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By Jason Bruno

GolfJet, an Australian brand you may not be familiar with is entering the U.S

and international market as the company that offers golfers the "Play like a

Pro" experience. GolfJet's philosophy is simple - professionals get a new supply

of balls, gloves and other accessories at every event, for a fee that costs less

than a dozen tour quality golf balls at your local pro shop, GolfJet delivers

premium golf products straight to your door in a nice tidy package.

Focused on taking away the hassle and time spent shopping for golf supplies,

GolfJet has you covered. Are you traveling? No need to pack lbs of supplies

into your luggage or golf bag, GolfJet will ship straight to your resort or golf










GolfJet 's "Membership Pack" that arrived for this review includes everything

that you see here: choice of JET3/JET4 premium cast-urethane 332 dimple golf

balls, cabretta leather AirGrip glove, tees, ball marker, and bottle opener.


The "Welcome Pack" which is the company's way of saying "glad to have you'',

also includes microfiber towel, GolfJet flex fit cap and personalized welcome

letter. Your typical monthly "JetPack" comes with golf balls, glove and tees.











Welcome to GolfJet.











GolfJet's JET3 tour caliber ball features a large low compression power core,

mantle layer & and thin cast urethane cover for tour caliber performance -

ideal for players seeking a lower penetrating ball flight and less driver

spin JET3 is preferred by low handicap players.


JET4 is a four piece construction which includes a twin power core, mantle

layer and the same 332 dimple cast urethane cover. Ideal for mid and higher

handicaps that seek increased carry distance but still want the shortgame

performance of a soft urethane ball.











There are 3 options for consumers interested in GolfJet products:

1- Purchase Membership: one time $49 sign up fee + $37.95 per month



JetPack delivered to desired location -

(9 or 12) Tour level Jet series golf balls

(1) AirGrip cabretta glove

(3) Air Blade tees

(1) GolfJet ball marker

GolfJet mobile app. Exclusive to members only.


* The one time $49 sign up fee includes:

(1) GolfJet flex fit cap

(1) microfiber towel

Provisional JetPack so you're equipped with golf balls


Option 2 - You can shop as a Guest for 9 or 12 packs of JET3 or JET4

golf balls, AirGrip glove and a purchase includes tees and ball marker.

The more you buy, the more you save with GolfJet's volume discount.



Option 3 - Browse the online shop for JetCash vouchers, 3 ball sleeve,

apparel and accessories.









The GolfJet app has over 28,000 courses courses and allows you to keep track

of your game, review your round and share with a network of other GolfJet

members. Available for Android and IOS devices.











A close up look at a couple of the cool accessories from GolfJet. The Jet

tees feature rubber caps to keep the face of your big $$ driver from getting

marked up, and for those who like to enjoy a brew during or after the round,

the bottle opener comes in handy.












More of the cool swag you get as a GolfJet member - items like the premium

tour cabretta leather AirJet glove and Microfiber towel can be purchased

separately, but when you add up what you might spend on items like these

(and on tour performance golf balls) at your local pro shop or golf store, it's

more than likely you'll spend at least double what it'll cost thru GolfJet. Add in

the convenience of timely automated deliveries to wherever you choose, and

you have a no-brainer.







Right off the bat, receiving the merchandise at your home or office brings a

level of excitement and enthusiasm, but having the flexbility and convenience

of getting your GolfJet kit shipped directly to Bandon Dunes, Streamsong, Sand

Valley, St.Andrews or any other destination - makes this concept special. The

GolfJet accessories are certainly worthy, but the big star here is the golf balls.

The success of the company may just be on the shoulders of the JET3 & JET4

golf balls. JET3, geared towards low handicap players with high swing speeds -

performed as well as any of the tour urethane models we've reviewed. JET4 is

also a playable option for better players, but is definitely geared towards those

who seek a bit more carry distance but desire the shortgame performance and

spin of a cast urethane ball.

The biggest hurdle for a company like GolfJet just may be breaking the ice

on name recognition and getting golfers to take the golf ball for a trial spin.

Once consumers experience the legit performance, the value and extra

perks can't be ignored. It's a win/win, big thumbs up here.


