles. About the only option that would improve

the Spieth 4 would be a BOA option (and few more color choices). The

Spieth 4 is a legit high ticket item, even at its $200 MSRP.





Review Summary:

After last year's feature we received feedback from several respected

colleagues and shoe enthusiasts on certain footwear topics - Fit/Sizing,

Traction, Foot Support, Turf Damage, Walking, Lifestyle, Stability, Wet

Conditions. So we decided to give a cliff notes style summary of each

specific category:



Best fit for Wide Width Feet:


- NB Fresh Foam Links SL

- FJ Flex XP

- TRUE OG FEEL, OG Premium




Best fit for Narrow/Medium Width Feet:

- Adidas CodeChaos

- FJ Pro SL/ Pro SL Carbon

- Asics Gel Course Boa

- ECCO S-Three




Best Traction:

- UA Spieth 4 GTX


- Asics Gel Course Duo Boa

- FJ Pro SL/ Pro SL Carbon





Best Foot Support:

- Asics Gel Course Duo Boa

- Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX


- FJ Pro SL Carbon





Best for Superintendents (least turf damage)

- FJ Flex XP


- Adidas CodeChaos

- New Balance Fresh Foam Links SL

- TRUE Linkswear ECO Knit

- ECCO S-Three




Best walking experience:

- Adidas CodeChaos

- FJ Flex XP

- NB Fresh Foam Links SL

- ECCO S-Three

- TRUE OG Premium

- Asics Gel Course Duo Boa

- FJ Pro SL/ Pro SL Carbon






Best Lifestyle/Versatility:

- ECCO S-Three

- TRUE OG Premium



- FJ Flex XP

- Duca del Cosma




Best Stability:

- SQAIRZ Arrow

- FJ Pro SL / FJ Pro SL Carbon

- UA Spieth 4 GTX

- Asics Gel Course Duo Boa

- TRUE OG Premium

- ECCO S-Three




Best for Wet conditions:

- Under Armour Spieth 4 GTX

- ECCO S-Three (Gore-Tex)

- FJ Flex XP

- SQAIRZ Arrow


- TRUE OG Premium

- Asics Gel Course Duo
















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