Improvements to the Tour-Proven T-Series Line Deliver Unrivaled Feel, Looks and Performance

CARLSBAD, Calif. (Aug. 3, 2023) – The next generation Titleist T-Series irons family establishes a new standard in iron engineering, reaffirming Titleist’s commitment to creating the world’s best irons while providing golfers with optimized performance options from their shortest to longest iron.

The new tour-proven T-Series models – T100, T150, T200 and T350 – deliver unrivaled feel with effortless turf interaction in four tour-inspired shapes, each designed to maximize the three dimensions of iron performance: distance control, dispersion control and descent angle.

“The new T-Series irons embody a unique approach to iron design and creation,” said Josh Talge, VP, Titleist Golf Club Marketing. “Down to the finest details, this new line delivers best-in-class performance with stunning aesthetics and feel. Each model has been designed to feel as good as it looks, look as good as it performs, and perform better than any iron we’ve created before it.”

Titleist has been the most played iron on the PGA TOUR for 18 of the last 19 seasons, including each of the last nine, while T100 continues to be most played iron model by the world’s best since the first generation’s introduction on TOUR in 2019.

All four new T-Series models, which debuted this summer at the PGA TOUR’s Memorial Tournament, have been played at the highest level of professional golf. Of the Titleist Brand Ambassadors currently playing on the PGA TOUR, approximately 80 percent are playing blended sets of at least two Titleist iron models, demonstrating the importance of custom fitting and optimization throughout the bag.

“New T-Series irons raise the bar in terms of total performance. Players are always looking for iron performance to be more consistent,” said Marni Ines, Director, Titleist Irons Development, Golf Club R&D. “We want players to hit their distance as often as possible, we want players to hit their preferred flight as often as possible, and we want as tight a dispersion pattern as possible. Each new T-Series iron – from T100 all the way to T350 – feels outstanding, and all of them perform better across the board.”

NOW AVAILABLE FOR FITTINGS: The new T-Series irons will be available for fittings starting today and available in golf shops globally beginning Aug. 25. An authorized Titleist fitter will help determine the best combination of T-Series models to unlock the golfer’s ability to hit the golf ball more consistently closer to the pin. Golfers can find a Titleist fitting location beginning today by visiting www.titleist.com.


For the better player who is looking for precision control and unrivaled feel from the TOUR’s most played model.

Chosen by more touring professionals than any other iron in the world, T100 irons have been in the bags of the world’s best since its introduction in 2019. Players such as Jordan SpiethCameron Smith, Justin ThomasMax HomaWill ZalatorisSungjae Im and Tom Kim are among the many players to trust T100 models in their iron setups.


Improvements to the newest iteration of T100 are born out of the constant feedback and testing from some of the world’s best ballstrikers. A refined, forged dual-cavity construction in new T100 delivers a more solid feel at impact, and a new precision CNC face milling process results in more consistent contact and control.

Enhanced Feel: T100’s dual-cavity forged construction features an updated and enhanced back bar, producing an even more solid feel at impact. Informed by modal testing and tour input, the new models are tuned to provide the same sensation and stability desired by the world’s best from a well-struck shot.

Better Tungsten for Better Flight: With the use of dense D18 tungsten and a 2000° aerospace brazing process, Titleist engineers have eliminated weld points to be ultra-precise with CG placement. The result: all the benefits of modern engineered performance with a solid forged feel.

Refined for Greater Control: In addition to improvements in body construction, new T100 features a new precision CNC face milling process. Complimenting a subtle shift in CG, the process now delivers more control and consistency in ball flight, especially between the fairway and the first cut.

Effortless Turf Interaction: Collecting input from both tour pros as well as Vokey Design grind experts, Titleist engineers were able to improve T100’s Variable Bounce Sole by smoothing and softening its trail edge. The result is a faster move through the turf, even after contact.

QUOTING MARNI INES: “We worked hard to enhance feel and performance in T100. We’re still starting with forging, we’re still starting with dual cavity construction. However, this has been completely re-engineered. By strengthening the back bar of T100, we were able to carve out material in the heel, toe, and face to save weight. This gives us greater control over CG placement and results in a better feeling, more forgiving iron with tightened dispersion. With the CNC face milling process, now we have a more consistent face, more consistent grooves, which gives you more consistent spin and distance.”


• Ascending Mass Technology: 3g per club (106-130g) 
• Low launch, low spin 


• Ascending Mass Technology: 2g per club (94-108g) 
• Low launch, low spin 

GRIP: NEW proprietary Titleist Universal 360 Grip

PRICING: $200 MAP/club and $1,399 MAP/7-piece set (Steel); $216 MAP/club and $1,499 MAP/7-piece set (Graphite)


For the player who wants the exact precision and feel of T100 with increased speed, distance and forgiveness.

