USWING Sunglasses Launches “Limited Edition” Master Green series

USWING Sunglasses is proud to announce its “Limited Edition” Master Green series, with just 99 pairs of each style worldwide. The Master Green series features electric green frames, and yellow tips in styles that include:

–       Birdie Prime

–       Birdie Style

–       C.T. Pan Signature Series

–       Eagle Prime

–       Eagle Elite

–       Golfer Elite

–       Rose Edition

Like other USWING Sunglasses, the Master Green series include the following features.

1) Feather-Light at 21 Grams

Weighing in at just 21 grams, Uswing sunglasses won’t weigh you down during those long rounds.

2) See the Course with Unmatched Clarity

Crafted with anti-collision polycarbonate (PC) material and cutting-edge optical technology, you’ll enjoy 100% UV400 protection and block out 80% of those distracting blue rays.

3) Stay Calm and Focused

Designed with precision, Uswing lenses feature a specialized greyish-green tint, like what pilots use. This color choice isn’t just aesthetic; it’s intended to keep you calm, focused, and in control of your game.

4) Perfect Your Swing, Hole After Hole

Bid farewell to visual distortions and misjudged distances. Uswing sunglasses are renowned for eliminating parallax issues, ensuring you have a consistent and precise view of the green. The subtle undulations of the course and the direction of the grass patterns come to life, giving you the edge needed to improve your putting game.

5) No Sun, No Problem

Rainy rounds are no longer a hassle – Uswing’s lenses are water-repellent, ensuring crystal-clear vision when others struggle to see.

“They are light enhancement glasses that are made for overcast and rainy days. They add light, helps to read greens, and protects from wind and rain drops,” Mickelson says.

So, with all of that in mind ….

The Master Green edition series retails at $659 USD and is available on .


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