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By Jason Bruno

Each year at the PGA Merchandise Show one of our favorite visits is

with Puma's Golf Footwear Creator Grant Knudson. We always leave those

meetings informed and wanting of the new kicks. The latest technology,

materials and styles never disappoint - only cutting edge top of the line

performance gear here.



In 2017, Puma introduced its own proprietary DISC innovation and IGNITE

foam. The TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is Puma's flagship tour shoe

and the Ignite Spikeless Sport DISC is a more casual style that's capable

of taking on anything your day throws at you.







The TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is All Golf. These are hardcore ball

striking shoes designed for the player who takes his game and wardrobe

seriously. Simple clean lines with just a slight accent of color is the theme.

The ultra-premium full grain leather upper is next level feel and quality.

These are the ace of any rotation, the pair you breakout when you get that

special invite, or that visit to a Top 100 course.






The DISC closure system is the perfect component for a shoe of this quality,

simplicity - turn it right to tighten or back to the left to release, simple as








IGNITE foam is the newest innovation from Puma Golf Footwear, it provides

extreme comfort with responsive energy return.


  • Premium Full-Grain Leather
  • DISC Closure System
  • Premium D2 Insole
  • Ignite Foam
  • Duoflex
  • GripZone Traction
  • Stealth Cleat
  • 2 Year Waterproof



Our Take: I fancied these as soon as Grant handed me the display sample

at the PGA Show. It's a "Tesla" in spikes - very sophistacted but appears simple

in form. As suspected, the TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is the real deal,

it has all of the bells and whistles of ultra premium tour shoes and the

performance to back it up. Check off the boxes in every category: Comfort,

Proper fit, Traction, Style, Quality, Waterproof, Tour proven. These shoes bite

the ground and stay under you throughout even the most violent swings.

Playing golf in these is a pleasure, they look and fit as good as anything in the

industry. At $180, the TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is not what you might

consider a value, but keep in mind it's considerably less (about 40%) than

most manufacturers premium tour shoes.


TT IGNITE Premium DISC is available in Gray Violet/Vibrant Orange (shown)

and also in White/Gray Violet, Black/Dark Shadow.






IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC

Puma's IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC - one of Puma Golf's iconic styles now

elevates to a new standard with Puma's proprietary DISC technology. Mesh

upper combines with premium leather for a solid combination of comfort,

function and style.






Puma calls this colorway Quarry/High Risk Red, it's a bold eye catcher. The

IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC also comes in Black/Silver (trim) and Bright







  • DISC Closure System
  • 4-Way Stretch Wp Performance Mesh
  • Full-Grain Leather Support Saddle
  • Molded EVA Insole
  • Full-Length Ignite Midsole
  • Performance TPU Outsole
  • GripZone Traction
  • 1 Year Waterproof



Our Take: First off, sizing on the Puma IGNITE Spikeless Sport runs about

half a size big (our '16 standard lace up version was no different). Best to go

to your nearest golf retalier and try them on before buying. If you're ordering

online make sure you order a half size smaller than what you normally wear

in a Puma golf shoe.


For me this shoe is a bit of a specialty hybrid, a golf/casual everyday shoe

that works on or off the course. In my particular case, complete and superior

support and cushioning under the foot when swinging all out is an absolute

must, so these suit me better as a practice/par 3 walking golf shoe. However,

for many Puma loyalists this is their preferred tee it up play all day footwear.

At $120 msrp Puma sells a boat load of these, and with the DISC version we

suspect that number will only climb.



For more info on Cobra/Puma Golf:

















TaylorMade ('17) M1 Driver Review PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

In January of 2016, TaylorMade Golf introduced the M Family of metalwoods

incorporating the use of carbon fiber with titanium to form a potent multi-

material tee box launcher. This past December at Ibis Golf & Country Club

in West Palm Beach (just minutes from LinksNation HQ) and weeks later at

the PGA Merchandise Show in January, TaylorMade unveiled the 2nd generation

of M metalwoods. By now you've seen them on tour and maybe even in your

local retail shop, but what has changed since the original?






2017 / 2016

The new 2017 model on the left has a 6 layer carbon crown design

featuring a slimmed down and flared white front section (Original 2016

model is pictured on the right). Does the new one look better, go farther,

feel better? Some of those answers are subjective to the individual, but

one thing is for sure, the bar was raised awfully high with the original

'16 models, they are absolute monsters off the box.



Any time you're conducting a review of a product known for being the industry

leader for well over a decade, there's a certain buzz and excitement that follows

- and let's be honest, what golfer doesn't get excited over testing new drivers.

We headed to PGA Village (PGA of America's flagship property) in Port St.Lucie

and their state of the art Foresight Sports Performance center for testing, then

a round on the Wannamaker course.




