Swing Align Goal Post Putting Trainer

Swing Align’s Goal Post is an inexpensive training aid designed to instantly help golfers improve their putting thru proper face alignment and solid center face contact – which provides better distance control, fewer 3 putts and lower scores.

The lightweight Goal Post frame rests across the topline with two alignment posts positioned at the toe and heel of the putter face forming a gate. The Goal Post rewards a square putter face and center-face contact. If the putter face is open or closed, the ball contacts the posts on the takeaway or return stroke and veers off-line, providing instant feedback. Users know they have made a good stroke and square, solid contact when they see the ball clear the posts and roll on the proper line.

The center Alignment Rod mounts on the back and adjusts so regardless of your set-up posture, the length or lie of your putter, it can always be positioned perfectly centered between the two goal posts. As an option, the alignment rod can be lowered closer to the toe to line up with the toe side edge of the putter head to help you see the path of your stroke as you putt.

“Nearly half the strokes a golfer takes in any given round are putts. If you want lower scores, you have to practice putting with purpose and correct feedback. The Goal Post makes that easy, instructive and fun,” says Swing Align Founder Chris McGinley. “A square putter face at set-up, throughout the stroke, and especially at impact, is going to deliver solid contact, and better roll, every time. With immediate feedback, golfers can groove a consistent stroke to deliver a square face every time.”

Ready to go in less than 30 seconds from the package to the putting green with Goal Post installed on our Scotty Cameron Newport 2. Any blade or mallet-style putter with a typical heel located hosels like plumbers, slant or flow style neck will fit easily (Goal Post won’t fit on centershaft and inline putters, but we’re told that a centershaft edition may be in the works).

Swing Align Goal Post – $29.95
  • Align and Deliver your putter face squarely
  • Groove center face contact
  • Develop consistent direction, roll and distance
  • For better aim add the alignment rod (for improved Vernier acuity)
  • Slide the o-rings forward to the pro position for more challenge
  • Attaches easily to the head of most blade or cavity back putters. WILL NOT fit putters with an extra wide topline, and will not work on flat back mallet putters that do not provide a back-of-face surface for the plastic set screw to secure itself against.

Swing Align offers a 90-DAY IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE  if Goal Post doesn’t improve your putting in 90 days, just send it back for a full refund. Also a LIFETIME PRODUCT GUARANTEE if your Goal Post ever breaks from defects in materials or workmanship during normal and customary use we will replace it for you at no charge.

Testing: Easy to install, Goal Post provides instant feedback – it may take a bit of time to get used to putting with the device, but once you do, you’ll enjoy solid contact on every putt. You’ll learn what proper face alignment looks like, and at only $29.95 it’s a small price to pay to sure up those short putts.


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