Built on the same fully forged platform as T100, T150 is engineered to be faster and longer. Built with 2° stronger lofts compared to T100, T150 now features a more confidence-inspiring shape and improved forgiveness, all while retaining the same blade length and offset measurements as T100 for a true player-preferred look. 


Sharing many of the tech features of T100, T150 delivers even more performance exactly where players need it. From its fully forged feel to slightly strengthened lofts, T150 offers outstanding touch and flight control. A refined Muscle Channel and updated shape blend under-the-hood performance with an inviting profile.

Enhanced Feel & Consistency: Built for added speed, the all-new refined Muscle Channel in T150 is situated close to the face to create an even more solid feel at impact. The precision CNC face milling process eliminates imperfections on the surface, driving ultimate levels of consistency.

Better Tungsten for Better Performance: Ultra-dense D18 tungsten and a 2000° aerospace brazing process gives Titleist engineers precision with CG placement, delivering outstanding MOI and launch dynamics to the player – all within a solid, fully forged design.

Shaped to Suit the Player: Based on player input, T150 presents an optimized, confidence-inspiring topline. The slightly larger profile promotes forgiveness without sacrificing a compact, tour look.

Effortless Turf Interaction: Improvements to the Variable Bounce Sole are also found in T150, with a softened trailing edge bringing a tour-level feel through the turf to the new models.

QUOTING MARNI INES: “The main difference in T150’s construction versus T100 is the Muscle Channel through the back bar, which has been re-engineered. The Muscle Channel has been shifted forward towards the face, and our CG placement with D18 tungsten has allowed us, again, to create tighter distance control for this iron. We also listened to those players that felt as though the shape of T100•S was on the smaller side. With this iron, we took that feedback and increased the topline thickness and widened the sole, which also gave us the ability to drive the CG lower. Whether they’re playing T150 throughout the set or taking advantage of its performance through a blended set, players will get the ball speeds and launches they need throughout the bag with T150.”


• Loading Zone Technology allows the player to load the shaft more for increased energy transfer while also getting a unique feel 

• Low launch, low spin 


• Ascending Mass Technology: 2g per club (94-108g) 

• Low launch, low spin 

GRIP: NEW proprietary Titleist Universal 360 Grip

PRICING: $200 MAP/club and $1,399 MAP/7-piece set (Steel); $216 MAP/club and $1,499 MAP/7-piece set (Graphite) 


For the player who wants added distance and forgiveness without compromising on looks, feel, trajectory or stopping power.

Meeting a player-preferred profile with total performance and dramatically enhanced feel, new T200 represents the ultimate tour-proven players distance iron.

“The looks and performance of the previous generation T200 was really a first of its kind,” Talge said. “To have a model look like a Player’s iron but perform like a Game Improvement iron was a massive step forward, and that was reflected in the tour adoption of T200. But we knew in this generation if we could improve feel, while also pushing performance gains, we could take T200 to the next level, and that’s exactly what Marni and his team accomplished.”


The newest version of T200 features an unmistakable leap forward in feel. A completely re-designed internal structure takes T200 to a new level, with a more stable chassis, refined Max Impact Technology and a new dual taper face bringing tour-level feel and speed to this forged-face iron model.

Enhanced Feel: Every update to T200 contributes to a more solid feel at impact across the face. A re-engineered chassis creates a stiffer structure and allows the refined Max Impact Technology to fit tighter against the new dual taper forged face.

Better Tungsten for Better Scoring: Dense D18 tungsten and a 2000° aerospace brazing process affords Titleist engineers the ability to maximize performance in each club – from fast, high-launching long irons to accurate and forgiving short irons.

Clean and Confident Shape: Despite the drastic updates inside T200, the popular, tour-inspired shape of T200 remains consistent. A clean look from address promotes confidence, and identical blade length and offset measurements to T100 and T150 create seamless transitions throughout blended sets.

Effortless Turf Interaction: The variable bounce sole design, successfully introduced in T100 to give players preferred feel through the turf, has now been added to the T200 iron.Input from tour pros and Vokey Design grind experts were instrumental in perfecting the trailing edge design in T200, which works faster and smoother through the turf.

