Winter Season Golf Combos


RADMOR was founded, and is based, in Seattle. So, you can be sure the upstart, sustainability-focused brand is all about tackling the elements. The Fall / Winter line features several new cool + cold weather pieces for doing battle with wind, rain, and sleet.

For maximum protection and warmth, layer the Radmerino BobRad Cashmere Blend Hoodie ($225) with the Anderson Hybrid Performance Vest Multi Camo ($175). This pairing will keep you plenty toasty on the course, and RADMOR’s extended range of motion stitching ensures you’ll continue swinging freely.

For slightly warmer-but-wet weather, pair the weather-resistant Moscrip Jacket ($225) with a Higgins Hoodie ($125) made from a proprietary blend of BCI Organic Cotton and Elastane. This combo will do you right amid temps in the mid to low 40s.

TRUE linkswear

A golfer is only as warm as his or her feet. Tacoma, Washington-based TRUE linkswear is the category leader in waterproof and water-resistant performance golf footwear. TRUE’s testing ground is the Pacific Northwest and its co-founder is Ryan Moore, an accomplished PGA TOUR player.

TRUE’s go-to, all-weather offering is the Original 1.2 ($170), which delivers a distinctive minimalist fit, wide toe box and zero-drop experience. Naturally enhancing comfort and engineered for walking, the 1.2s were designed for 36-hole-days in four-season climates.

TRUE just released its all-new, All Day Pants line, featuring the All Day Chino and All Day Five-Pocket editions, both retailing for $125. They are water-resistant, warm but breathable and boast four-way stretch mobility.


Both RADMOR and TRUE are big on cold-weather apparel accessories. After all, pants, hoodies, jackets and vests are just half the battle (well, maybe a bit more than half). RADMOR’s all-cotton RADSOCKs ($36) are mindfully made from a combo of cellulose, recycled nylon and elastane.

TRUE’s Wool Stitched Dead Golfer Beanie ($40) keeps that all-important head warm as you play. And for golfers on a budget, or those who just want to source some killer deals, don’t forget to check out TRUE’s new Second Chance Footwear.

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