Claire’s Course Now Open at Silvies Valley Ranch

Claire’s Course is officially open at Silvies, and as expected, it was already a big hit with guests over the weekend.

As the first 18-hole reversible putting course in the world (designed by Dan Hixson), the course is free for all guests at Silvies. Guests can become one of “Claire’s Champions” by playing the whole course – all 36 holes – in one session. If they succeed, they’ll be rewarded with a Claire’s Course ball marker and will get to sign the Book of Champions with their score. Guests looking for a bigger challenge can become one of “Claire’s Grand Champions” by playing both courses on par (72) in one session. Pulling off this feat will reward you with a hat, Claire’s ball marker, a Horseshoe Nail (or Crabapple Fizz Sharpshooter), and the right to sign the Book of Champions.

Circling the lower half of Otter Lake, the beautiful course has water hazards on every hole and is sure to provide challenging entertainment to all levels of players for years to come (possibly some with a cold beverage in hand!).

Named after Claire Owens, legend has it that Claire was the first woman to play golf in Silvies Valley (on Myles McVeigh’s course about a half-mile west from the ranch). She was also a member of the Silvies School Board (and allegedly coach of the Silvies Golf Team). Silvies refers to the course going west as Claire’s Course Orange and going east as Claire’s Course Black. Claire and Charlie Owens’ homestead is located about a mile south of here – their cabin still remains.

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The @CBSolstice roars on this evening, thanks to Michael Lynch and his team's tireless efforts. Put this on your list, a worthy event to experience @ChambersBayGolf ... benefiting a good cause - @firstteeseattle.

Rockin the vintage "JLew edition" uni tonite at the sponsors event @ChambersBayGolf on the eve of the solstice marathon tomorrow (in honor of @theturfyoda).

... @altshot2 - whats the under/over on how many VIP's recognize the "Sunday Spieth" jersey?

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