TECH stuff

The success of M1/M2 in 2016 was huge, elevating the #1 Driver in Golf to

another stratosphere of big stick domination. So what could the R&D Team

at TMAG possibly do to further the success of the M Family? The new slogan

for 2017 - "Same Letter. Better Everything". That's great marketing, but will

the performance bear it out? One thing is fact, the adjustability quotient has

taken another leap forward. TM engineers saved 3 grams of weight by using

a lighter 9-1-1 titanium alloy core skeleton paired with a carbon toe panel

('17 M1 has 43% more carbon fiber than last years model) which allows

for a larger T track - providing even greater adjustability. (3 grams doesn't

seem like much to you and I, but in the engineering world it's gold. These

brainiacs fight for every milligram to improve their golf products).







The new T-track (shown in neutral setting) allows for 64% more front to

back movement than the '16 M1. As far as method of adjustability, nothing

has changed - move the 12 gram weight back = higher launch/greater

forgiveness, move it forward = lower launch/less spin. Move the 15 gram

weight to the heel = more draw bias, towards the toe = more fade.






This view illustrates the refined sole design, as you can see the sole plate

lips over the weight on each track, this equals less debris caught in the

T-track and a sleeker sole. Streamlined from the original M1.





Gen One

The original M2 was our pick for the Best Driver of the Year in 2016,

and quite simply it produced performance #'s that no driver in our

stead ever has - EVER. In our opinion, it also produces the ideal sound

and feel at impact. So the new M models have a ton to live up to.






Stock shaft offerings for the 2017 M1/M2 : Mitsubishi Rayon Kuro

Kage TiNi (shown above), Project X HZRDUS and Fujikura XLR8 56.

Select shafts from Aldila, Fujikura, Matrix, UST, and Mitsubishi are

available at no up charge.





Certainly appearance is subjective, some prefer last years traditional

red/black color scheme over this years lime/charcoal combination.

Personally, the color means less to me than the design aspects, and

the more I look at the new models (M2 also shown) it reminds me of

a high performance sports car - inspiring confidence.







M1 nameplate located on the rear section of the crown adds a nice touch.







Foresight Performance Testing

Pictured above, a staff member at the PGA Learning Center works on

his game as we set up shop on the adjoining Foresight Simulator. We've

discussed innovation and appearance of M1, but we all know fancy claims

and good looks won't get you onto the shortgrass or produce distance

gains. It was time to get to work . . .


Needing a base of comparison the testing began with my gamer ('16

M2) that's equipped with an Aldila Rogue Silver 110msi stiff flex shaft.

Although my swing speed usually tops out around 107 mph for step on

it all out swings, my normal playing gear is right about 103 mph.

Consistency & accuracy were the objectives here, so after a dozen or

so swings reaching normal speed and distance #'s, we went straight

at it with the new M1.


*Just a bit of background on my game: I'm a scratch player who prefers

to work the ball, but have recently gone back to my natural right to left

"push draw" - which means I start my ball barely right of target and it

peels off just left of it's starting point. I never want to see a pull, not even

when I play a fade. My miss often stays straight or is a block right. When

the miss goes both ways it's a smoke & mirrors day for me at best. If the

adjustabilty of M1 can narrow in the miss and tighten dispersion all while

giving me the same carry and roll as the gamer then we'll give it a huge

thumbs up.




Within a half dozen swings after switching to M1, it was evident that

the Mitsubishi Kuro Kage wasn't the correct fit for my aggressive

transition. Spin rates, launch angle and dispersion were all over the

place. A quick swap into the Aldila Rogue, and instantly the #'s were

nearly identical with the M2 gamer. After some fine tuning, we got the

settings dialed in (I prefer a slightly open face and an upright lie angle)

and the data showed a very tight dispersion pattern. In order to keep

the testing non-bias for either model we alternated back and forth between

heads after every 5 swings (once finished and the data collected, we

eliminated the single best and worst extremes with each), and here were

the final results via Foresight.


('16) M2 Stats:

Swing                    102.4

Ball Speed                147

Smash                    1.45

Launch                    15.5

Azimuth                    0.4

Side Spin                 60 rpm R

Backspin               2245 rpm

Peak Height              37.8 yds

Descent angle           40.8 degrees

Carry                     256 yds

Total distance          286 yds

Offline                       9 yds R



('17) M1 Stats

Swing                   103 mph

Ball Speed             149.2 mph

Smash                     1.45

Launch                    13 degrees

Azimuth                   0.9

Side spin                  1 rpm L

Backspin              2371 rpm

Peak Height             32.9 yds

Descent Angle          38 degrees

Carry                    254 yds

Total distance         284 yds

Offline                      7 yds R




The Foresight results produced virtually identical performance stats (with

launch angle being the only real significant difference). What does this mean?

It means on paper the new M1 is on par with the absolute best driver that

we've ever tested. Driver performance on an an indoor launch monitor is

just one element of testing, these stats are just the beginning. The "reality"

test would be out on the course, and luckily we had an afternoon tee time

set up on the Fazio designed Wannamaker course next door at PGA Golf Club.


The original M metalwoods produce my personal favorite sound and feel of

any driver previously tested or gamed here at LinksNation (2014 SLDR 460

gets runner-up honors) and that's saying a bunch. The best way to describe

the sound is as a muted thwack with a springy feel off the sweetspot when it

compresses the ball at 100+ mph at impact. The new M1 feels really solid at

impact and has a slightly louder thwack, somewhere similar to the SLDR.

