Honma Unveils TW-W21 Wedge Line

Honma Unveils the Versatile, Innovative TW-W21 Wedge Line
Precise CG locations and advanced sole options deliver distance and spin control

CARLSBAD, CA – Iconic Japanese equipment brand Honma Golf, the leader in holistically-crafted premium golf clubs, is proud to release the new T//World W21 (TW-W21) Wedge line. Showcasing precisely engineered center of gravity (CG) locations for optimal distance and spin control on shots around the green, this highly-anticipated wedge line delivers responsive and consistent performance through seven strategic loft options.

Building on the performance benefits of the award-winning TW-W4 model, MyGolfSpy.com’s “2019 Most Wanted Wedge,” the TW-W21 Wedge introduces newly-engineered design features across a strong array of sole and bounce options to fit a wide range of golfers.

“As much as our previous wedge line set high standards in performance and economic use of weight distribution, the new TW-W21 wedge line continues that tradition while giving golfers innovative, personalized loft, lie and grind characteristics that empower them to play full shots and shots around the green with confidence and control,” said Janeann Lanning, COO of Honma, North America. “Honma’s newestand most versatile wedge line puts improved short game creativity and reliable spin and distance control in the hands of discerning golfers.”

The classic club face made in mild soft steel with a satin, half-mirror finish, incorporates the premium brand’s proprietary CNC milling process to ensure unrivalled control is achieved. The milling pattern on the face provides exceptional levels of spin and stopping action on finesse shots around the green, while aluminum back inserts have replaced steel to allow discretionary weight to optimize the CG location. 

The reverse taper blade design in the 56°, 58° and 60° lofts of the TW-W21 Wedge delivers a high CG that gradually increases in thickness from bottom-to-top, and laterally, from heel-to-toe, to ensure the ball grips to the club face longer, especially on high face strikes. 

A flat blade design in the 48°, 50°, 52° and 54° lofted wedges creates a consistent thickness throughout for a mid-low CG, optimal spin and precise distance control on full shots. Three grinds deliver versatility for golfers seeking a wedge that performs at the highest level in varying turf conditions and angles of attack into the ball.

The I-Sole in the 48°, 50°, 52° and 54° lofts feature a slight trailing edge relief across the back of the blade for full sole performance with improved turf interaction at impact.

The C-Sole grind in the 56°, 58° and 60° lofts deliver aggressive heel and toe trailing edge relief with a flat bounce surface for shot making versatility. This grind suits those golfers who like to open the club face and use their skill and creativity around the green.

The S-Sole is available in the 58° and 60° higher-lofted wedges and features four-way relief for shot making with added forgiveness. Wider, fuller soles ensure this grind is effective across a variety of turf conditions, particularly from bunkers.

Holistically engineered with the TW-W21 club head in Sakata, Japan, the VIZARD IB-105 WEDGE graphite shaft delivers faster dynamic face closure for a low launch at impact, as well as increased contact time between the ball and the club face for more spin. For golfers who prefer the trusted feel of a steel shaft, the Nippon N.S. PRO MODUS3 115 WEDGE shaft is also available as a stock offering.

Visit www.honmagolf.com for more details on the TW-W21 Wedge line now available for purchase, $149.99, and Honma’s other families of beautifully crafted, luxury performance equipment.

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