To Learn more about GolfJet:




























coLLo Golf Apparel PDF Print E-mail




By Jason Bruno

Perhaps you've never heard of coLLo golf apparel, well until recently I hadn't

either, but after speaking with former PGA Tour player Matias Gronberg about

the brand with the unusual collar, I was intrigued. coLLo golf apparel serves a

purpose that goes beyond your typical premium golf polo. coLLo is the Italian

word for "collar", so appropriately the apparel company that features a uniquely

shaped extra tall collar had its name. It's well known that long hours spent out

in the sun causes serious damage to your skin, specifically the back of the neck.

coLLo golf shirts also feature fabrics that offer UPF 50+ sun blocking protection.









The tag line "Don't get burned" is a clever reference to coLLo's taller collar band.

Many golfers choose not to apply sunscreen before and during a round of golf

especially around the neck area where creamy suncreen products can be a sloppy

mess and spray-on alternatives often ruin many a golf shirt. But with 3.5 million

cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer diagnosed each year, can you really

afford to be unprotected? According to the company, when you purchase a coLLo

product a percent of the proceeds are donated to skin cancer research/prevention.

Another great idea.










collo's 1st generation Sawgrass fabric is their heaviest at 242 grams, and features

a relaxed fit and a heathered style (TEDDY model in Navy-Black).










Sawgrass fabric consists of 90.5% polyester/9.5% elastane (available for the

2017 Holiday).










Princeville fabric (shown here in Sail Blue) is the company's lightest offering

at 150 grams and features an athletic fit and smooth silky feel, made of 79%

polyester and 21% elastane (style: Maxwell).











The subtle coLLo label displayed on the back collar is a nice touch and identifies

the signature collar design.











coLLo's new Eagle Stripe fabric (shown in Lido Green) will debut in the spring of

2018, and according to the company, every coLLo shirt released in 2018 will be

made from 15 (environmentally friendly) recycled water bottles. This Eagle Stripe

fabric is 170 grams with yarn dyed stripes. (style - Deano)










Another look at the classic Eagle Stripe. If you asked me which fabric, style

or fit I prefer in the line? I honestly don't have an answer, from an aesthetics

point of view they all exude a timeless links vibe, nothing gaudy or rediculously

bright colored. No fads here. You can probably base your choice for the day

on the climate or weather forecast since each fabric varies slightly in weight.










coLLo is looking at 2018 as a big year for golf consumers to embrace the

innovation and style of their new offerings, above is a comprehensive

brouchure on what makes this brand worth checking out.






Hard to believe it took this long for a golf apparel company to create a tall

collar design, but we're glad someone did. Kudos to coLLo for the much needed

common sense breakthrough in sun protection - I certainly wish this product

line were around years ago. Wearing the coLLo shirts on the golf course proved

to be as advertised. The 4 way stretch fabrics provided comfort and allowed for

complete freedom of movement, the taller collar was not a distraction at all, and

was a nice addition of protection in the intense South Florida sun (one can never

have enough skin protection in the Sunshine State). High quality and classic style

golf apparel with serious innovation and purpose makes coLLo a worthy contender

for your next golf apparel purchase.


As a close friend always says, "Form follows function." In the case of coLLo

you get both in abundance, and you'll be surprised at the value as well.


Visit coLLo golf apparel:















Ecco Cool GTX Golf Shoes PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

Ecco, known by golfers as the creators of premium links footwear, first opened

its doors to retail customers 35 years ago. Today, the family owned company

from Denmark has earned brand recognition that has its products being sold in

88 different countries around the world. The Golf division at Ecco continues to

push the boundaries of innovation and performance, their latest offering - the

Ecco Cool GTX is a prime example.







Featuring Gore-Tex technology, the Cool GTX is all about keeping your feet

dry on the fairways all round long. Take note of the highly advanced perforated

midsole air channeling system that provides complete 360 degree breathability.










Back in January at the PGA Show, we got our first glimpse of the Cool GTX

at Ecco's booth. Interested to see what the hype was all about, we actually

tested the water-proof technology in the display they had set up that sprayed

water continuously, completely saturating the shoes for over a minute. Amazingly

my feet remained totally dry. Right then I said to the Ecco rep, "Ok, these are

amazing, when can I get a pair of these?"







