Zero Friction – 5 Pocket Pencil “Mini” Walking Bag

As winter turns to spring, the joy of walking golf courses will once again be the reality for so many eager golf enthusiasts, and when these dew sweepers and chasers of the sun begin their golf season it will inevitably pique the interest in the purchase of some new walking gear. Enter John Iacono’s Chicago-based innovative golf brand – Zero Friction. As golfers look towards versatility, the sleeker carry around “Sunday” bag has become popular, and one of the more versatile to be introduced this spring is Zero Friction’s Five-Pocket Pencil Stand Bag. As opposed to most bags in this category that can only hold a handful of clubs, and not much of anything else, this is where the new ZF Pencil bag shines.

The ZF 5 Pocket Pencil Bag includes not only two significant-sized side storage pockets, but it even has a full-length garment pocket for those inclement days when you may need that rain gear.


  • Poly Vinyl Leather Material – waterproof
  • Comfortable Hip Pad
  • Includes Bag Head Cover for rounds in inclement weather
  • Expandable ball pocket
  • Easy carry double strap & extra single strap included
  • 5 pockets for storage
  • 4 way full-length dividers
  • Top end handle and vertical body handle

The ZF Pencil bag is made with a poly-vinyl that has the appearance of leather, but is weatherproof and can be easily cleaned. Another outstanding feature is both a single strap and a dual strap are included for whatever you prefer while looping your sticks.

Four full-length dividers keep your clubs organized and keep them from getting tangled up like most mini carry bags are prone to.


Central Florida’s Winter Park 9 – one of the finest short courses you can play anywhere (the weekly Friday Night Skins Game is a legendary community experience) was the scene for our maiden voyage with the Zero Friction 5 Pocket Pencil Golf Bag. Walking is the culture at WP9, so what better place to conduct the test. We opted for the dual strap and clipped on the JBL speaker for some tunes while chasing the sun with friends.

Surprisingly, you can easily fit a dozen clubs in ZF’s Pencil without compromising any type of orderly function within the four-way dividers. The right side of the bag is where most of the storage takes place, with room for tees, scorecards, and valuables (as well the full-length garment pocket). The bag is available in 5 different colorways: Grey/Blue trim (above), Black/Red trim, Navy, Carolina Blue, and Red.

The left side of the bag features a built-in hip pad for comfort and a slide pocket for your favorite sports beverage or perhaps to hold a rangefinder. The bottom center is an expandable ball pocket that can hold up to 12 balls.

A big thumbs up on the experience with ZF’s new diminutive tote, we look forward to calling it into action pretty regularly. The full-length leg stands provide a sturdy base, and the dual carry strap made for a very comfortable walk. If you’re in the market or have thought about purchasing a “Mini” or a “Sunday” bag, be sure to check out the super versatile Zero Friction Pencil. MSRP $179.99 –

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