Titleist Introduces New TruFeel Golf Ball

The softest Titleist with best-in-class quality and consistency

FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (February 3, 2022) – Already the softest golf ball in the Titleist golf ball family, the TruFeel has been re-designed for more distance than ever before in combination with even softer greenside feel. Now available in golf shops worldwide, Titleist Golf Ball R&D was able to deliver the enhancements by engineering a larger and faster core along with high-performance aerodynamics to deliver longer distance. A thinner, reformulated TruFlex cover provides the improved feel and control for shots around the green.             

“The TruFeel golfer is primarily focused on long and soft, but also seeks overall performance,” said Frederick Waddell, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Titleist. “That is where TruFeel stands out in its category, where the golfer doesn’t have to sacrifice performance and can trust the quality and consistency of Titleist.”

Every TruFeel golf ball is made at Titleist Ball Plant 2 in Greater New Bedford, Mass., to ensure the most consistent performance, quality and feel – from ball to ball and dozen to dozen.

“The new 1.600” core is very large for such a soft golf ball,” said Mike Madson, Director of Aerodynamics and Research Engineering, Titleist. “By adding more fast rubber to the golf ball, we add more speed for distance, but we also needed to balance the increased core size by reformulating a slightly thinner cover. The result is softer feel, and similar spin with more speed for longer distance.”

TruFeel PERFORMANCE & TECHNOLOGY: Titleist TruFeel delivers best-in-class performance through the most advanced low compression design and manufacturing technologies:

•  NEW Larger (1.600”), Faster and Low Compression TruTouch Core generates low spin for long-distance.

•  NEW, Thinner Reformulated TruFlex Cover is a proprietary Titleist formulation designed for very soft feel and excellent greenside control.

•  Spherically-Tiled 376 Tetrahedral Dimple Design features a symmetrically optimized pattern to enhance long game distance.

SIDESTAMP ALIGNMENT: The TruFeel continues to utilize an alignment aid-type sidestamp, providing golfers the option for easy alignment without having to mark a line on the ball. The design was inspired by the most popular alignment aid available through the My Titleist customizer on Titleist.com since alignment options debuted in February 2018.

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY:$24.99/dozen MAP | TruFeel is offered in both White and High Optic Yellow, and are available in golf shops worldwide beginning February 4, 2022. Matte Red golf balls will be available beginning October 1, 2022.

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