  • Supple Dritton leather with increased breathability

  • Reliable Slim Lock spikes for stability and grip through every part of your swing

  • Perforated PU midsole grids

  • GORE-TEX® SURROUND™ technology provides a waterproof barrier against moisture






Equipped with Gore-Tex Surround technology, and perfectly paired with

extremely supple Dritton leather uppers that allow for freedom of foot

movement. The subtle Scandinavian style of the Cool GTX is available

in 3 color ways: White/Black, Black w/lime and Camel (light brown/tan).









Champ's Slim-Lock spikes handle the heavy lifting.









A closer look at the sole of the Cool GTX shows that even the fastest golf

swings are no match for the comprehensive traction system featuring 27

molded cleats and 8 Champ Zarma spikes. Top notch and tour proven

regardless of any turf or weather conditions.

















On the course, the Ecco

Cool GTX passes every

exam with flying colors,

superior traction and

ventilation that really

makes a difference.

The Cool GTX footbed does

have a slightly higher profile

on the turf than many other

leading golf shoes. They are

comfortable, but the option

of a beefier insole pad would

help those who need next

level comfort (of course that

would create an even higher

foot position from the turf).

Of course that might take a

bit of getting used to.

A close up view (right) of

the lace up box, tongue

and eyelets are another

example of Ecco's premium

craftsmanship and simple











For those who prefer a bolder more aggressive look, Ecco's Cool 18 GTX is

equipped with taller achilles and tongue section (above left). Available in 3

colorways - White/Tomatoe w/blue accents, Dark Shadow (gray) w/red accent,

White/Dynasty (blue & yellow).





For those who demand the finest quality, tour performance, and the latest in

technology and innovation the Ecco Cool GTX is for you. MSRP $280. Ecco does

offer a line of value priced golf footwear, their Casual Hybrid ($99) and Base One

($135) are just two examples.






For more info on Ecco Golf:
























Bermuda Sands 2017 Fall Collection PDF Print E-mail



By Jason Bruno

Bermuda Sands, masters of golf and leisure apparel have launched their 2017

Fall Collection that goes beyond the ordinary with their new Cedar Creek and

Oak Ridge lines. Versatility and sophistication is found throughout the new

Fall lineup. Recently we reviewed their Woodland polo and Perfection long

sleeve pullover (shown above).








Woodland Polo

Up close you can see the quality in Woodland's collar, placket and in what is

always a tell tale sign of a fine garment - its stitching. Its gray striated heather

pattern provides a textured look within the brilliant hues of five available colors:

Deep Violet (above), Blue Sky, Black, Mineral Green and Crimson (below).









Note the subtle stripe pattern across the chest, a classic look for sure. Bermuda

Sands XP technology features serious performance fabrics that wick away moisture

to keep you comfortable on the links all day long. The incredibly soft feel is a product

of their G2 Tech fabric that has a finer yarn, providing a smooth and silky feel.



Woodland Features

92% polyester, 8% spandex
3 button placket
2 color options in Cedar Creek: Crimson, Blue Sky
3 colors in Oak Ridge: Black, Deep Violet, Mineral Green
MSRP $75









Perfection Pullover

The aptly named Perfection Pullover is the ideal compliment to any of the

Cedar Creek or Oak Ridge polos for use as a layering garment for those brisk

days on the fairways or any other occasion. 100 % polyester, Perfection features

the performance you crave in a top shelf long sleeve - including their Wick Away

Moisture Management System.








With chilly Autumn days ahead (and already in place in many northern areas),

Bermuda Sands pullovers have you covered in both style and function. Down

here in West Palm Beach, we're counting the days until breezy cool days arrive . . .









Tapped piping accents from the shoulder to neck line adds a sophisticated tech










The zip collar on the Perfection long sleeve can flare as a conventional collar

setup as well as fully zipped, which provides more comprehensive protection

from the elements.





Ventilated mesh

paneling under

the arms adds a

breathable component

and complete range

of movement for your

best links performance.

Super lightweight

fabric allows for

total comfort on

those Autumn days

when the temps can

fluctuate and when

a full slate of 18 or

36 holes may require

versatility in your

outer wear.