On Course Performance

It was finally time to put the new TM weaponry to the real exam and see if

it could be trusted under pressure in real conditions.

It was blowing 20 mph all day on the Wannamaker course with intermittent

precipitation, so this would be a stern test. Immediately the M1 impressed

in a large way, rippin slight draws through even the toughest left to right

crosswinds (typically the toughest wind for right handers). M1 showed it

could launch high if need be, but its natural tendency (under this operator's

guidance) was a medium trajectory flat bullet. So far so good . . .


Take a good look at the picture above, the 15th at Fazio's Wannamaker

is where it was put up or shut time for the industry leader's new crown

jewel. The tee box is actually 150 yds back and tucked to the right of

this view with the entire carry over water. At 271 yards to the front pin,

it would normally be nothing more than hybrid and wedge, but this was a

driver test not a stroke play event, so taking on "Fools Gold" was mandatory.

A flared crop duster to the right would certainly end up in the water hazard,

and at 255 yds to the front edge into the cross breeze it would take something

solid. I decided to take dead aim at the mound just left of the green figuring

a slight push would be online with the flag, a straight ball would possibly

bounce back towards the green, and a draw would end up pin high in the swale

leaving a tough but do-able up n down. The tee shot was struck solid and

flew right at the intended target, it had a slight draw of about 3 yds and carried

to the mound pin high and bounced down into the swale exactly the correct

distance. After a decent lob shot and two putt for par, the questions were

answered . . .

This was not the usual "get used to the driver somewhere on the front 9" type

of experience that often accompanies new driver on the course testing, it was

an instant love affair of long and precise tee shots all day long. Basically point

and shoot from the every tee box, golf journalists Len Ziehm and Dan Hauser

were first hand witnesses to the M1 highlights, "get your own", I said. The exam

was passed and with honors.


Certainly the Indian has something to do with how a test subject performs,

but after you've done enough of these reviews you know a blue ribbon

arrow when you see one. The '17 M1 is just that - worthy.

Is the Gen2 version an upgrade though? That depends on exactly where you

stand. If you're already gaming the original M1/M2 driver, than any type of

distance upgrade is likely to be minimal at best, but if you're in the market

and want the very latest top of the line technology, it's a no brainer - but

keep this in mind, the proper shaft and head model are absolutely critical

as we detailed during testing. GET PROPERLY FIT, it WILL change your game.

Value wise, there are good deals to be had on the original M drivers Dustin

won the U.S Open with, JDay ruled the world rankings with and Justin Rose

won the Gold Medal with - TM is the #1 driver brand in the game and for

good reason. As far as my gamer is concerned, the testing will continue

as we try to figure out exactly which one to go with, but as of this moment

there's a refined new "M" in the bag . . .




For more info on M1 and Taylormade products:
















Exotics EX10 Fairway Metals PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

The Tour Edge/Exotics brand has been long known for their superior fairway

metals, and with the launch of their EX10 model David Glod and the gang in

Batavia, Illinois didn't disappoint.


The latest deck blaster from Exotics features the next step in the evolution

of their slip stream sole. The EX10 version has channels and rails that are

shallower and more compact than previous models - designed to minimize

turf interaction.





This angled view shows off the new streamlined design for better aerodynamics.

Due to the new sole weight placement, EX10 has lower and deeper CG than its

predecessors. The 9 gram sole weight is housed in a 12 gram weight pad that

adds up to 21 grams of deep back weighting (6, 11 and 14 gram weights are also

available in a separate weight kit that allows you to adjust swingweight).


























Featuring a new Japanese high density steel cup face, the HT980 steel allows

the EX10 fairways to have a thinner face across from heel to toe for the highest

C.O.R possible. The EX10 Beta model features a tour preferred pear shape and

TSP 910 Beta Titanium cup face.







Our test model came in the stock Graphite Design Tour AD50 shaft, which

is a worthy powerplant producing high missile like tee shots and approaches.

Mitsubishi Bassara E series (42-49 grams) and Aldila Rogue M-AX (66-80

grams) are also available as a stock shaft in the EX10.





Performance: As usual, the EX10 performs like an Exotics fairway, crisp high

bombs jump off the face with the exact sound and feel every player would want.

No problem working shots in either direction or dialing in trajectory. We did find

the EX10 to be a bit more forgiving than we expected on mishits, while also being

about easy as can be to launch off the deck. Distance wise, the EX10 delivers

as good as any we've tested from a carry stand point. The 56 gram Tour AD provides

serious pop, but might be a bit light for my taste. Perhaps the Aldila Rogue may

be a better fit for my violent transition. Overall, the EX10 has a shot to become my

gamer once we can dial in the proper shaft.


Overall, the EX10 looks sharp, has great clean lines at adress and performs about

as well as any fairway club we've tested. The only "fly in the ointment" may be the

lack of available adjustability in the EX10. For many this isn't an issue, but the glue

in shaft is inconvenient at best (and no option to change loft or face angle) may deter

some from checking out the EX10. Of course, proper fitting for the most part makes

most of these issues a moot point. EX10 $249, EX10 Beta $299


Available in men's and women's right hand. *Indicates left hand available. Standard stock grip option is Lamkin Exotics UTx.
Information is provided from design specifications and may vary due to manufacturing tolerances.



