Mitsubishi MMT Putter Shaft

There’s been a recent awareness of the benefits a composite shaft can provide to putter performance and Mitsubishi’s MMT Putter shaft is the latest innovation to enter the marketplace. The engineers at Mitsubishi Chemical are known for their tee to green technology, and although swing speeds on putts are quite a bit slower, the margin for error on the greens is razor-thin, requiring absolute precision.

We met with the Mitsubishi team early this spring out in their tour truck at the Valspar Championship, where they were excited to get one into our hands, “We’re starting to see players out here put them in play. They tell us it makes milled putters feel like it has an insert at impact – makes it feel softer. It’s intended to help your start line and improve stability and feel. It helps players release the putter head more fully.” 

Tech – MMT features a new metal mesh called SPEEDMESH, a MICRO 304 SS 75% lighter and thinner than the original Metal Mesh for maximized pliability – to the full length of the shaft to minimize deflection, increase the shaft’s recovery rate and promote a fuller release, helping you to hold your line and hole more putts.


The all-black visual provides simplicity and elegance to any flatstick. When installed logo down – all that’s visible at address is the MMT logo. We installed the MMT Putter Concept on our prototype Sentio.


MMT™ Putter 135 – Parallel361350.3700.6101.6
MMT™ Putter 135 – Taper361350.3550.6101.6

At the present time, MMT Putter is designed specifically for use in plumber’s neck putters.


The MMT Putter shaft comes in at 135 grams, which puts it among the heftiest in the industry, but there is an absence of sluggishness. In fact, the stroke and impact feels silky smooth and incredibly stable – not rigid at all. Unlike your typical stock steel shaft that gives vibration into the hands, the MMT feels buttery throughout.


Mitsubishi’s MMT Putter Concept shaft made a noticeable difference in the feel and face stability of our test putter. An ideal product for the player who desires a soft impact reminiscent of an insert combined with the added performance benefits of stability and consistency that comes from playing a reinforced premium composite putter shaft. MSRP $150

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