QUOTING MARNI INES: “When we set out to improve T200, feel was the top priority for the project. Listening to our players’ feedback, we didn’t change T200’s shaping. On the inside, everything changed. We re-engineered the chassis and moved the core support bar closer to the center of the face. We also re-designed the flange to which the polymer muscle is attached and altered the thickness of the polymer core. All that went into these changes stemmed from the goal of making T200 feel as good as it looks.”


• Ascending Mass Technology: 3g per club (95-116g) 

• Mid launch, mid spin 


• Ascending Mass Technology: 2g per club (74-88g) 

• Mid launch, mid spin 

GRIP: NEW proprietary Titleist Universal 360 Grip

PRICING: $200 MAP/club and $1,399 MAP/7-piece set (Steel); $216 MAP/club and $1,499 MAP/7-piece set (Graphite) 


For the player who wants high launch, exceptional distance and forgiveness they can count on.

High, far and forgiving, T350 is the best performing, best looking and best feeling Game Improvement iron to bear the Titleist script. 


With an all-new hollow-body construction inspired by the tour-proven T200 chassis, the T350 maximizes speed and forgiveness through refined Max Impact Technology, a new dual-taper forged face and dual tungsten weighting. The advanced engineering trusted on tour can now be experienced by all players, especially those requiring launch and distance.

“T350 is the best Game Improvement iron we’ve ever made. The performance – high, far, forgiving – speaks for itself, and when you add the feel and looks, it really sits in a class on its own,” Talge said. “To see our most forgiving iron model be put in play on tour really proves the versatility of this entire line and shows that the performance benefits from an iron like this is not limited to just one kind of player.”

True Player’s Construction: Designed to be larger and more forgiving than T200, T350 gives players maximum forgiveness while retaining a pure player’s feel at impact. New levels of performance and feel are driven by the new multi-material, hollow-body construction, directly inspired by T200’s chassis.

Better Tungsten for Better Results: Continuing to bridge the gap between the Player’s iron and the Game Improvement iron, T350 features the same dual-tungsten weighting found in T100, T150 and T200, which further promotes solid feel paired with maximum forgiveness.

Fast Across the Face: Refinements and reinforcements to Max Impact Technology couples with a new dual-taper, forged face to impart tremendous speed across the entire hitting surface. T350’s face design promotes long and consistent carry distances on on- and off-center strikes, resulting in predictable and playable distance.

Effortless Turf Interaction: Consistent with T100, T150 and T200, T350 also incorporates the variable bounce design as well as refinements to the trailing edge which have been meticulously crafted to optimally flow through the turf, making each strike feel even better.

QUOTING MARNI INES: “The overall construction for T350 represents a massive step forward from the previous generation. We’ve gone from a one-piece cavity back construction to this forged, dual-taper face and hollow-body construction. T350 benefits from a re-vamped Max Impact core support, which we moved closer to the center of the face. The entire chassis has been stiffened, which helps to dampen vibration. We moved from a single tungsten weight to heel/toe tungsten weighting, which gives T350 a bump in MOI. With all these changes, we’ve created a platform that is all-around better performing versus the old model. It’s faster across the face, it flies higher, and it has tighter dispersion.”


• Ascending Mass Technology: 3g per club (94-106g) 

• High launch, high spin 


• Ascending Mass Technology: 2g per club (54-68g) 

• High launch, high spin 

GRIP: NEW proprietary Titleist Universal 360 Grip

PRICING: $200 MAP/club and $1,399 MAP/7-piece set (Steel); $216 MAP/club and $1,499 MAP/7-piece set (Graphite)


Since their debut this summer on the PGA TOUR, new T-Series models have become a mainstay in bags across the worldwide professional tours.

• Cameron Young was one of the first players to game new T-Series models in competition, adding new T100 4-5 irons to his blended set the first week they were available.

QUOTING YOUNG: “I probably like the way that the T100s go through the ground better than, say, an MB, because I’m pretty steep and I take some big divots. Just the shape of that sole and just the little extra width I think really helps me in the longer irons, helps me get it up in the air, just helps me take the divots I want to… But [the T100 and MBs] look so similar. Especially when you hit one solid, they feel so much the same. I don’t get to that part of the bag and say, well, I really want to hit 6 because it’s the MB. It’s almost the other way around sometimes.

“Where you notice the difference is when you miss one. With the T100s, it just works out better than when you miss an MB. But I feel like they really just fit me well in that part of the bag. They do what I want out of that 4- or 5-iron. I want them to go high. I don’t want them to be curving all over the place. I don’t need to work them really hard left to right, right to left. I just want them to be a little bit more simple and I think that’s where they fit in for me.”