For more info on Tour Edge/Exotics:


















Best New Products of the 64th PGA Merchandise Show PDF Print E-mail



By Jason Bruno

Orlando, Florida - The 64th PGA Show finished up just over a week ago, and

as usual we kicked off our show week with the innovative folks from Tour Edge

/Exotics at the spectacular Lake Nona Country Club. While other media sources

contemplate whether the show is on an up swing or is in decline, we celebrate

the gathering of golf industry professionals and media.


The products featured are those that impressed us the most. This year we covered

more companies than ever before, and bring you our most comprehensive coverage





This year's Tour Edge Media event was held at the magnificent Lake Nona

Country Club. There aren't many days when the golf writers all convene in

one place, especially in a setting such as this. Certainly was one of those

days that won't soon be forgotten. Although high winds made scoring tough,

Lake Nona shined.





The scene moved from Demo Day at OCN on Tuesday to the Orange

County Convention Center on Wednesday. 40,000 industry professionals

from 84 countries gathered to see the latest products from over 1,000

companies (including 271 new companies to the show).











Tour Edge /Exotics

Exotics, well known for their exceptional metalwoods, introduced the

new EX10 line in Orlando. Featuring HT980 steel cup face technology

and its newly designed slip-stream sole rails (re-designed to be

shallower and more compact for smoother club/turf interaction).

Throw in the stock Graphite Design Tour AD shaft and you have a

winner. Big thumbs up here.




Exotics XJ1 is a lightweight high launching big distance metalwoods

line for the moderate to slower swing speed player looking to gain

some extra length off the tee. Featuring a carbon crown and 9-1-1

titanium chasis which allows the walls of the clubhead to be thinner

and more responsive to shots hit by players with less than tour player

swing speeds, the XJ1 offers a super-lightweight high performance

product and at a premium price tag - $699








Callaway seems to have the new club with the most buzz at the moment

- the EPIC driver. The booth display (shown above) was a celebration of

the brand's recent resurgence.






By now you've probably seen the chevron's new EPIC metalwoods line

featuring "Jailbreak" technology. In fact, Callaway Metalwoods Senior

Manager of R&D Evan Gibbs told us "The EPIC line was 3 years in the

works before being launched this year. Jailbreak technology consists

of two titanium rods that connect the crown to the sole, minimizing

the amount the clubhead body flexes at impact - this allows the face to

flex more freely. Jailbreak improves the efficiency of the energy transfer

between the clubhead and golf ball generating more ballspeed."





More on EPIC from Evan Gibbs:

"Both the standard Epic and Sub Zero versions are 460cc high MOI drivers,

but the standard model has an adjustable perimeter weight (17 grams)

allowing players to dial in their shot shape. The SubZero is the lower

spinning model that focuses on trajectory control. There are two inter-

changeable weights (12 grams/2 grams) on the sole that can be flipped

back and fourth and used in tandem to dial in launch and spin." $499








The new Odyssey O Works putter was a big hit at the show. O Works

features a microhinge insert that creates friction at impact that lifts

and propels the ball forward reducing skid and creating a quicker

forward roll. $229








The F7 and F7+

are Cobra's latest

innovation in drivers

and fairway metals.

According to Jose

Miraflor from

Cobra Golf: The F7

is the companies

largest driver

clubhead ever

created. F7 features

a moveable 12 gram

weight for

adjustable CG.

F7+ is a more

compact version for

those high skilled

players who prefer a

deeper face and like

to shape their shots.

F7 comes in gloss

finish, F7+ satin





A serious upgrade included in all Cobra drivers this year is their Connect

System (powered by Arccos). The Connect sensor allows you to track all

of your drives via the Arccos driver app. For the gearhead concerned about

how the Connect sensor affects swingweight - it adds an extra 1/4" to the

grip end, therefore nulifying any swingweight issues by the 4 gram Connect

sensor. The Connect sensor has a 10 year battery life in standby mode,

3 years in continuous sunlight. The moment the driver is pulled from

the bag during the daytime, it activates and knows it's go time. The app

includes 40k golf courses. No more guessing on how far you drive it,

instant feedback is here for good! At $349 for the F7 and $399 for F7+

Cobra may have the best new driver value on the market for 2017.





Bryson DeChambeau and I discussed his one length irons at Hilton Head

early last season and how Cobra R&D would have their hands full creating

his set. Well the Cobra one length F7 irons are now available. This is one

review were looking forward to in 2017. Stay tuned...





Cobra's new PUR wedges are made from supersoft 304 stainless, and

the kicker is, it's a polished satin wedge that doesn't rust. So no more

dirty orange towels after wiping off your tour wedge. All the "Trusty"

minus the "Rusty". $119








The industry leader lit the show on fire with their Wednesday morning

announcement of the Tiger Woods signing to an equipment contract. We

were on hand as TMAG leader David Abeles grabbed the attention of

the entire golf media on hand in Orlando. Despite rumors of TaylorMade

being sold in recent months, the company seems to have regained industry

momentum after a huge 2016 campaign with the creation of the M Family

of metalwoods.



