TecTecTec – ULT-G GPS Watch

Always looking for ways to make the game easier and more enjoyable at a great value, we recently took the TecTecTec GPS golf watch -known as the ULT-G out for a test spin. The question, is this golf watch an essential accessory that warrants a purchase? The ULT-Ghas a list price of $119 but you can find it currently selling onAmazon for $85. Let’s dig a little deeper and give you a few more details about this golf-specific watch.

The watch comes in a relatively plain white box with highlights of the main features of the watch displayed, company info, and inside an instruction manual along with the USB power cord. Nothing fancy, but you don’t really care about the packaging, do you? I also contacted them by email with a technical question and they quickly replied. So, customer service gets an A+.

:44mm Resin case thickness: 16.4mmLug to Lug: Molded resin back about 42mmStrap: 19.6 integral molded water resistance: water and dust resistant battery life: 2 1/2 rounds rechargeableInitial full charge time: 2 hours crystal:  flat non-reflective display : LED with backlight crown :  none (Push Button)

First Impressions:

Trying the watch on for the first time, it has the look and feel of aG- Shock model. A little more rounded at the edges, a bit-more smoothed out modern version, but basically, that’s the look. The molded back is very comfortable and the watch stays firmly in place while you swing meaning no in-game adjustments while you’re playing. The band feels smooth to the skin and will fit even the widest wrists with room to spare (mine is 8″).

The initial charge was fairly simple, the charging clamp locks with holes in the case back, plugged into the USB port, and in a couple of hours you are all charged and ready for the course. I did take the time to go thru the instructions and learned the watch is loaded with over 38,000 courses, there’s no paid subscription charge, and I found it very easy to navigate the initial startup. It even presets the time and date for the watch via satellite. TecTecTecdoes have an app available to perform uploads of future courses or changes through your phone, but after seeing the initial satellite upload, I doubt I’ll ever need it. All the golf courses in my area are on the device, even the local 3-hole practice course at John PrinceLearning Center was on there, amazing!

It’s very easy to get started. One button push to turn on and one button to start the satellite download. That’s it, in about 3 minutes it displays courses within a 3-mile area, scroll up or down to selectand the watch does the rest. Automatic yardages to the front back and center are displayed and pleasantly the holes automatically update as you move throughout the course. Push menu then hazard button and it displays the preloaded yardage to the hazards for that hole i.e.. LFB = Left Fairway Bunker, select it and you have the yardage to the front of the bunker. Select EOF – End of Fairway and you know the yardage to the end of the dogleg off the tee. Very useful yardages that you can’t get with a handheld rangefinder. There are 21 total hazard abbreviations (shown below) that you will intuitively know. Also, another cool feature I like is Track Shot Distance. To use it first press the SAT button once at point A and as you walk to your ballPoint B the watch will display the yardage between Point A and B. Now I can get accurate yardages for every club in my bag.

I’ve been using a laser rangefinder for years, and yes, a watch isanother thing to remember to charge before you get to the course,but I find the TecTecTec ULT-G watch to be a very useful tool in thearsenal needed to play this crazy game I love. If I want to score mybest, I know now that I actually need both a laser and a tool thatgives me front-back center of every green and yardages to thehazards. Actually, if I was able to learn the game over again thiswould have easily have been my first choice followed by a laser.This watch does everything I need it to do at a price point mostcan afford. It’s easy to set up, easy to use on course, lightweightand comfortable to wear during the round. Definitely worth checkingout.https://us.tectectec.com/


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