Perfection is also

worthy of any post

round social activity.










The distinctive Bermuda Sands logo is located below the rear collar, a useful

but subtle location for a brand stamp that keeps the front of the garment

simple and clean - allowing for any branding you may want to display on

the front chest area.





Perfection Features:

100% polyester
Quarter length zip
Mesh in the underarms for breathability
3 color options in Cedar Creek: Blue Sky, Crimson, Black
2 color options in Oak Ridge: Deep Violet, Mineral Green
MSRP $75








We decided to test out the new Fall Collection at the Streamsong media day

grand opening of their new Black Course. A full day of walking the sandy dunes

and rolling terrain made for a long and physically draining day. The Woodland

polo was extremely comfortable and kept me relatively cool on a very warm late

September afternoon. One of my biggest pet peeves with many golf shirts is how

the collar feels on your neck during a round of golf or traveling (nothing worse

than liking how a shirt looks, only to feel chafing on your neck throughout an

important day full of activities). Woodland passed all of the tests with flying colors,

and as the evening concluded with an after party and the temperatures dipped,

it was great to slip on the Perfection pullover for the trek home. Hopefully mother

nature provides an adequate climate in South Florida this fall/winter to get some

more use from such a great new piece of the wardrobe.


Perhaps most impressive with Bermuda Sands new line is just how functionally

versatile it is. The style is timeless and all at really competitive price points.




To check out their Fall Collection:

















TecTecTec VPRO500 Slope Rangefinder PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

Gadgets like rangefinders and GPS devices have really made the process of

acquiring accurate yardages much simpler in recent years, but the cost of

such devices (especially high quality laser rangefinders) has kept many from

purchasing the latest in distance measuring technology. Enter TecTecTec, since

2014 they've pioneered affordable rangefinder technology. Based in France,

but with reps in Texas and Bali, they are now a global entity in the market.

Recently they sent us over their VPRO500S rangefinder for review.







The "S' version that we tested includes slope reading technology.










Here's an example of how the slope feature works - this 85 yard shot will

play 56 yards (with the extreme 17 degree downhill slope measurement

factored in).









FEATURES/SPECS: (standard VPRO500 shown)

Range: 5-540 yards, accuracy +/- 1 yard


Auto Target Acquisition: This technology enables VPRO500S to identify

the flag from other objects like trees and buildings, setting the VPRO500S

apart from other rangefinders in the industry.


PinSlope Technology: Actual distance and/or the distance adjusted for

slopes (uphill/downhill). Having the ability to switch off the slope feature

makes the VPRO500S tournament legal.


Lens: 6x monocular, multi-layer coating provides clear and bright images


Weight/Size: At only 7 oz and 4 inches in length the VPRO500S fits

easily in the palm of your hand for easy operation.


Rainproof Construction: The VPRO500S is made for use in all types

of weather.


30 Day guarantee + 2 year manufacturer warranty included.








TecTecTec VRPRO500 packaging









VPRO500S top view (left) and eyepiece /battery door view (right).






After several rounds of testing the VPRO500S it was hard to find fault with

anything as it related to providing quick and accurate yardages. Simple to

use, small and lightweight are all big checks in the positive column. Little

things like the no-slip grip sections on the top and bottom of the device

are extremely functional and make dropping the device less likely. Often

scratches from contact with golf cart cup holders can be a problem, but

the textured areas of the device seem to help with that. We found only one

thing that we'd like to see improved upon from a technology standpoint

that's offered in the industry leader's devices: technology that vibrates

when locked in on the target (Bushell calls their version Jolt technology).

Also, offering the device in vibrant colors would make it much less likely

to be misplaced or left behind on a tee box or in a golf cart (the glossy

black tends to blend in with nearly everything).












Value is the word here. Loaded with features that normally will run you twice the

cost, TecTecTec has an absolute winner here with the VPRO500S, especially at the

$179 price point. If you prefer your laser rangefinder minus the slope feature, the

standard editon VPRO500 is only $149. With the case, carry strap, battery and 30

day money back guarantee, you'll be hard pressed to find a rangefinder of this quality

and performance at such a modest cost.



To check out the full line of TecTecTec rangefinders:
























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