The 2nd edition of TaylorMade's M metalwoods were launched

in West Palm Beach back in early December, but for the rest of the

golf world, the PGA Show was the introduction. M1 is back with a

refined design and new trim colors. Red trim is out, and lime green

is in. More importantly, the M1 features a more aerodynamic T-

track and moveable weight that extends all the way to the back

end of the clubhead (for more forgiveness). The new model has

43% more carbon fiber (located on the toe side of the sole) allowing

for weight to be moved to the perimeter and thus creating an even

higher MOI than the 2016 model. $499



M2 has also been refined for 2017. The new M2 features advanced

geometry for added forgiveness and more distance. Also Geocoustic

technology for an enhanced sound and feel at impact. $399





A thin topline, TaylorMade 770 irons feature a narrow sole and minimal

offset that better players prefer. The face and hosel are forged from

1025 carbon steel. Weight saved by making the hosel shorter and the

face thinner was redistributed into a 70-gram tungsten bar in the back

of the long/mid irons (3 thru 7 iron) - $1200 (TaylorMade's 750 irons

offer similar styling but as a true forged blade with CNC milled face

and grooves - $1600).





TaylorMade's new Milled Grind wedges were created to provide precise

sole geometry, eschewing the old inconsistent process of hand grinding.

The new MG wedges have a deeper hosel bore, inserted is a soft red

polymer which is located in heel portion of each sole . The removed

hosel/heel weight has been relocated to a center clubhead location

to improve CG. $149








Titleist had a very impressive booth this year. The new ProV1 balls

were introduced, Scotty Cameron launched three new putters and

the 917 line of metalwoods were on display.





From concept to showroom - Cameron Putters





Of the three new models, the one we fancied most was the Scotty Newport 3







Oban Shafts

Oban's new CT-115 shafts are a collaboration with Shimada Golf shafts.

Constant weight, taper tip 115 grams, easy build and precise fit -

12 shaft lengths produce 7 discernible flexes. Japanese steel featuring

seamless construction. Exacting tolerances, great feel, tight dispersion,

easy launch and lower spin. MSRP $75 per shaft.






Golf Pride Align



Rarely is there anything in grip technology that makes a significant

difference, but Golf Pride's new ALIGN grip system is an absolute

game changer featuring a pronounced rib like reminder that sits

perfectly in the fingers and reminds the player exactly what the

proper grip and feel should be each and every time you hold a club.

Consistency is the function of ALIGN, and once I felt these in my hand,

I knew that my old Golf Pride MCC plus 4's will be replaced.







Shaftlign Putters

We reviewed Clay Judice's Shaftlign putter several weeks ago. At the

PGA Show it was finally introduced to the industry. Featuring a milled

clubhead and the contrasting Shaftlign perpendicular alignment system.

Great feel and easy as pie to line up correctly. $249






Premium Golf Balls




Titleist ProV1 (X)

The new Pro V1 and Pro V1X have been re-engineered and now

require some knowledge to select the right ball for your game.

The new "V" is significantly longer and has a penetrating trajectory,

the new "X" feels softer and spins more around the greens. See

the chart below to decide which one is right for your game. $49







Callaway Chrome Soft (X)

Callaway introduced their Chrome Soft X ball at the show. Jason

Finley from Callaway told us "the "X" was created for the higher

swing speed player who prefers a slightly firmer feel with a more

penetrating ball flight. Adam Hadwin and Phil Mickelson have

already put the Chrome Soft X into play on tour. $39.99








Srixon introduced their new

golf ball lineup at the show.

The new Z-Star is a 3 piece

construction featuring

Energetic Gradient Core,

softer Spin Skin coating and

new 338 speed dimple

cover pattern for players

that demand tour spin for

exceptional control. $39.99

Z-Star XV features a new

Dual E.G.G Core along with

the new Spin Skin Coating

and the same 338 dimple

pattern for players who

demand tour performance

with an emphasis on

distance. $39.99

Q-Star features a 3 piece

low compression E.G.G

core, urethane cover with

Spin Skin designed for

slower swing speed

golfers - $29.99









TaylorMade TP5 (x)

TaylorMade's new premium ball offering is the TP5 and TP5 (X).

A larger Tri-Fast core and Dual Spin cover has more spin off the

short irons but less with lower lofted long irons and metalwoods.

Low compression cores of 16 for TP5 & 25 for TP5X but with a

stiffer outer core and an even stiffer mantle layer. 322 dimpled

urethane cover on both models $45 per dozen. Available March 1st







Golf EyeWear





Oakley Prizm is a lens technology that fine tunes your vision for specific

activities and their surroundings. According to Oakley, Prizm Golf lenses

improve the contrast within the different shades of green in turf to aid

in green reading and target clarity.




Prizm EVzero




The clarity you experience wearing Prizm is a serious game changer,

especially when playing in direct sunlight when it's often toughest to

distinguish subtle shapes and turf breaks.




