Shot Scope Pro Lx+

Shot Scope’s latest distance measuring device – the Pro LX+ is the first model in the industry to ever provide metrics on 3 very specific tasks in a single unit – the precision accuracy of a laser rangefinder, the ease of a compact GPS called H4, and shot tracking performance analysis via tags attached to the grip end of each club – all included with the ProLX+.

We tested the Pro LX+ recently during the solstice event at Chambers Bay in Tacoma, Washington (home of the 2015 US Open).

Shot tracking is operated by tagging the H4 GPS that magnetically attaches underneath the viewfinder of the rangefinder and can also be removed from the unit and clipped onto your bag or belt. The H4 finds the course you’re playing almost instantly, providing distances to just about everything – including front, middle and back of the green (as shown above).

Shot tracking is operable by tagging the club to the H4 GPS. The unit will give off a vibration to confirm the club has been tagged (also it will display on the GPS screen). The players only job is to remember to tag either just before or after each shot. 

Side view of the laser shows how the H4 is attached, but we preferred using it clipped to the belt (so no matter where you go, the unit is with you for easy tagging. For example, if you walk into a bunker or on the green to putt where you’re not likely to carry your rangefinder the H4 is on you. Post round, you can easily sync up to your smartphone to retrieve the data. Protective case (above) is included.

The option of a red or black display is brilliant and allows the player to pivot based on what time of day you play – those who prefer to play early or late in the day may prefer the red optics for a brighter readout.


The Pro Lx+ handled every gametime chore we threw at it, and the battery on the detachable compact H4 GPS lasted for two full rounds of golf. Shot tracking performance was handled easily and provides your data direct to the Shotscope app on your smartphone. The laser rangefinder itself provided instantly accurate readouts on a crisp display of either red or black (we preferred the red optics) in slope or standard mode. The only feature missing that we wish the unit came with, was a magnet to mount for cart use. The MSRP of $350 is a reasonable value considering the three components in one in the Shot Scope ProLx+. As a whole, the Shotscope ProLX+ is a one stop shop for all of your distance measuring and shot tracking analysis needs, no longer do you need to purchase multiple devices to do it all.


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