“I think the work [R&D puts in] to make them feel consistent throughout the line from an MB all the way up through some of the bigger heads I think, one, creates a consistency that you need to know what you’re going to get because that way, you know what you’re looking for in that strike. Two, I think the way these new ones feel, the new T100s are unbelievable. They feel so much like a blade. Just to know that it’s going to be that rewarding when you do get it right is something that obviously, you strive for.”

• Both Tom Kim and Cameron Smith put new T-Series in play for the first time at the U.S. Open at The Los Angeles Country Club. Smith (T100 5-9 irons) went on to finish solo 4th while Kim (T200 3 iron, T100 4-9 irons) finished T8, his best finish in a major championship to date.

QUOTING TOM KIM: “The feel was just so much better than the ones I’ve used. And to be honest, I’ve gone through three sets of T100s, and every time I hit the new ones, I kind of question, ‘Man, can it get any better?’ And for some reason it does.”

KIM ON NEW T200: “The sound just completely changed, especially, not when you hit it good, but the mishits, the sound was really similar to the solid ones. The ball flight didn’t change much, and obviously, the ball flight of it, where the curve was and everything was really similar to my good shots.”

• Also gaming a new T100 4 iron is Titleist Brand Ambassador Davis Riley:

QUOTING RILEY: “I hit it and I was like, ‘I could game this thing immediately.’ And it’s crazy how similar the look is over the ball [to the MBs]. The top lines are so tight, but just the feeling through impact, and that’s why I love the MB so much is because it’s got that really good turf interaction and feel. But, with these T100s, I was like, ‘These are pretty similar. I could game these pretty immediately,’ and it was really cool. And it might be a thing where I might throw a couple more T100s in there just because I feel like they’re so similar, and I’m getting that very similar feel and turf interaction. And if you’re doing that, I don’t see why not.”

• Peter Malnati put a blended set of T100 (5-9 irons) and T200 (4 iron) in the bag at the Memorial. The next week, he also added a T350 long iron to his set.

Also among those now gaming new T-Series: Justin Thomas (T100 4), Byeong Hun An (T200 3, T150 4-5), Jordan Smith (T100 4), Antoine Rozner (T100 3-5), Ben Taylor (T100 4-9), Beau Hossler (T200 5), Lee Hodges (T100 4-6) and Garrick Higgo (T100 4-9). The third-ranked player in the Rolex Women’s World Ranking has a new T200 5-iron in the bag. Jordan Spieth (T150 3) and Max Homa (T200 2) also added new T-Series long irons to their bags at The Open Championship at Royal Liverpool.


Titleist believes in a holistic approach to its irons which includes three key dimensions: Distance Control, Dispersion Control and Angle of Descent. Every T-Series iron is designed for maximum performance in these three areas:

• Distance Control: We look to maximize carry distances while maintaining an even and consistent 5 mph gap in ball speed between clubs, sometimes using a blended set of irons or including a utility or hybrid to achieve this ideal gapping.

• Dispersion Control: Analyzing left to right variance across different models and mixes, we fit you into a set of irons that will keep you closer to your target and in prime scoring position more often.

• Descent Angle: Great stopping power is the key to creating more scoring opportunities. We work to ensure that your final setup always keeps your ball coming down steep enough to stop quickly, measured against an optimal descent angle for every loft, from the shortest to the longest iron in your bag. 


Of the Titleist Brand Ambassadors currently playing on the PGA TOUR, approximately 80 percent are playing blended sets of at least two Titleist iron models, demonstrating the importance of custom fitting and optimization throughout the bag. With the goal of providing players optimal distance gapping between clubs and sufficient green-stopping ability throughout the bag, Titleist has introduced all-new long iron fitting tools to help all golfers find their ideal T-Series setup. The introduction of 4 and 5 irons into T-Series fittings will allow fitters to evaluate the following three metrics:

• Ball speed gaps: Golfers should see 5 mph gaps between clubs.

• Peak height: Players should be able to maintain consistent peak height between long irons and the 7 iron.

• Angles of descent: Long iron landing angles should be no lower than that of the 7 iron. 

4 iron fitting tools: 

·       T100 AMT Tour White S300 

·       T150 Project X LZ 6.0 

·       T200 AMT Black S300 

·       T350 AMT Red S300

5 iron fitting tools: 

·       T100 AMT Tour White S300 

·       T150 Project X LZ 6.0 

·       T200 AMT Black S300 

·       T350 AMT Red S300 

·       T350 Tensei Red Regular (Graphite)

Golfers can find a Titleist fitting location by visiting www.titleist.com



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