Prizm Crossrange






Under Armour Eyewear

UA frames are made from combination of titanium & Grilamid for

superior strength and flexibility. Armour sight lenses deliver 20%

more peripheral vision & are 10x stronger than ordinary poly-

carbonate lenses. Multiflection lens coating guards against scratches.

Adjustable nosepad and AUTOGRIP temples and flexibility create a

comfortable fit. All UA performance Eyewear provides 100% protection

from UVA, UVB & UVC rays.







Bolle Eyewear

The new Bolle Flyair golf shades (left) are rimless equipped with

modulator V3 lenses which are made with Trivex and are photochromic

(which darken on exposure to specific types of light of sufficient

intensity). Limited edition Folds of Honor - Ransom model with NXT

V3 lens also available (pictured right). We're looking forward to doing

some extensive testing with each of these models in the coming weeks.







Training Aids and Technology



Voice Caddie

The Voice Caddie SC 200 is a portable launch monitor that gives

real time data on Swing Speed, Ball Speed, and Smash Factor

using a built in Barometric Pressure sensor featuring Target,

Practice and Approach modes as well as voice distance output,

and carry distance. In this day an age how can any serious golfer

go without one of these. Ideal for not only testing swing performance,

but getting instant data while testing equipment can really help with

club fitting. Includes remote and 4 AAA batteries.  $349








FX-Sport introduces their VC Golf headphones. A built in coaching

system within a wireless headset that gives you psychological,

mental and physical training as well as golf practice drills to

sharpen your game.




According to FX-Sport owner Duncan Walsh the VC headphones have

8GB capacity and MP3 player built in, as well as the personal trainer

and coaching function that's fully programmable. Coaching from some

of the industry's best mentors including Karen Palacios Jansen, Dr.

Morris Pickens, David MacKenzie and Dr.Mark Smith can only help

you improve your focus and physical strength. Fully sweat proof

and rain proof so you can practice or train with little worry or distraction.

$199 - Check out Fx-Sport's VC Golf headphones demo video here:








PowerPlane was created by PGA Pro Jim Tierney, and technology

entrepreneur Rich Kosowsky. This new training device is quite simply

one the best we've ever encountered in all our years attending the

PGA Merchandise Show, and it's a simple way to teach the player to

keep their head centered during the swing using technology thru high

precision ultra-sonics to help players correct common swing flaws.

The device positions a zone with 2 invisible vertical planes around

a golfers head. If their head moves out of the zone anytime during

their swing until impact, Powerplane alerts the golfer with an instant

beep. Within a few swings behavior patterns begin to change, resulting

in much better impact, increased distance and better accuracy. Included

is (1) PowerPlane & (1) sonic sensor. $189







Hole More Putts

The Trackman for putting is here and it's called Hole More Putts.

The Hole More Putts tablet measures the 5 different factors of

impact and records the data of each putt. After 5 putts the tablet

calculates the players Putting index - a weighted average reflecting

the relative importance of each impact factor. The website and App

will highlight all of the stroke elements that show an opportunity for

improvement. Hole More Putts software then identifies the factors

where the biggest and quickest improvements can be made. $459







Blast Motion

New for Blast in '17 is a partnership with the Golf Channel Academy

and Proponent Group to develop the GCA Game Tracker mobile App

and web portal, powered by Blast Connect. Game Tracker’s highly

integrated player development framework gives athletes direct access

to their activity timeline, skills tracker, video library, competitions,

leaderboard, Golf Channel newsfeed, and more, while providing coaches

with a centralized management, skills assessment, and communications

interface for all their students. $349







DuoTrac - Gen i1

DuoTrac introduced the world's first golf ball with true intelligence -

the Gen i1 golf ball has built in technology that provides instant data.






Connect Gen i1 to the App to

see a complete snapshot of

your putting data. Club path

on the back and through swing,

face angle at impact and ball

rotation angle.

Gen i1 comes in a 2 ball pack

with charging base and cables.

Soon you'll be able to download

the App for free in Google play

and the App Store. $139















SkyCaddie LINX GT




Golf's 1st rangefinder

and shot tracking

watch with


mobile App Includes

the Sky- Caddie

LINX GT watch,

SkyCaddie Mobile

Premium app, and

club tags.  Built-in

Bluetooth Smart

at all times.













MySwing Pro is the affordable, state-of-the-art, 3D system to analyze

and store full-body motion capture. According to MySwing President

Peter Gauthier the technology used here with MySwing has revolutionized

animation in the motion picture industry. Golf teaching professionals use

it for precise screens, improved teaching, and as a revenue-producing

tool. The MySwing Pro package comes complete with sensors, software,

carrying/charging case, and training.



"If your not using the MySwing system to analyze your students,

you're way behind the curve. It's without a doubt the finest system

on the market." - Mike Adams 2016 PGA Teacher of the Year.







Apparel & Footwear





Galvin Green


Long known for the highest standards in outer wear for all types of

weather, Galvin Green is a family company based in Sweden that

recently was the outerwear supplier of Team Europe for the Ryder

Cup in 2016 and will also provide the goods in France for the Euro's

in 2018. If you know anything about what it takes to hold the honor

for the boys in Blue & Gold, it's about as big an honor as a supplier

can have in the industry. I won't bore you with fabric details, just

know that no detail is missed here, especially with their layering

garments. From a blustery and chilly day on the links, to a "cats n

dogs" deluge in Scotland, Galvin Green gets you there dry and in

style . . .







Greg Norman Collection

Greg Norman Collection seems to cover all bases when it comes to

what golfers are looking for (above). We're looking forward in 2017

to reviewing their sporty casual new Attack Life line.



It's not always golf with the

Shark, his brand and style

extend to cultures far

beyond the fairways. This

jacket from Greg Norman

totally had me at hello.

This piece alone almost

made me wish I didn't live

in the warm climate of

West Palm Beach . . .

almost. I might have to get

it for the 10 days a year

that it drops below 50

degrees here. $150







Chase 54

Chase 54 had a great showing in Orlando, this paisley styled baroque

polo caught  our eye with its subtle and refined style . During our visit

with Kara Hooper from C54 we learned about colorful and descriptive

phrases designers use for their creations like "fractal" and "gloaming".




Chase 54's womens collection is extensive and can be seen out

on the LPGA being worn with great style by Brooke Pancake.








Oxford introduced a re-birth of the brand at the 64th PGA Show, and from the looks of

their new line it should be a big year.



Inspired by the exceptional players in sport and business, Oxford is

represented by the horseshoe logo and it's "Make Today Lucky" tagline.

Truly an eclectic mix of sporty golf wear and contemporary casual

dress, no matter where your style choices may lie, Oxford is worthy.








Antigua goes right after the avid golfer, the Peoria, Arizona company

has an impressive sports heritage and that's where they excel and at

an incredible price point. The new '17 line offers country club quality

and style like this Pinehurst polo and at a price point that is accessible

for all.






Carnoustie - William Blake

The classy and talented Marshall Mancillas is the man behind the style

of Carnoustie Sportswear and Golf Apparel. In 2017, he created the new

William Blake line for the slightly younger links enthusiast, but also for

those who are forever young and really enjoy the stylings of the iconic

Carnoustie brand. The subtle shapes and hues of purple give the William

Blake line an energy and it's own signature that blends in perfect harmony

with the Carnoustie name.







Bermuda Sands

Bermuda Sands was on point with their display at the show. The

ladies line provided styles for virtually any taste and layers for

every type of weather condition.





Thermal Wear and XP polos for men are the perfect layering for

those chilly rounds of golf. The Score XP polo is the company's

G2 Tech performance golf shirt (92%poly/8% spandex fabric)

featuring their stay flat knit collar.






The Adidas FrostGuard Collection is outerwear that's engineered to

keep you warm without adding bulk and weight. PrimaLoft insulation

and their own Climaheat technology were used to create warmth

around the body that also breath.







Bonobos Golf

A bit of a re-branding with what was once known as Maide Golf by

Bonobos, has now been streamlined to simply - Bonobos Golf. The

same great threads like the Highland and Highland light pants and

shorts. The new line looks clean, and we'll be sure to have much

more from them in 2017.








I know what you're thinking, why is there underwear here in the PGA Show

feature?! I get it, but I urge any man that's reading this to go to UFM and

check out there website. I was skeptical as well, but I'm going to say that

since I've been wearing them, I'm ready to toss all of my current boxer briefs

and stock up on these. Simply, UFM puts everything where it's supposed to

be and whether you're working or playing golf that can't be a bad thing.


  • Moisture Wicking Fabric
  • Support For Your Manhood
  • Isolation from Your Thighs
  • Elimination of Chafing
  • Tapered Leg Design That Stays in Place With Movement
  • No Squishing or Suffocating Your Manhood
  • Improved Profile View






Ignite Disc is the next stage of perfect fit in golf footwear, it's been

around for a few years with many of the top brands but leave it to

Grant Knudson (Puma's shoe creator) to give it his spin. Puma's

version is located on the outer side where you can easily see what

you're doing (as opposed to other brands that call this device - BOA

and locate the dial on the back of the shoe behind the heel. $120






Knudson never stops creating new styles and developing comfort

technologies. All of these styles now come in disc version as well.







Ecco Golf

The new ECCO COOL golf shoe features GORE-TEX® SURROUND™

technology, it's an air channeling system within the sole structure,

that allows 360° breathability and channels out unwanted moisture

created by your feet each day while walking and playing golf. $280

(top: photo credit from Ecco Golf)




I snapped this as we gave the new Ecco Cool shoes the plunge in the

water test. The shoe has a HYDROMAX® treated leather and sock

liner to increase comfort and give a seamless feel. A polyurethane

midsole provides cushioning, and ECCO COOL comes with a removable

inlay sole that offers extra width in the toe box area for those who

require it.











Under Armour


The Spieth One is the latest

golf shoe from Under Armour

created for two time major

champion Jordan Spieth.

Sporty in appearance, the

Spieth One is available on

March 1st. featuring a single

seam micro-fiber upper, the

outsole was designed for a

firmer heel for support and

a softer forefoot for flexibility

and comfort while walking the

fairways. Spieth One also

features Rotational Resistance

traction which prevents foot

rotation from load to impact










New Balance

New Balance Golf 3001 features a waterproof microfiber upper and

REVlite midsole for comfort and responsiveness, traction comes

from Champ Spikes SlimLok Zarma Tour cleats. The 574 LX spikeless

was inspired by the popular 574 NB sneaker, full grain leather upper

featuring semi-translucent NDurance outsole provides the traction.

REVlite midsole provides the comfort. Both models retail $189









Dormie Workshop

The Bishop Brothers from Nova Scotia are a great group of guys

that founded Dormie Workshop and create the impressive premium

leather headcovers and accessories. From aiming sticks covers, putter

covers, hybrids, fwys and drivers covers the possibilities are endless.



Creativity and style have no limits at the Dormie Workshop. If you

have a design or an idea for something unique, they can create it

for you, custom works are they're specialty. Order your very own

Dormie Workshop headcover today.






Zero Friction

Zero Friction's John Iacono may have created the absolute best new

tech product at this year's show. Not a fan of wearing a GPS watch

while playing golf, John sought out to create a GPS device that would

be a part of his already successful one size fits all compression glove

line and the Tour Quality Cabretta Leather Motion-Fit glove line as well.

Iacono had the device built so his glove line didn't even need modifying.

Using the already existing elastic sleeve that was previously a tee

holder and also the magnetic ball marker tab, he was able to create the

first GPS glove system in golf - DistancePro. Loaded with nearly 40k golf

courses, the DistancePro pairs up to your smart phone thru the Zero

Friction App providing real time course info while on the links. Genius!

each box contains 2 gloves and a DistancePro GPS - $139 Compression,

$159 for Motion Fit model.






The Frogger Catch Latch is an really useful magnetic fastening system

to help manage your golf accessories. Cell phone, GPS, keys etc. are all

secure with Frogger's new Catch Latch system.



  • Catch Latch Bag C-Clamp securely attaches to the top of your golf bag
  • Catch Latch Belt Clip slides easily over your belt
  • Attach your favorite accessories via the dongle ring
  • Magnets in dongle and receiver attract and self-align to connect
  • Dongle pulls straight out to easily disconnect from receiver
  • Receiver has a dynamic internal lock to secure product while in motion
  • Receiver rotates to a fully locked position when orange indicator visible
  • $12.95








Blade Quattro is the latest from BigMax, makers of quality golf trolley pull

carts. The Quattro has all of the convenience of a compact fold up cart,

but with the added stability of four wheels for hilly terrain or windy days

where a three wheeled cart may fall over. Having one of these would

influence even the everyday golf cart user to get healthy and walk the

fairways. Blade Quattro will be available in spring of 2017.




We're already looking forward to the 2018 PGA Show, but for now we'll

be busy testing and reviewing these and many other fine golf products

as they launch throughout the year.













Greg Norman Collection (2017) PDF Print E-mail


By Jason Bruno

Although you may not ever become the Champion Golfer of the Year and

hoist the Claret Jug, you can look as sharp as the Shark while walking the

fairways and out on the town. From dress to golf performance wear, Greg

Norman has an outstanding assortment of fabrics and styles to have you

looking and feeling your best all day long. Performance Stretch, ML75,

Weather Knit and Solar XP are the latest threads in the '17 Greg Norman







1/4 zip Heathered Mock is the perfect long sleeve pullover for those

cool mornings and late afternoons on the links. The 88% poly/12%

spandex blend is a comfort stretch garment that features UPF 50 sun

protection. (Grey Heather shown above).






The ML75 multi-stripe polo is the perfect companion layer to the 1/4 zip mock.






The ML 75 multi-stripe polo features a superfine microfiber yarn in a

classic design. Preferred by tour players, these are premium threads

of the highest order. In zoom mode you get a view of the timeless

style of Greg Norman's tailored collar. (color shown: Black/Light Orchid)






Another ML75 polo

is the Tonal Stripe,

constructed of 100%

microfiber poly

fabric featuring

UPF 50+ sun


Available in 12

colorways (including

British Red shown






Made from 100% microfiber polyester, the Solar XP Weather Knit long sleeve

performance polo offers super sun protection (featuring chemical free 50+

UV coverage) and Play Dry technology (Aquamarine shown above).






Silver Shark logo adds a classy touch on the back yoke.






The Shark's Weather Knit polo is an ultra light aerated micro grid fabric

designed to keep you cooler on those humid days. UPF 40+ sun protection

comes standard (Calypso Coral shown above)





GN's versatile long sleeve button down is a high performance stretch and

easy care casual dress shirt that is ready for any event. This is bar none

the most comfortable button down we've ever worn (British Red shown





The latest from Greg Norman has you decked out in style with fabrics

that handle and impress for every activity, and all at a very reasonable

price point (all garments featured here in this review have an MSRP

between $60-$80). Offering free shipping on all orders over $100,

get your Greg Norman style at:














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